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  1. Welcome, Nettles! :cheers: Another Arya, Sansa and Tyrion follower can't be bad. ;o) I'd also like to see him on a dragon's back.
  2. Hello, SlowLoras! Welcome! :cheers: I like your av. =o)
  3. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  4. 8/10. It was alright. I liked: - Pod and Brienne - the inauguration - the scenes in the Vale - Oberyn and Cersei - Tywin and Cersei - the fight at Craster's - Bran and his "gang". I was a bit disappointed in that scene with Danaerys. EDith adds her say: And I liked Arya and The Hound.
  5. Welcome to the boards, Krutoon! :cheers:
  6. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  7. Welcome to the boards! :cheers: And never forget James Boswell, for that matter.
  8. Welcome, newcomers, to the boards! :cheers:
  9. Welcome, Hylonome, to the boards! :cheers:
  10. Heya, goddessoftitsandwine! Welcome to the boards from the God of Tits and Wine. :cheers: And this year's Spam King. And Sansa? I like Sansa. The Lannisters are my bunch so to speak. Lady Olenna is awesome. And The Ned? He's awesome too.
  11. Welcome to the boards. :cheers: Sansa is great. Tyrion, Brienne and Tywin are as well. =o)
  12. 9/10 for me. Ser Pounce for the win. I liked this episode overall.
  13. Welcome to the boards! :cheers: Beware: the board is large and full of spoilers.
  14. Welcome, you two, to the boards. :cheers:
  15. Hello, JJ! Welcome to the boards! :cheers: Martell and Tyrell - good choice, I'd say.
  16. And I really like it. :smug:
  17. I won't complain - because it's really clear that Cersei's in grief and desparation. Of course she accuses her valonqar once again because she holds him responsible for The Joff's death. And she wants Jaime to do it - not as her twin but as a member/LC of the King's Guard. But we can certainly discuss this elsewhere I suppose. :cheers:
  18. Okay. After rewatching it, it's a solid 9 from me. Because of: - Tywin/Tommen - Tywin/Oberyn - Shireen/Davos - Pod/Tyrion <= My favorite scene of the episode. - the choreography of that village-raid by the Thenns and the Wildlings - Arya/The Hound - Jaime/Cersei Sam and Gilly: I don't know yet what to make of this one. Danaerys. Uhm. Don't know what to say about her. But the slave taking up the collar and looking at his master was certainly great, and I liked it. Sansa/LF: Sansa's great. Her "No more lies" takes the cake. EDith: the Qot was witty, and Margaery a bit too worried about her status as queen. That's it.
  19. Welcome, Charlie! :cheers: My third name is actually Charles - a nice coincidence. =o)
  20. Thank you for your answer. Well, I guess I'm more into p&p. Yeah. Old-school gaming. With pens and dice.
  21. Welcome, fellow gamer! =o) Which games do you play? :cheers:
  22. Loving Sansa can't be bad. :leaving: Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
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