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  1. Canadian reporting in from the frozen wastes.

    ASOIAF is life.

    :cheers: Welcome!

    (And thank you! =o) )

    Welcome @Deathlyhallows-92 and @SeekingSword!


    ...and death :)

    <lol>! Indeed. You are right,Jon.

    I completely forgot to introduce myself....... *Woops* :blushing:

    My name is Walter, from the Netherlands. I've read the books 2 times, planning for a third time pretty soon. of course I;ve seen the TV show and can't wait for both the new book and the season 5 (why am i so impatient).

    b.t.w. is Westeros is the UK, then I'd probably live in Braavos :cool4: .

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  2. <waves to Nox>

    Hi everyone! :) Another fan from the UK here.

    Found the forum when I realised I hadn't joined any forums for the show, so yeah...hi :)

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

    But beware... the board is large and full of spoilers.©

  3. Hey guys. Coming to you from the south of England. Been a thrones fan for a fair few years now, although I have only just gotten round to finishing the books so I am very excited to get talking about all the things and all the stuff!

    Okay so I introduce myself here. Hello. And see you around. I hope!

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

    But beware... the board is large and full of spoilers.©

  4. I've been here since start of December, but I'll still introduce myself. I am a guy from northern Finland in Europe, who has been lurking here for years. Other than that, I like swimming in 4 ft snow, reading, fishing and running.

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  5. \m/ :cheers:

    Flattered to hear that :blushing: (even though I'm a dude, hahah :rofl: ). And one extra cheer for music indeed!

    Have a look at my signature, follow the link that says "Spamsmoot 2014". You'll see why I'm reminded of her.

    And maybe you'll also want to check out the current thread. It's no. 449.

    A bunch of people who are very friendly, kind, welcoming. I found a lot of friends there. Real friends. Not just virtual ones.

    We don't discuss politics, feminism or religion there though.

    EDith: I'm a straight male.

  6. Hello you lovely bunch of people! Pretty new to the forum so I thought I'd say Hi!

    Originally from the Caribbean, currently residing in The Netherlands

    I'm a musician and book wurm, totally fascinated by this forum and its dedication.

    Let's rock 'n roll.

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:


    You remind me of my Queen's and my court last year. That's great. And musicians are always welcome. I love music, can't do without it.

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Nina, I’m 23 years old and I'm from Germany. Since I really enjoy reading through this forum, I thought that I should register. ;)

    I started watching the show about a year ago and loved it so much that I started (and by now finished) reading the books. I still really like the show (and I’m currently re-watching it for the fourth time), but I learned to love the books even more, and can’t wait for TWOW.

    So after finishing ADWD, the thing that helped me cope with my frustration of everything being over (for now) was reading fan theories. ;) So I started reading through this forum and grew so fond of it that I thought I should register and take part in the interesting discussions. :)

    In my free time, besides reading, I enjoy painting, watching movies and playing video games.

    I’m looking forward to contributing to this forum! :)

    Willkommen. Nina! :cheers:

  7. Blackfish :commie: Same here, started to read the books after I saw the show, but it was S3 I guess.

    I hope we'll see Stoneheart in the show. It's not too late to introduce her.

    And here is our expert on House Lannister:


    Thank you, my friend. :cheers:

  8. Hi All! I'm new to the site and can't wait to start discussing ASoIaF (amongst other things with you all).

    I'm currently reading A Dance with Dragons so don't want to venture about too much on here in case I spoil anything for myself but I will be back as soon as I'm done to start discussing!!

    For now, I might just stick to this General Chat area.

    So, hello :)

    Welcome to the boards, Reuben! :cheers:

  9. Hello, my name is Samuel, Im new to the forums ;) Hopefully I will meet some decent guys and gals here, dont know what else to say, if you want to find out more then please message me or visit my profile! :O

    Welcome to the board! :cheers:

    Who's your fave character and why?

  10. Hey everyone, my name is Kris! I'm 30, I live in Maine and yeah...I'm into GOT. I really wish all of my favorite characters would stop dying though...

    Oh and I refuse to read any of the books that go beyond the TV show..am I a bad person? I just don't want any spoilers haha

    I usually can be found on twitter & various video game or pro wrestling websites.

    I came here to sell off some of my HBOGo spots, decided to stay for the conversation :) Can't wait to meet you all!

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

  11. Hey. My name is Philip and I'm looking for some fun after watching the first four seasons of the series. I am new to forums like this one, but I hope you all will guide my through this :)

    I would like if anyone could introduce me to this forum as I plan to be here for quite a while. Best regards :D

    Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

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