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  1. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  2. Ewww. I'm sorry for your loss. Hugs and prayers and condolences are on their way to you. Welcome to the boards!
  3. Welcome, newcomers, to the boards! :cheers:
  4. Omg. And the 9 is one of my lucky numbers... :eek: Thanks, Steve, for saving me. :cheers:
  5. Welcome newcomers! :cheers:
  6. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  7. Revised my vote. From a 9 to a 10. For the excellent exposition with Tywin having melt down Ice and reforging of the two swords.
  8. Welcome to the boards! :cheers: And everybody else! =o)
  9. Welcome to the board! :cheers:
  10. I watched the whole thing actually. And you are right about Donald Sumpter. Saw "Dolorous Edd" (Ben Crompton) in "Blood".
  11. Welcome to the board! :cheers:
  12. :cheers: Welcome! (And thank you! =o) ) <lol>! Indeed. You are right,Jon. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  13. <waves to Nox> Welcome to the boards! :cheers: But beware... the board is large and full of spoilers.©
  14. Welcome to the boards! :cheers: But beware... the board is large and full of spoilers.©
  15. Es espagñol, no? El "bienvenido".
  16. Welcome, newcomers! :cheers:
  17. Welcome to the boards, Blonderaven! :cheers:
  18. Quoting myself. I'm gonna see "The Imitation Game" tomorrow. Original with subtitles. Yay! Although I won't need the subtitles...
  19. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  20. Have a look at my signature, follow the link that says "Spamsmoot 2014". You'll see why I'm reminded of her. And maybe you'll also want to check out the current thread. It's no. 449. A bunch of people who are very friendly, kind, welcoming. I found a lot of friends there. Real friends. Not just virtual ones. We don't discuss politics, feminism or religion there though. EDith: I'm a straight male.
  21. Welcome to the boards! :cheers: \m/...\m/ You remind me of my Queen's and my court last year. That's great. And musicians are always welcome. I love music, can't do without it. Willkommen. Nina! :cheers:
  22. Must have missed that. Gosh. Let's just keep hope, Adara.
  23. Thank you, my friend. :cheers:
  24. I'm from Germany. And it's mostly the dubbed version - I just can't stand my namesake's German voice.
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