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    How would you rate episode 401?

    9/10. Based highly on Oberyn stabbing random Lannister supporter. The badass of his performance and unpredictability got me. Plus, I know the episode is good when it feels like a half hour rather than an hour.
  2. The thing is I remember buying it in the novel, maybe partially because it was in Sansa's pov. But in the show, it just felt weird for her to be agreeing to tell Margery these things. I feel like the show would have benefitted from a set up scene even though the book didn't need it. One of the people I watch the show with has never read the books and they were scratching their heads about why Sansa would do something like that.
  3. I wish more things were developed this episode. Sansa agreeing to tell the Tyrells about Joffrey felt a little rushed especially since this was pretty much her first scene with Margery. So while the nods of encouragement were wonderful, it didn't seem to make sense why she would all of a sudden trust the Tyrells and confess Joffrey's treatment to her even though Margery was to marry Joffrey. Really feel like Margery needed to spend some time trying to befriend Sansa first. Also, the BWB introduction and Arya felt incredibly rushed, especially since the Hound was introduced so quickly afterwards. Hope they go back and sort of explain BWB better. IDK, this is the second episode and Arya's storyline was given so little time, I almost feel like it's meant to be a really down played this season and take the back burner. That said, it's still early on so, I hope it will be better flushed out. Conclusion: overall complaint is some storylines feeling rushed in this episode. Margery though felt like a real player in the game. I particularly liked how in the Sansa scene it is said Margery's father wants her to become queen, and which explains book!Sansa think Margery more a pawn when really Margery has ambition in the show (aka a pov character misreading another character). Also, Margery dealing with a possibly very dangerous situation with Joffrey, and outmanuevering him. Cersei's lose of power is fantastic to watch. Jaime and his weakness in fighting after the imprisionment and real happiness to do it, while the overall idea that he really would kill Brienne to get away is magnificient to watch really. ETA: I gave it 5/10. If it was another show I would have given it a 7/10, but GoT I expect more from.