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  1. Hey Guys

    Long time lurker finally registering here, have been a fan of ASIAF since a DVD rental of the TV show converted me, and got me interested in reading George RR Martins novels, my fantasy repoitre had up until then been fairly limited, barring a teenage LOTR obsession (Though you can thank the movies and Video Games for that as much as the actual books,

    ,I haven't been much interested in posting until recently due to bad internet (South African citizen) and other things to keep me busy (University degree, and other err....student stuff) :cool4:

    Besides, reading and writing, my hobbies include martial arts,(guitar playing, and blogging on local and international politics.

    Welcome, Jacques, to the boards! :cheers:

  2. .. so i think i will be lurking a little longer before joining in properly, but just wanted to say hi, i'm new here .)

    i'm a fan of everything asoiaf and i view it in a very naive way (like i totally believe everyone will be happy in the end, except for ramsay, because fuck that guy), i am never ever sarcastic and i am too lazy to use caps or both dots in a smiley.

    um.. well.. i guess that's it for now. happy to be here .)

    Welcome to the boards, Lada! :cheers:

  3. Long time reader, registered not so long ago and |I'm just now introducing myself :ninja:

    I started with the show but soon after I needed to know everything. So the books, this forum and the Wiki of Ice and Fire have become my comrades ever since. After that I convinced my best friend to read the books and watch the show because she was starting to worry about me talking so much about "that dragon fantasy porn". Now she is hooked.

    Currently I'm strugguling with learning German.

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

    Perhaps I'll be able to help you with you learning German?

  4. Greetings! I hail from the house of the Jayhawk!

    Also, the system isn't letting me upload a picture, and someone told me posting a comment could help. :)


    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  5. I'll will have to check out the writing thread.

    Yep. I identify with House Stark and even more with the Night's Watch. I used to live in Vail, Colorado and I was a single guy there. For those who don't know there are about ten single guys to every one single woman in the Colorado Mountains. Kind of like the wall, only with chairlifts and snowboards.

    I am a big fan of the Hound. You gotta love that doggie helmet.

    I also have a soft spot for Tyrion. He really wants those direwolves to like him.

    Yeah, I agree. I loved the grumpkins and snarks episode on the way to the Wall.

    Welcome, Beg Pardon, to the boards! :cheers:

  6. Keep on reading and having fun, welcome @The King Beyond The Fence!

    No, you're not :)

    eta: what did GRRM profess about in HH?

    Sorry, my bad. The quote went havoc. ;o)

    And you're half-right. ;o) I'm re-reading ACoK.

    He answered questions about his childhood and youth. Finally, he read Arianne I from TWoW.

  7. Hello, I'm a newbie. I can't say I have read the books, but plan on buying them this week. I love the show though and the characters. I can't wait to read the books. Just how much am i missing?

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

    You should definitely read the books. =o)

    And like Cora said, who's your fave character?

    Welcome to the King Beyond The Fence as well. :cheers:

    Hello. I'm new here, looks like a pretty cool forum :D

    I am currently about 400 pages in on book 2

  8. I actually spent multiple years in various choirs like Cleveland's Contemporary Youth Orchestra and also did some jazz ensemble stuff. I don't know how to play any brass or woodwind instruments, but I can play guitar, bass and piano.

    And as far as which member I am in the band...eh sure, let's leave it a mystery for now. ^_-

    Okay. =o)

    Maybe you'll reveal it or you don't. It's all up to you.

    In fact, I like getting to know new people and making friends.

  9. My favorite kind of music is rock, roughly circa 1950-1990, pretty much all genres. Favorite artists include The Beatles, Kiss, Jim Steinman, Thin Lizzy, Alice Cooper, Rush and way too many to list. I've played in a variety of different bands in a wide array of genres (hard rock, power pop, new wave, hardcore punk). My main project is a glam rock band called Lipstick. (We put out our first music video a few weeks ago, which you can check out here https://youtu.be/3A363UtiDWU )

    My favorite house is probably House Stark, because the morality of the characters are most aligned with my own, but at this point that house has pretty much crumbled to pieces so I don't really have much hope for them making any serious moves. Arya may be destined to do some cool things, but she won't revive the house, and I don't think Bran and Rickon are going to be old enough by the time the series ends to revive the house, so I'm expecting them to die at some point. I'm not sure what my favorite quote is. Tyrion pretty much has all the best lines, so probably something from him.

    Also, in response to, King Tyrion I, what kind of music do you do?

    I'm singing - I have a decent baritone as people have told me repeatedly. And I also play the trumpet and the flute.

    I'm currently looking for a choir - I'm into all kinds of music.

  10. Hi everybody. I'm Steve. I'm a hardcore dog rescuer of direwolf looking dogs, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Wolf Hybrids, etc. I have also been to the infamous Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary but I haven't seen the Westeros Pack yet. I started watching GoT this season to see the direwolves, then got addicted to the story. Now I have all the DVDs and I have started reading the books. I'm also somewhat of an aspiring writer, mostly stories about wolves and sled dogs. My avatar is NOT Ghost. It's Princess Nubia, my Siberian Husky. At 50 pounds she isn't quite direwolf sized but she thinks she is bigger than she is.

    Welcome, Steve, to the boards! :cheers:

    What a lovely girl. Really.

  11. Hi everybody I am new to the forum :laugh: ^_^ !! :D I am a huge fan of GoT and as it appears to be also a fan of this site...I already met some very kind people here and i really like the place!!

    In my spare time I make videos and i was ''inspired'' from the last season of GoT to make two videos...maybe more will come! I was hoping you guys could see the videos and tell me your opinion about them!! Thanks very much already! Take some minutes to see them!!



    p.s a big Thanks to King Tyrion for the orientation!!

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:


  12. Hello, my name is Sharon. I am a loooong time lurker here, and have always enjoyed reading everyone else's thoughts about this fantastic series. So much fun stuff to read here! I thought it may be time to join the conversation, so here I am.

    I currently reside in Northern California, however it looks like Texas is in my future. I spend much of my fun-time reading ( fantasy, historical fiction, classics to name a few genres), gaming on my X-Box (Mass Effect, Assassins Creed) and knitting (a much needed stress reliever). I am an animal lover with a dog and two pigs that I really try hard not to spoil...at least over spoil. :p

    I'm looking forward to mingling with everyone here!

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

    Thanks for the explanation. =o)

  13. okhai, my true name honestly translates to what my username happens to be, and love that my username includes a house dayne reference. I'm on my fourth-ish re-read, although i've re-read AFFD (the combined versions of AFFC and ADWD) the most.

    I've been a lurker for quite some time. you guys honestly have given me many reasons to wtf? :bang: and also many reasons to :bowdown: . I'm from the midwest born and raised. I dislike the importance of uppercase letters and enjoy a lovely glass of redwyne as much as a pint of pbr. cheers!!!

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

    PBR is what exactly?

  14. Hi all!! I'm european name's Dome, I like this forum where I discovered interesting plots I never thought about before, and I came to visit just after every episode to see reactions and speculations :), and now it's all over :( so long 10 bloody month before something new will appear (unless big Martin decide finally to drop the book)

    I read all 5 Martin's books in february, I'm not a great reader, just read all books of all european big classics, but after few months I tend to forgot everything about a book :(, reading this forum and the wikia it helps me to keep memorizing :P

    Hello everyone! I'm Bucket. :) I'm 22, American and so far I've read the first two books, half of AFFC, and watched the whole series. I used to forum a lot in my youth but forums I used to frequent have been down on traffic lately, with most of old guard gone, so I'm looking for a new home! This place looks pretty busy and you all are probably pretty cool seeing as you're all Game of Thrones fans, so can't wait to meet you guys and started posting! :)

    Welcome to the boards, newcomers! :cheers:

    Jon, will you be in HH on Sunday?

  15. Hey y'all. My name's Katie. I'm an amateur singer-songwriter and regular writer. I haven't written anything ASOIAF-related, though. Wait, I lied. I did write a song about Brienne of Tarth that will never see the light of day.

    Bet you can't guess who my favorite character is.

    Anyway, I'm mostly here because I'm a former book fan who got pulled in and subsequently disappointed by the show. Came for the "Rant and Rave Without Repurcussion" threads, joined for the Still Reading forums. It'll be nice to have people to discuss stuff with as I reread the series.

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  16. Hey guys!

    My name's Greg. I'm a musician from Nashville, and I'm obviously here because I'm a big fan of the books and the show. I love the gritty realism and how it's closer to the chaos of real life than most works of fiction. Favorite characters are Tyrion, Eddard, Robb and Jon...so I'm pretty much just waiting for Tyrion to die. :/

    I'm into music, classic literature, sitcoms, old videogames, comic books and shonen anime. Nice to meet all of ya!

    Welcome to the boards, Greg! :cheers:

    Another Tyrion-fan! Great! =o)

    And a fellow musician. That's cool.

  17. Hi, I'm Kris,

    Long time lurker, mainly as I usually find the answers to my questions I'm looking for here or someone has already raised any points I wished to discuss so didn't see the need, but finally found something I wanted to post about and ask, so figured I'd come introduce myself here first.

    I'm more of a book person than a TV person, in general when there's both anyway. I've read through ASOIAF twice but only since the TV show, I started watching season 1 and got a few episodes in, realised I was enjoying it so figured I'd read the books first before I got too much of the show in my head (I like to read first so my imagination can do it's job and I'm not seeing characters as the actor and places as the sets). I read all the books and ADWD when it came out then continued watching from there on out. I'd say I enjoy the book story much more and grudgingly still watch the show, partly as I still enjoy it somewhat and partly because I feel I'll need to, I know I can't avoid it forever and I'd rather be spoiled by it than Facebook or gossip. Also contrary to that, partly out of curiosity, I'd feel I was missing out hehe. I'm only explaining this here so you get a feel for where my needle pointer stops.

    After discovering these forums and the wealth of content, theories and things I'd missed, I had another read through so I could try and spot and see in depth some of this myself, and I'll likely read through again this year or early next before TWOW(I hope anyway) to see if I can find anymore things I've read since or missed in my 2nd.

    Anyway cheers for the help and information that I've been to thick or impatient to see :dunce:, this place has opened my eyes to a lot and made the story a lot more rich for me. I hope I can fit in and contribute(though in truth my post count likely won't climb very tall or very quick haha)

    See you all around the boards :wideeyed:

    Hello, Kris! Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  18. Hello all, I am a long time lurker (creeping on threads via the Google). Um, I'm an American social justice warrior feminist type who was drawn to this series because of my intrigue for the show (never saw it), which pulled me into the books. I've become enamored with Sansa and how eerily similar she is to me. My name comes from a woman who was canonized in the Eastern Orthodox church, but left out of the Western Orthodoxy (yet I am an atheist, go figure). Uh, yeah! So, I decided I needed more social interaction online besides Twitter and Facebook, so here I am!

    As for a living, well, after a rather unfruitful search... and a bad stint in a dying retail chain, I'm preparing for the LSAT! I also survived a rather bad bout of depression following my university graduation. I am writing a novel and I also run a little blog that looks at popular culture through a feminist lens. Uh, so yeah! Hi! :)

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

    What's LSAT?

  19. Gonna do a rewatch before I rate it.

    But a few impressions at this point are in order I guess.


    - Theon saving Sansa

    - Cersei's WoS (really, really great)

    - Ser Robert Strong

    - Cersei's confession

    - Tyrion's reunion with Varys (I'm really looking forward to the next season)

    - Myranda - kind of.

    - Arya getting her revenge on Meryn Trant (and the Hall of Faces)

    - the setting up of FTW

    - Sam taking action

    - Dany and Drogon (the cgi was amazing IMO)

    Not sure about:

    - Dorne (Poor 'Cella)

    - Brienne and Stannis (for that matter, Pod)

  20. Thank You. Of course I remember Unk telling me many of his friends were in Europe and points east and west. So good afternoon! :)

    Thank you. =o)

    I hail from Europe. Although I see myself as a cosmopolitan. Not so much European actually.

  21. good morning. I am happy to wake up this morning in Westeros. For those of you familiar with forum games, I am Rocksniffer's oldest Niece. I had joined some time ago as In Lieu of Grayce, iirc ( but can't log on anymore so went with new identity). Thanks to Fragile Bird for the name idea. I will endeaver to make well thought out posts and not to start too many flame wars. Unlike my illustrious Uncle I rarely make drunken posts or get involved in feeding trolls. I look forward to meeting many of you on the board and perhaps at a con ot two.

    Here is hoping everyone herein has a wonderful day.

    Good afternoon from my part of the world! And welcome to the boards! :cheers:

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