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  1. Hi, my name is Tessa and i'm from the Netherlands. I was looking for a fanforum but their aren't really active ones in my own language and then I found this one. I'm fairly new to the books, I started with the television serie and I absolutely loved it, after that I started reading the books and at this moment i'm reading ADWD. Don't know what to tell anymore so that was it :wideeyed:

    Hartelijk welcom op het board, Tessa!

    Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands.

    Hope you like it here.

    And welcome to the other "new-comers".

  2. Hallo, everybody!

    I first learnt of ASoIaF at a con, decided to read the books, but didn't have the time then.

    Later, some friend of mine - we played rpgs together - told me about the series. He was very impressed as far as I recall. Once again, I decided to read the books - but lacked the money to buy them.

    When season 1 was shown on TV, I watched it and became really hooked on it (not only because of the fantastic opening sequence), and I got me the books (English version) and read them - on the train to work, at home, nearly everywhere.

    I finished ADwD last week, and I look forward to TWoW, and season 2 - I haven't seen it yet.

    My favourite characters are: Tyrion (now, who would have guessed that...), Eddard Stark, Jon Snow.

    I'm typing this from merry old Germany.

    Greetings to everybody! =o)

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