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  1. Hi everyone,

    Well I will do it as simple as I can.

    My name is Igor and I´m from Rio de janeiro, Brazil. I am an aspiring electrical engineer.

    I am a big fan of the world George created and hold house Martell in high regard.

    So that´s all I can come up with right now (I kinda have a fear to write as I am not the best at grammar). I hope to meet a lot of fans of ASOIF from around the world.

    See ya,

    Welcome to the board! :cheers:

  2. I made a thread by mistake, my apologies. I will just copy / paste what I wrote there in case it is deleted.

    Hi everyone. I just finished reading ASoS and I am really excited to be here participating on the message board. I am treading lightly because I have not yet finished all of the books, but I look forward to lengthy discussions about everything from L+R=J to who we want to hear POV chapters from before the end (ADoS)? :)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, not start an on topic discussion in the one place it isn't meant for, so HI all of you wonderful people!!! I look forward to interacting with you :)

    Welcome to the board! :cheers:

    @ Moriath: the fl00b I know...

  3. Hello everyone. I hail from India and am a very new ASOIAF fan. My other obsessions include Harry Potter, LoTR and Naruto. Picked up game of thrones at a bookstore two weeks ago, and I was hooked from the very first page. I love the extensive world and the complex characters. The characters of Varys and Littlefinger intrigue me the most. My favourite character is Ned Stark. I've finished three books and am halfway through the fourth, so I thought I should join a forum. Funny thing is when I google searched ir, I discovered that this series already has a TV adaptation. Then I saw this great community and thought I should join in. :)

    I look forward to meeting, befriending and debating with you guys.

    Cheers. ;) \O/

    Namaste, Moriath!

    Welcome to the board! :cheers:

  4. Thanks, King Tyrion I! l'll check out the game. I've never skyped before. I'll have to warm up to that idea.

    You're welcome. =o)

    That's a thread actually. "The Thread That Never Ends". We currently have No. 453.

    And Skyping can be fun indeed.

    "Tron" - the old movie - is quite awesome. Loved it.

    <waves to Cora> =o)

    Guess, we both need to taste that tea Jon mentioned.

  5. Hello everyone, I just joined.

    I am 28/yo female.

    My name and avatar are Tron-related but I'm not really sure why. I just kind of picked them and will likely change them in the future. (They are so unrelated to this whole Song of Ice and Fire world but, you know, I am in this forum so I obviously like that.)

    I'm a fan of sci-fi and fantasy movies and shows (Firefly, Eureka, X-Files, LOTR) though I have read very little sci-fi and even less fantasy.

    So I'm nerdy but not the sexy CosPlay kind of nerdy, just the kind that sits at home and reads and drinks tea alone like a hermit loser.

    I'm even too afraid to start going to the local game shop to join in the RPG club there even though I really want to.

    I was considering taking up a prison inmate penpal but that seems drastic and probably wouldn't turn out to be as devastatingly romantic as I imagine it would be.

    I have never seen the HBO show - Game of Thrones. I have only read A Game of Thrones and the very first part of A Clash of Kings. I have read all of the World of Ice and Fire. It had some spoilers.

    Lately I have been feeling really lonely and without friends to connect with. I have only lived in this city where I live now, for 2 and a half years, but I've never been a very outgoing person anyway. I barely had a social life before that.

    It's hard for me to make new friends and I think I have trouble maintaining relationships. I really just want people to talk to, a community to be part of. So here I am! Hello! I hope this hasn't been an overshare.

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

    Perhaps you might want to check out TTTNE in Forum Games. It's a part of the board where I for my part found friends. Not only online friends. Real friends.

    I was Spam King last year, and this year, I'm Hand. Perhaps...

    And if you like, I could drop you my skype handle. I like making new friends and getting to know new people. =o)

  6. Hello everyone!

    i started reading ASOIAF around 2005, but i was just a casual reader. But I just started rereading books and now I’m all in :)

    I struggle a bit with writing in english, so I hope you are not too strict with grammar here :blushing:

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  7. Hey hey-

    Name's John, from the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania (hence the moniker). Been a huge fan of GOT since S01E01, and began reading ASOIAF post season 3. Definitely never read anything so fast before. Wrapped up all the books plus the Dunk/Egg and Greens/Blacks short stories a couple months later. I'm on a bunch of other forums, also as Philpenn, concerning art and music. Say whats up if you happen to see me on one of them. Cheers.

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  8. Hi I've already read all the books but I am planning to reread them, plus I wanted to join in before he releases the next book.... haha I think I should have enough time.

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  9. All in all I like the show.... but it seems to me that the more they deviate from the books, the more they seem to dumb the show down...

    Littlefinger in the show is starting to look like he is flying by the seat of his pants more and more instead of being the calculating master of puppets, the same can be said about Roose Bolton and Varys...

    These changes make things less open to interpretation, and do not really allow for the viewers to have differing opinions on what they watched as opposed to what is being read...I understand they only have so much screen time, but it seems like there is less need to go back and re watch episodes to re connect the dots as we do in the books.

    I am not fond of them leaving out the Iron Islands, Aegon, or Lady Stoneheart... especially when they leave in tie ins, like The Rat King, or the Red Woman's Leeches. I feel by leaving out Aegon, it takes away from Varys and Illerio character, it removes the long game, in which smaller battles may be won or lost, but it is not affecting the end game.

    Anyways too much tinkering so far IMHO is just watering down the story...that said I will continue to watch the show.

    I might be mistaken, but there was no Roose in the first ep, was he?

  10. I gave it a 4. Hate to be one of those people but It annoyed be a little just how far they are from the books. Didn't like the way Mance was portrayed. Justifying Cersei's thoughts and ideas by turning margarey into a complete bitch. Tyrion actually regretting killing shae and tywin. And varys suddenly switching from team blackfyre to team daenerys/ targaryen. Also the unnecessary loras gay scene. I actually found it quite offensive. And I'm not homophobic, one of my close friends is gay. Loras has a lot more qualities than his sexuality, seeing as he's meant to fill the role of 3 characters it's quite surprising that the thing they focus is his preference to men.

    Excuse my nitpick. But when was it stated that Varys actually supported Team Blackfyre?

    I remember that scene in "The Laws of Gods and Men" - Oberyn and Varys.

    When did he - Varys - say that he'd support the Blackfyres?

  11. 9/10

    - 1 pt for the missing "valonqar" stuff.

    Things I really enjoyed were:

    - Stannis. (For the first time in ages, really. Stephen Dillane nails him.)

    - Varys/Tyrion (bonus for the camera movement in the crate)

    - Kevan/Lancel

    - Young Cersei and Merlana (except for the missing "valonqar")

    - Cersei and Jaime in the sept

    - Mance/Jon

    - the scene in the brothel with the member of the Unsullied (nice to point out that even those guys enjoy sexuality)

    - Lancel/Cersei

    - Loras/Cersei

    - Dany was also fine


    I forgot Pod and Brienne. I liked them. And of course, Sweetrobin and Lord Royce's comment on his fighting skills sitting next to LF. Hilarious!

  12. This forum has been a godsend for me after realizing GRRM is going to torture my soul forever w the release of WoW... I am a husband, father, Air Force veteran (4 yrs), sports enthusiast, avid reader and believe R+L=J. I fully support the Others as the good guys, at least not purely evil. And above all else DESPISE Daenerys Targaryen a thousand times over!

    Happy to be here!

    Welcome! :cheers:

    Hello everyone!

    I'm a historian from Germany, I work at university and as a freelance journalist, and I am in my late 30s now. As a teenager, I was a major role-playing game nerd who played Dungeons & Dragons and all kinds of other games in all kinds of settings. Except for Tolkien's books and some of the Dragonlance novels by Hickman and Weis, I have not read a lot of fantasy, though. As I grew older, I became more interested in science fiction than in fantasy, and besides, I already do so much reading of non-fiction books for my academic work that I usually prefer watching a movie to reading a book when it comes to fiction. So I did not read the A Song of Ice and Fire books when they first came out, even though I was still keeping an eye on the fantasy genre and knew that there was a lot of talk about them.

    About a year ago, I decided to watch the A Game of Thrones TV series. Again, it was something I had heard about and was curious about, but I had not had the time to check it out yet. I became hooked immediately and quickly watched all four seasons (the last episodes of Season 4 were just airing as I was catching up). After that, I decided to read the books - the first fantasy books I have read since my teenage years. I loved the books as well and went through them at the pace of one per month, sometimes devoting an entire weekend to reading. I finished A Dance with Dragons a couple of weeks ago.

    While I was reading, I made a point of not visiting any sites like this because I wanted to stay away from all possible spoilers. Unfortunately, someone's online comment on the TV series had already spoiled the R+L=J theory for me before I started reading, but it turned out not to be a huge spoiler - I think it becomes fairly obvious fairly quickly while you read Eddard's chapters from the first book. Aside from that, though, I have managed to stay away from all spoilers while I was still reading.

    Now that I have caught up, and while I am eagerly waiting for The Winds of Winter like everyone else, I decided to register on the forums here and say hello!

    Willkommen! :cheers:

  13. Hi there, my name is Bill O'Wisp, people in real life call me Lukas. I've been passively reading all the great and more-or-less crackpot theories in the post-ADwD section for some time now and wanted to contribute to them if I felt like it.

    I am doing media studies in a beautiful town in Germany and I am complety obsessed with Oce and Fire (but that's probably why we're all here). I also most likely spent more time with the books than with my actual subject during my first year of studying. And still I couldn't have figured out half of the stuff that has been presented here so far.

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  14. Hi Everyone! I've been perusing these forums for a while, and finally decided to join! I have been reading A Song of Ice and Fire on and off for the past couple of years. I'm currently on A Feast for Crows. I've also been watching Game of Thrones since it debuted in 2011. I also really love the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I've been going through bit a rough time lately. My mom passed away 3 weeks ago :( Reading, along with prayer, has really helped with the grieving process. Though it is going to take a very long time.

    Ewww. I'm sorry for your loss. Hugs and prayers and condolences are on their way to you.

    Welcome to the boards!

  15. Hi all.

    I'm Bethany, an American living in Seoul. I discovered ASOIAF around the time ADWD came out and it's been an obsession ever since. I've lurked on the boards for a while, but have mostly stayed away because I have... ahem... time management issues, but I've just finished the first draft of my own novel and in a fit of glorious slacking, I've gone back to live in Westeros for a while, starting another series re-read and rewatching the show a couple of times. Now I've found myself here :) Now the trick will be pulling myself away when it's time to put my nose to the grindstone and start revising.

    My favorite characters are:







    Strong Belwas

    I'm a knitter and nearly everything I knit is related to a fandom. I'm currently working on some Drogon-colored socks and mulling over the perfect project to knit along with series 5.

    See you around! :)

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

    And everybody else! =o)

  16. New member from the royal town of Reading, looking forward to spending time on here equating in the loss of my social life and friends! Massive Arsenal and Patriots fan, currently on my 3rd reread. Hi all!

    Welcome to the board! :cheers:

  17. Charles Dance is in Fallen Angel (a tv series) and I caught a scene with Donald Sumpter (Maester Luwin) in it. Didn't watch every minute, so there may be other GoT actors, but I got all mushy when I saw him.

    I watched the whole thing actually. And you are right about Donald Sumpter.

    Saw "Dolorous Edd" (Ben Crompton) in "Blood".

  18. New guy from Spain. I'm a recent fan of A Song of Ice and Fire... which i devoured mostly in the span of the last six or so months given frequent downtimes. Still need to finish ADwD.

    I saw this page. I saw the wiki and it certainly looks a lovely place to crash. Looking forward to waste time with you guys!

    Welcome to the board! :cheers:

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