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  1. Hi guys,

    My name is ed. I' m a college student majoring in legal management. I come from the Philippines!! Mabuhay!! I have been a fan of asoiaf for 5 years now. My friend from Detroit, America introduced the books to me and ever since I have been hooked. I like reading non-fiction, local and international case law, novels about travelling, scifi and self improvement. My favorite author is emily raboteau. Asoiaf intrigued me because of its intricate beauty and i wish we have great time here. :drunk:

    Welcome, Ed, to the boards! :cheers:

  2. Hello everyone ^_^

    Name's Anna, but I go by Delta on my screen names. I'm a Physics-Math university student in Canada, I have a cat, and I'm a huge nerd! I started reading ASoIaF after watching the first few episodes of GoT's season 1. I've read all the books, but I'm planning on starting a re-read over my summer. I enjoy most everything in general sci-fi/fantasy :read:

    One of my favourite ASoIaF tumblr's posts here, and I wanted to come check it out. Glad to meet you all!

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  3. Hi everyone, I'm Alexander, I'm coming from France, I'm 20, I'm student, doing some youtube sh*t when I have the time and the most important.. I have a cat.

    Everything's better with some wine in the belly.

    Bienvenue ici! :cheers:

    hi people, GilletteMace here. i have an answer to everything. :cheers:

    I could test you. ;o) But I won't.

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  4. Hey everyone, just checking in.

    I got into ASOIAF within the past few months thanks to my (now ex) girlfriend introducing me to it. I am hooked, to say the least. I'm a 24 year old guy who lives in Maryland, USA at the moment, though I grew up in more countries than I can remember haha. I study large African predators for a career and will be starting a Master's project on lions and hyenas in Kenya this fall.

    Looking forward to having some good discussions! Cheers.

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  5. Hi everyone! I'm a college student from New England. I've been lurking on and off for a while before finally joining. I enjoy reading, sleeping, running, etc. I'm looking forward to being here!

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  6. Hello everybody! Already made a couple of post but I thought a proper presentation would be appreciated.

    I am William_Tell and I'm from Switzerland. I like crossbows,apples and reading ASOIAF. I don't like hats, the Habsburgs and the Lannisters.

    More seriously: I found out about the ASOIAF forum while looking for opinions on the new season of GOT.I'm actually Italian Swiss and I am a history student and teacher.

    Benvenuto! :cheers:

  7. Hey everyone! I've officially been here for a few weeks, but I've been lurking for years.

    I'm 26, about to start my third year of my PhD in neuroscience. Hope to go to med school afterwards to become a pediatrician. Right now I work with early intervention programs to provide young children with the therapy they need (speech, OT, PT, etc).

    I live in the U.S. but I've also lived in Australia. I've traveled to every continent. Traveling is a huge passion of mine.

    I love reading, movies, television, video games, cooking, hiking, biking, swimming, and pilates in my free time.

    I have a greyhound and a fluffy black cat.

    I've read the ASOIAF series 4 times, working on my fifth reread this summer, hopefully. Will join in on the board discussions once I do so.

    My favorite characters are: Dany, Jon, and Arianne.

    I'm an open book, so if anyone is interested, feel free to PM me and ask me more questions or talk to me some more :)

    Neuroscience! A blast!

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

    I'd love to get in touch with you. Really. No kidding.

  8. Greetings... to everyone. I'm brand new here. I like to welcome all the newbies as well. I look forward to reading more threads and posting here from time to time. ~Valyria Steele :)

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

    @ bex: yes, we do. =o) Btw Lady Olenna gave me Jaime v2.0. :smug:

  9. Thought I'd say hi as well....

    Just joined this board a few days ago after lurking for a couple weeks. I'm almost caught up with GOT TV show after starting to binge a week ago. It's been a wild ride for sure. I'm a big TWD fan and this show was a wonderful filler for my withdrawal. Thinking of starting in on the books too....you guys seem like a friendly bunch too. :)

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

    Liking the Lannisters is never a bad thing to do.

    Who's your favorite character then?

  10. Hello all,

    You can call me the First Spear of Dorne or FSD for short. I discovered ASOIAF in college and have been hooked ever since. I have lurked here for awhile making sure I am caught up on most of the current theories crackpot or otherwise. Working on my 4th reread and looking to hopefully be contributing some of my own theories soon. Loving the show as well but the books will always be better. Huge fan of Dorne but I'm sure you already knew that.

    Like everyone else I hoping that Winter will come soon because we can only dream of Spring.

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  11. Hello folks! I'm Scythia. My friends call me Thia, but Scy our Scyth will work too. Off the forums I'm a mother of one, a student, and a librarian, and for fun I read, swim, and hike.

    This community seems like a nice and intelligent one to settle into. I've been hooked on reading some of the fan theories here, and a few have really got me thinking and inspired to figure out some theories of my own.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know the community better and to finally have the opportunity to talk to people who are as into ASOIAF as I am. But if we can avoid whacking me on the nose with a newspaper, that would be great :3

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

    Who's your favorite character? What's your favorite House?

  12. Hello! Anyone on here on The Spoiling Dead Forums? Do you recognise me? Hi anyway! Still getting used to this place. How are you guys doing? :cheers:

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  13. 10/10

    Awesome as hell.

    - Dany and the masters of the city
    - Jorah and Tyrion (especially the talk about Valyria)
    - Jon and Tormund
    - Sam and Stannis
    - the Bolton's dinner table (every second)
    - Sansa and Theon (pardon, Reek)
    - Myranda and Ramsay
    - Ramsay and Reek ("I forgive you." That was just so brilliant.)
    - Aemon and Jon
    - Brienne finally taking action
    - Davos and Shireen (I love every single scene with these two.)


    - Missandei and Grey Worm

  14. Hi. :)

    My name is Kat, and I've loved reading and fantasy as far back as I can remember.

    Unfortunately, I didn't get my hands on the first ASoIaF book until recently, and I am halfway done with it.

    I got introduced to this wickedly awesome series with the television show, although I really wish I would've known about the books beforehand.

    I'm an American, live in the state of Illinois, and I am seventeen years old. (will be eighteen May 28!)

    I think it's obvious which house I am for, with my name and icon. ;)

    I hope to post more and maybe even make some friends! :D

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  15. Hello everyone. Just signed up today. I just got into GoT about 2 weeks ago. Everyone was telling me how great it was so I finally started watching from the beginning and it was so good I couldn't stop watching until I caught up all the way to the current season. Haven't read the books yet but I plan on it as soon as I can.

    Also, the photo editor isn't working. lol

    EDIT: Nvm. I figured it out.

    Welcome to the board! :cheers:

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