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  1. Welcome, Ashley, to the boards! :cheers:
  2. You seem like a decent and nice person. If you got the time, do check out TTTNE. It's located in "Forum Games". Stop by, talk a little - and have a great time. So, this is an official invitation. =o)
  3. As I put it, "The board is large and full of spoilers."
  4. You're welcome. Actually, Tywin is my second favorite Lannister - besides Tyrion. And The Ned? He's great. And yeah, I agree about them being flawed. That's what makes them "human" in a way I guess. And grey characters.
  5. Greetings, Sheldon! Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  6. Welcome to the boards! :cheers: Who are your favorite characters?
  7. Welcome to the boards, Lady of the Vale! :cheers:
  8. Thank you for your explanation. It does please me.
  9. Welcome to the boards! :cheers: I take it you are alluding to Jaime loosing his hand? The Beatles and The Pixies are two great picks IMO.
  10. I as SpamKing second this invitation. =o)
  11. Well, this title actually is true for a part of the forum where my Queen and I rule. So bow to me. =oD
  12. Welcome, Eddard Stark, to the boards! :cheers:
  13. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  14. Welcome to the boards and thank you for your nice introduction! :cheers:
  15. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  16. Tyrion is awesome. Nevertheless, I'm no apologist - I'm rather a Lannister fanboy in general. But Tyrion's my favorite Lannister.
  17. Welcome, Kieria, to the boards! :cheers: Who's your favorite character?
  18. Welcome to the boards, Hannah! :cheers:
  19. Mission accomplished! I own 2,775 dice now. But if you're still willing to send me dice, I won't keep you.

  20. :agree: I as a fellow Tyrion fan second that whole-heartedly.
  21. Welcome to the boards! :cheers: Hope you enjoy your stay here. =o) But beware, the board is large and full of spoilers.
  22. Did you hit "save"? Sometimes clearing the cookies does the trick. Welcome to the boards! :cheers: Bienvenue! :cheers:
  23. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
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