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  1. Welcome, newcomers! =o) @Simadhor_saan: It's simply true, isn't it? I'm seldom without any kind of book. Be it fiction or non-fiction. There's also Jojen Reed's, "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one." That's also very true.
  2. No, I completely disagree. Best it stays voluntarily. I guess there are some people over here who wouldn't like to show their face - for several reasons. And they wouldn't be doing so out of bad will. If you'd like to see me, just send me a PM. I'll upload a pic. Hey, Matt. Be welcome. =o)
  3. Welcome, newcomers! =o) CrannogDweller: nice to get to know more about you - as a fellow regular in "Forum Games". :cheers:
  4. Hello, Rolf. Welcome. But please don't use capslock all the time.
  5. Goedenavond, Bocco. Hartelijk welcom op het board.
  6. Well, I actually do it as a hobby. I'm not a professional - but I guess what matters is the fun of making music and people happy (including oneself).
  7. That sounds great. I'm a musician myself - I sing (although I'm still looking for a choir), play the trumpet and the flute. Be welcome. =o)
  8. Welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  9. Fàilte, Ser Llysywen Niwl.
  10. Hello, newcomers! And welcome.
  11. Always looking for new dice.... feel free to drop me a PM.

  12. Always looking for dice...

  13. Friday on my mind...

  14. Welcome. Ser Ennepe: your username an allusion to Ennepetal in Germany? And I also like Brienne...
  15. Welcome, Palas. Hope you like it here.
  16. Things getting normal. Thanks goodness.

  17. My left foot sucks...

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