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  1. Goeden dag, RevUp. Welkom op het board! =o)
  2. 9/10. My favorite scenes were: - Beric fighting the Hound - Arya and Gendry parting - Jaime and Brienne - Shireen and Davos - Selyse (I kinda liked the jars, because they added to the overall horror) - Tyrion's and Olenna's little talk - the Lannister Christmas table
  3. Welcome, giant snake. Hello, Charlie. Be welcome here. Hello, Derek. Welcome to the boards.
  4. Well, this is a very active fandom, and I guess they just can't afford to ignore our thoughts and opinions, because we are watching the show. In case you (D&D) read this: you're doing an awesome job! :cheers:
  5. Welcome, Oscar. :cheers: May you have entertaining hours here.
  6. Hello, Beatriz! =o) Welcome to the boards. Hello, Javier! Be welcome here. Hello, Max. Welcome to the boards. You can also drop me a message if you like. =o)
  7. 9.5 of 10. I loved the Cersei/Tywin scene, the Olenna scenes (especially the one with Varys), Dany's scene in Astapor. Sansa was great, Margaery was fine and Ramsay's playing of Theon, too. Sandor Clegane and Beric Dondarion: nicely acted. And of course the events relating to the NW.
  8. Welcome to the boards! =o)
  9. I gave it a 9. That version of "The Bear and the Maiden fair" didn't appeal to me much. They should have taken the one by Irish Moutarde. Positive: - the meeting of the small council and later the Podrick scene - the BwB and Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie - the scenes in Riverrun (esp. the Blackfish)
  10. Hello, Qohorik! Be welcome here. =o)
  11. King Tyrion I

    smiley list

    We can hope still, can't we?
  12. King Tyrion I

    smiley list

    We need a coffee/tea smiley (a steaming cup would do) and an old man and woman waving a stick. And I miss a headbanger for the music threads.
  13. Hello, newcomers! Welcome here. =o)
  14. I liked it very much and gave it 9/10. I missed Butterbumps, but the rest was really great.
  15. Hello, newcomers! Be welcome.
  16. Hello, FromTheShadows! Be welcome here.
  17. You're very welcome indeed. I'd like to see him on the throne too. He's got very much of that skill to lead. Oh, yes. You are very right. That's why I like him as well and chose him as my avatar and user nick. I'm sometimes a bit of a scholar, too, because I read many books and learn as much languages as possible.
  18. Hello, Arrow! Be welcome. =o) Of course, it's great to read that you stick with Tyrion. And you'll even like him more when you read the books. But beware of spoilers. And yes, one can enjoy the books after watching the show. Just bear in mind that the TV show is the TV show, and the books are the books. :cheers:
  19. Hello, Sp_ey_der and Raeny Dae! Welcome on the board. =o)
  20. Hello, Ghey4Renly! Be welcome here! =o)
  21. Hello, guys. Welcome to the boards. =o)
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