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  1. What is happening? What should have been good is mediocre and what should have been mediocre is suddenly actually great? Now a couple of weeks ago the second season of the Higurashi sequel, now dubbed Higurashi Sotsu, started. Individual scenes are well crafted and there are a lot of interesting visual callbacks to the original Higurashi in there. Unfortunately that's all there is to it. There are some stunning leaps of logic in there and it is all so stunningly predictable, depicting the most lazy way the 'mysteries' presented in Gou happened. I suppose the idea is indeed that they think it clever that it's the original arcs, just that the most obvious solution is this time correct, but for this kind of non-twist the show has far too many episodes. It drags on and on detailing stuff that has been already blatantly clear since about 20 episodes ago and it's so goddamn boring. Please go back to the meat of the story with the whole post-Matsuriyabashi looper-thunderdome. Then the second season of the Madoka Magica spin-off Magia Record started yesterday. I went in with all my hazy memories of being disappointed in the first season not being daring enough to actually change the meat of the rather thin Mobile Game it is made from. And then comes in this episode that works basically on the premise of how Madoka and Homura not being present during the arc where they had been originally introduced has massive consequences on the dynamics of the cast as they end up having to speed-run through the core revelations of the setting and work out their issues in time to go rescue Mami in Kamihama. This is all Anime original stuff and it was fantastic. Especially as a Sayaka fan, her journey through all kinds of emotions during this episode was a massive treat and made me somewhat teary eyed. My girl is so strong here! XD Hot damn. Am I being more hopeful? Fuck, I think the first episode of the first season was also rather good. No.... please don't give me hope only to then be mediocre again, please... But until then, I can encourage every Madoka Magica fan to watch at least this episode, because it's absolutely worth it: https://imgur.com/a/JO4xXsv
  2. So since Thursday it's summer break here. The thought of spending five weeks locked inside at home with my mother fills me with dread. In fact, I... I am seriously at an absolute low point. I have so many little things I would love to do, but can't muster any motivation. I'm constantly exhausted, my body is aching and each time she waltzes into my room I'm getting stress convulsions again. It's also not helped that she keeps berating me for not thinking of doing stuff she expects me to do and mocking me for not doing my own stuff either. I just feel so extremely hopeless. I'm 28 for fuck's sake and I can't get my life forward in any way. Why do I even bother with anything? I can't change anything anyway, I have no control over anything and am just wasting my time away until death arrives.
  3. Okay, today sets out to be a considerably miserable day. I was just ripped out of my work to be sent out to get bread rolls and was suddenly overwhelmed by a total sense of helplessness, that I should just throw myself down and die. My chest is seriously hurting. It's all so... pointless. Why am I even trying to change, why am I even trying to have goals and aspirations? There is no wriggle room for me, I only exist to serve my mother and every attempt to do something for myself that even faintly looks like 'leaving her behind' is met with accusations and guilt. I really need to truly give up on myself or else I will continue to hurt as long as I live. I need to be content with where I am and accept that I just don't have what it takes to make experiences normal people make. I suppose I'm just blowing things out of proportion again, but I just... am not in the right place mentally at the moment.
  4. ... and of course up until now no reaction whatsoever. But oddly enough it doesn't faze me. Probably because I'm too busy preparing for school again I guess. But I also just have to note just how incredibly fast my headspace recovered after deleting these dumb online dating profiles. It is astonishing how much pressure I put upon myself to present myself well and how much anxiety was generated just... well, sitting around and seeing my efforts to increase my social interactions in time of crippling loneliness go absolutely nowhere. Instead I... just go about my day with a clear head, which is I guess also something that needs to be acknowledged.
  5. I should probably note what happened with my Higurashi Gou watch: The show has wrapped up its first season and is on a break with a second cour following in July. Now looking back on the show I am extremely conflict. The core idea and the conflict that they want to create is really great and I love how Gou is built to be a crossroads for the wider When they Cry franchise which up until consisted only of rather vaguely connected individual stories which take place in completely different worlds and only a very meta-textual overlap of characters. And then in comes Gou and massively fleshes out that concept and telling a story that Umineko alluded to that seemingly was Higurashi, but never quite and now rectifying that dissonance. Unfortunately on the other hand of the spectrum I must note that the direction is abysmal. I already noted in my previous reviews that I found myself very irritated about how the show keeps covering already well known Higurashi material for no other reason than an initial joke that got dragged out for FAR too long. Similarly the second half, while starting out as a great bridge between Matsuriyabashi and Gou to explain what the fuck happened that the characters got stuck again in 1983, it ended up surprisingly hasty in explaining how it happened while at the same time treating the necessary character development haphazardly and outright ignoring characters and motivations that would have affected the outcome that they wanted for the villain of the story, something that goes extremely against Higurashi's core principle of being a character-driven clockwork made of confliction motivations that all create the plot. It's a serious shame because I could see it working out extremely well with a tighter script and only half the episodes. In other news, I also recently saw the third Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel movie. If you had read some of my reviews here before, you probably noticed I'm a masochist for the Fate franchise. And the weirdest part is... I... I actually liked the movie! Bloody hell, how did they manage that? Okay, I do know how they managed that, but that only makes me more confused: The movie was basically just a barrage of pivotal character moments where they agonized about the decisions they are making and question their motivations. The only problem is that the two movies before that do an abysmal job getting these motivations across (if they even attempted it at all). So... Heaven's Feel III works great, for people like me who spent the last seven years tearing this franchise apart and know these characters and their motivations by heart. People who just watched this and UBW (and you have to watch UBW because Heaven's Feel I skips all the scenes they have in common) will probably feel super confused and not buy it at all. Also the fight scenes in this one are spectacular in a good way. So far I had been very disappointed in the fight scenes in ufotables Stay Night in comparison to Fate/Zero since their fights and their choreography rarely accomplished anything other than paint the characters as super duper powerful. Something Fate/Zero accomplished utterly implicitly if you bothered to look at the carnage around them, but the focus of the Fate/Zero fights still lingered on the strategies of how the characters approach their fights and become more a test of their motivations than anything. Meanwhile in Fate/Stay Night it's just flailing with pretty CGI effects. So imagine my surprise that I found them actually interesting here, given how short most of the fights are and how they usually served a clear purpose for the advancement of the plot, while also allowed moments of characterization to shine through instead of "Gate of Babylon goes brrrrr". Apparently it helps that they poured all their budget into the ultimately relatively meaningless Rider vs. Saber fight that goes on for seven fucking minutes and is just 'splosions as Michael Bay took over for a bit.
  6. Ironically this conversation has reminded me that I wanted to write a message to the single member of my university study group that had promised to meet up even after university (but never did) who hasn't changed their number in the meantime. Which I now did. Hey, maybe I can raise our contact to twice a year or something. XD
  7. Could it be that you found yourself in 100% of cases the one initiating a conversation/meet-up? I always had a similar feeling, one which could be best described as being a 'social ghost' who only exists in people's minds as long as you are physically present and I feel like it's heavily connected to a sense of disappointment/exhaustion that nobody else ever bothers to contact you on their own (or pretend they don't see you when you meet them coincidentally...). Unfortunately I don't have any good recommendation for that either. It is one of the few issues that has come better with time since I've gotten online acquaintances who actually occasionally do write a first message, but since every single one of my real life contacts has died away after leaving university and finishing teacher training, I have hardly any argument that the feeling wasn't absolutely true.
  8. I mean... I feel you. I started to watch the entirety of Detective Conan, about 7 years ago and still only got till... *checks bookmark* Episode 855. Detective Conan just hit the 1000 episode mark as well.
  9. Okay, I'm curious whether you can tell us in, like, five years or so whether they found the damn treasure yet.^^
  10. That just made me check when the last time was I replied to my father's What's App messages which usually consist of passive-aggressive links to memes about ungrateful children. It was February 2019.
  11. Can I vent a little? Is this weird that I'm looking at my relationships with one of my classes with a mix of "would be nice to have them in person again to have a shot at engaging them better" and "but would it be? Those who do work now at least do something instead of nothing". I have this one class that I had taken over very late in the last semester. Their previous teacher due to Covid fears only taught them once every two weeks, if she wasn't called in sick anyway. So when I replaced her, the class after a month only had a single history lesson and I was forced to start from scratch. The atmosphere was always... weird. The loudest troublemakers made it clear that I'm just the "asshole who is taking away their free slot that day" and that they had no interest whatsoever to engage with my lessons. The following weeks were a grueling affair where lesson after lesson was an abysmal failure because the students were always doing a ruckus and barely engaging with my lessons. The additional problem is that, as harsh as it sounds, I'm pretty sure the majority of the class is barely literate. I already had classes which had language troubles, but not to the degree that 100% of the class can't write anything down to save their lives, even those select few who are relatively eloquent verbally. I cut down tasks to filling out gap texts and half filled out tables, which is the most that I was able to expect for them to accomplish. But whenever I asked them to make notes, not even sentences, just notes, they just stared at the blank page and do nothing. I was trying some lessons focused around describing pictures or summarizing texts with pre-made sentence snippets, but even those lessons failed spectacularly both due to their aggressive disinterest and their inability to have any connection whatsoever with words. Forming arguments to express opinions, the point of my usual lessons, became a distant dream. That it's that bad feels extremely obvious now that they are forced to turn in their notes digitally. Because they are barely decipherable. Last week they just had to summarize an already extremely simplified explanation text which boiled down to just recounting a number of events that happened and why they happened. Just an introduction I wanted to use as a groundwork to go explore the event afterwards. But nobody managed to accomplish even that. By those students who attempted it, I was asked what basic words like "outline" and "compromise" means. We are talking of 16 years olds here. I guess the point of this rant is to express a certain amount of helplessness, but also ask what the hell the go-to solution for this is. I could just give up trying to teach history and solely focus on training the German language, but then again the class is absurdly unmotivated as it is and the majority only half-assedly engages with my lessons, if at all. I was trying to 'get them' with virtual field trips where they should explore historical sights through 360° picture galleries or comparing historical maps with the present day, but the response to those lessons was in the low single digits and even those felt extremely out of their depth, not really sure what to look for. Now imagine me attempting to hook them for something that is supposed to train their language skills, something I'm only vaguely trained in. I had two courses about how to ease the language demands in your lessons for students who have language trouble, but never to the degree that I felt able to do it with all of my lessons without an unreasonable amount of effort.
  12. I today noticed that I can't remember the last time I woke up refreshed. Waking up and feeling absurdly exhausted has become part of my normal schedule as I start the day forcing myself to the computer and failing to get something done. This week has been especially maddening. I lost two days to a project management training on top of my regular homeschooling and presence-schooling and got the idea to go an extra-mile for this weeks presence-schooling to get my students attention back now that we are back in school. Unfortunately that completely ate away my time to give the still homeschooled students feedback and I also fell behind in the organizatorial part of tracking the attendance and replying to work mails because I was too ridiculously tired after spending every minute of the day in videoconferences and classrooms. So now here I am, having only this weekend to catch up on the stuff I didn't do last week and preparing all my stuff for next week. And I feel absolutely miserable. My neck and back is in pain, I have a headache and my motivation is agonizingly low while I'm at the same time stressing out to the point of having spontaneous shivering fits. I'm just completely baffled how I am supposed to survive the rest of this semester...
  13. I make it a principle to never speak about my home situation under any circumstances, so I luckily never get to the situation of having to insist on the semantics. It's the anxiety about the possibility that anyone could find out and make a judgement that wrecks me, but I know that's just all in my head. Thanks. I will try to take it easy today as well. I especially need to get my health back in line.
  14. Okay, I just managed to write an E-Mail where I phrased my thoughts so far instead of doing any changes myself. Only took me two hours or so. -.- Good for you! Those thoughts are nasty and... I must admit when I read your words I found them to be really uncomfortably close to my own thoughts of giving up trying to establish relationships because I can't break out of this. Also I sometimes did have thoughts about dabbling in dating and heck, even with the thought that having a child wouldn't be too bad, but quickly abandon it because it's just too late and I'm too used to being unable to deal with social situations. Not to mention the additional baggage of me severely disliking even touching people or any expression of affection, really (or... being able to feel affection, as a starter^^). It IS an unexcused lesson and the class teacher when I explained this to him dryly remarked that they pulled the very same stunt with him recently as well. Our school has its own video conference tool that is secure, but very bare bones and doesn't have such a feature. I mean yeah, you probably got that impression because I have been pointedly using this distinction, but I'm well aware that all outside observers aren't really caring about the semantics, especially when it is a bunch of teens and tweens looking for an opportunity to mock their comically young looking teacher. Or colleagues who'd think their part if they ever learned of my home situation. The thing is, they would be right. I'm 27, nearly 28, and only ever lived on my own for a week. That's ringing all kinds of alarm bells in people. No, it's more of a common theme that she's looking at my father's family's history of alcoholism, schizophrenia and violent outbursts and suggesting that I'm just as fucked up. Though notably that's his siblings, my father's only part in that history is his temper and... well, the incessant self-pity I'm also obviously guilty of. So yeah, in that regard I have a lot of similarities to him aside my frustrating outward resemblance. I just try to vent this stuff in the internet in order to not end up showing too much of my fucked-upness to people I actually would have to look into the eyes afterwards. I did that a few times, usually citing time constraints, but she's usually extremely pissed and takes it as an insult if I eat alone. Especially now when I'm not really have any excuse, what with there being a week of holiday and so on.
  15. Hey! What do you think you are doing there? Feeling restricted in establishing relationships because you have to take care of a family member who drags you down is my thing! I have copyright on that, so don't you dare allow that to happen to you! In related news: What the hell is going on with today? I've got a week of holiday, so I'm trying to get through my backlog of work mails I dragged out replying to. Of course my work week ended on a horribly low note with one class boycotting my lesson because I wasn't doing video conferences and they convinced themselves that I'm not doing my job when I only use the group chat. I made the mistake of voicing my frustration about this to my mother who... of course just as confused about my refusal to do video conferences from home with her in the background mocked me and promised to crash any video conferences if I ever did one because I needed to 'toughen up' and that she's convinced that my students won't mind because they have family as well. I felt eerily reminded of back during my own school time when random strangers I never met mocked me in the street as a mother's boy and she got angry at me for letting that get to me and refused to talk with me for a week when I brought it up. She seems adamantly refusing to believe that people do in fact raise their eyebrows about me still living with her. Anyway. For the last 12 hours I have been sitting at the computer trying desperately to draw up a curriculum for four semesters that I was drafted into, but actually wanted to do a month ago. Unfortunately my mind is set on fucking me over, so I'm feeling horribly unfocused and get nothing done whatsoever. As of yet I haven't managed to write a single sentence. I wanted to use an old curriculum I wrote during teacher training as a guide, but couldn't find it anywhere on any storage device I have despite having been utterly convinced that I saved it somewhere. Apparently I accidentally erased it when changing schools and clearing out my "school administration" folder. Of course at the breakfast table my mother got into a rant that I'm as fucked in the head as my father and need to get therapy because I wasn't talking to her, which in turn wasn't really beneficial to my state of mind either. In fact I am having my usual anxiety attacks whenever my mother comes in to talk with the cat every five minutes. I'm also still struggling with tenosynovitis and aches in back and neck. I initially wanted to have this fucking curriculum done this morning and then focus the rest of the day on working out, but as usual I haven't managed to do either.
  16. Okay, well, shit... so it seems I have been put on the spot. Several classes of mine got it into their heads that me not doing video conferences means I'm not teaching properly. So I have either classes that drown me in a barrage of accusations of not doing my job and other classes that just... disappear; with a low single digit number of students still taking part in my lessons. Unfortunately I really CAN'T do video conferences for personal reasons because at home I'm essentially always just one step away from a massive anxiety attack... I guess I have to rethink how I approach my homeschooling lessons, but I'm honestly stumped because I don't have all that much room to maneuver. My current strategy is developing long-winded illustrated explanations with links to learning videos for the current topic and then have a couple of tasks about them, with me having created a chat group for each class where questions can be asked 24/7 (pretty much nobody ever does). For the tasks they always have the entire day where our lesson would be and the next day I write each student back a personalized feedback, which is frustratingly time consuming and I'm really unsure whether anyone ever reads those anyway. I asked several times over the course of the last weeks, but never got a reply. The thing is at the beginning I really did want to spice up my lessons with cooperative projects working on shared documents or a digital school trip through 360° photos, but these always went horribly wrong because of the crippling lack of response, so I had to fall back upon dull worksheets so that those doing them won't suffer from vast swathes of each class not doing shit. Well, one thing that I could still do would be to always give the students the solutions for the worksheets so that they can test themselves and I can save up the time of writing them feedback, but this only further decreases my contact with them and reinforces the impression that they have to teach themselves.
  17. First of all: I felt significantly better yesterday evening after I managed to work through most of my backlog and it looked like I actually accomplished to have some more breathing room. I still had to spent most of today from 7 o'clock onwards at the PC correcting returns and writing mails with only two breaks for breakfast and dinner, but it was somehow enough to get my mind out of the drain. Only my neck pain and slight headache are an annoyance. But I even managed to somewhat brush off an argument I just had with three students once again crying foul and complaining about my workload. Okay... fine, I probably overstepped my bounds a little by letting it slip that hearing that about today's task with this class is utter bullshit. It used to be a jigsaw task that I initially created for a 10th grade class, but I stripped it down to them just doing the task of each topic group one week at a time. Which is a huge time waste, I admit, but at the beginning of the current lockdown I already offered them a cooperative assignment where everyone got a different task and they had to bring it together in a shared document online, but that was an utter disaster because only four students did anything at all of which only 3 returns were usable, so all the following tasks building upon their gatherings fell flat hard and forced me to abandon all attempts at cooperative learning methods online. Long story short: Today they had to do a task a 10th grade class managed in 20 minutes and this 13th grade is harping on me that it's impossible for them to do the same in the 90 minutes they would have had for today's lesson. For real? And yes, among that was once again the demand for a videoconference instead. Like I said, that's something I cannot do psychologically, if not practically. My mother knows no boundaries and her presence makes me nervous as hell even when I'm not facing my students. In the shit-hole village I grew up in I was already mocked in the streets for being a 'mother's boy' back when I was in high school, I can't even imagine how my students let loose if they find out about my circumstances. The possibility alone wrecks me. Right now my lessons are done in the way that they get the materials with both a written introduction of me monologuing the point of today's lessons, the materials and a couple of tasks while at the same time offering to discuss questions in a chatroom in our school network. Yes, it's dull, but every attempt of mine to do something cooperative so far only ended in utter failure because of the lack of response. Lol, there are no guidelines and no expectations, much less any training. I guess I could get lessons this way going if I wanted to, but once again, my reasons for not doing them are purely psychological. Thanks, I will look into it later on. Eh... but those are accomplishments I bought by sacrificing virtually everything else. I started out as a bullied pariah who was otherwise mentally fine to a guy with severe social anxiety who spends the whole day at the computer even though the external factors ceased to be and I should have been able to fix myself thrice over. That was pretty much my reaction, but it's a common theme. I already complained here before about similar incidents about me wanting to do jogging and one summer trying to go swimming at a lake. My mother is deathly afraid that I'm "overdoing it" when I have such fancies and tries to discourage me with the devastating effect that I usually drag out such decisions for days or weeks until I decide to sneak or force myself out to avoid her comments. She really just would prefer to wrap me in cotton and never let me go out.
  18. Well, thanks and sorry that you have to read this nonsense. The thing is that it is entirely on myself that I need so much time for my work. Other colleagues deal with the same workload or more and it's just me being an idiot that prevents me from finishing this stuff in a timely manner. And then the quality... I guess I become more and more aware at my current school how much of my self-worth I'm getting from the job I'm doing. Which... is kinda logical, given how I have nothing else, really. Having a positive impact on people is all that I crave and it's getting to me that all I'm getting is outraged mails about how my lessons are too difficult and instead of engaging with my offers to ask questions in the chat, some just demand better tasks and leave it at that. I know I'm at a difficult school when it comes to the catchment area and it just shows how much I fail at accommodating that with my preparations. Anyway, enough complained for today. Another break that I didn't need. I need to get going.
  19. What is it with me and Mondays, recently? I feel so exhausted, I just... can't... I managed to get outside for a walk for a few minutes both Saturday and Sunday, but it was a goddamn effort. Of course my mother once again panicked and tried to frantically stop me. "You can't just go out after being inside for so long, you will get sick immediately!" Took me several hours to make up my mind and ignore her, but of course even when walking around the neighborhood I couldn't stop the ruminations. And I lost so much time! I'm extremely behind schedule, I still have to prepare four lessons despite having to correct everything from yesterday now. Though... I suppose there isn't too much to correct. I spent the whole day yesterday answering questions about the days lessons even though the majority of students didn't bother to do them at all, especially those I specifically invited last week to use the goddamn chat because utter silence and then just saying "I don't understand it" two minutes before the deadline expires isn't helpful in any way whatsoever. I'm just so mindnumbingly bad at this job... and once again I several times got the accusation in the mails of my students that I don't "do real lessons" because I'm not trying to do video conferences, justifying their lack of engagement. I can't exactly admit that I can't do video conferences because of how much anxiety I'm suffering from at home and that I would cross a line I shouldn't cross for any reason whatsoever if I decide to expose myself at the place where I'm the most vulnerable. And then come the technical problems. Yesterday night I was trying to scan two book pages for tomorrow's lessons, it took me five hours and ended with no scanned pages, a permanently disconnected scanner as I messed up reinstalling the drivers and a broken book that I threw to the ground in frustration before punching my head until I felt dizzy and then listening to my mother's mockery half an hour later at 12 pm why I'm not working anymore if I'm complaining about my lack of progress. I went to bed at the brink of crying and got some thrown awake several times thanks to really weird nightmares involving egg sacs filled with maggots infesting the whole flat... and me trying to carry them outside without harming them. XD That's... that's written with couples in mind, huh? I must say I squinted quite hard at the checklist. I am already extremely self-reflecting to the point of defeatism, so I don't see how being aware of my emotions isn't going to make things much worse because I am painfully aware of my feelings and where they are coming from. I was using music kind of a lot these last weeks, but I mostly used it to try and drown out the background noise of my mother that drives me constantly crazy, but instead the music distracted me as well, so I don't think it's a good idea. I don't need more distractions, I need focus to get onwards with my work in a humanly possible manner. And then there are moments where I just feel like giving up. I'm a complete failure anyway. What have I achieved with my life? I'm three months away from my 28th birthday and I'm still stuck with my mother, still don't know how to have sensible relationships with people, spend every wake hour worrying about my job and still loose track of the mails I haven't replied to two weeks ago as more urgent work piles up constantly, only make lessons that make my students hate me because I'm drained of all creativity that I still had three years ago when I still had fun brainstorming cool learning situations and there is no way out of any of this for me because I don't have any off-days whatsoever and whenever I do have some holidays I cram them chock-full with all the stuff I wished to do all year long so I end up doubly exhausted AND despairing about how I should have spent the time preparing my lessons.
  20. Damn it. I think today was one of the most horrific days I ever had, period. And it's all so fucking irrational because there was absolutely no trigger for it. The whole day ever since I woke up I was just sliding from one anxiety attack to the next and it never ever stopped. I managed to only prepare four lessons over the course of the entire day, I was awfully slow and couldn't focus at all. And the worst part is how insanely vulnerable I was to noise. I was constantly agitated by the clatter of my mother bustling through the house, frightful when she walked in and riled up by her usual use of baby-speak to me. I cannot remember I ever reacted this extreme and this physical to all of this. Just a couple of hours ago when my mother came in again I ended up dealing with a burning sensation in my heart and my arms uncontrollably shaking. My chest still hurts when I inhale deeply. This is... I don't know what this is, but it for sure isn't a good sign. Shit, shit, shit...
  21. The new year has started and I am starting it how I spent the majority of the last year: Having a nervous breakdown about how ineffective I am at my job, frantically trying to put together lessons while wondering where the hell the last 6 hours went and why the Word page in front of me is still empty. Meanwhile my mother is constantly bustling through the house and even though she can't help it in any way, it makes me extremely nervous and I just... I can't focus at all... I have only this weekend left to do two thirds of my lessons for the week and I'm just going to die so badly... Edit: And now I broke a book slamming it against my head in frustration. Shit...
  22. Since I just finished watching The Unsleeping City I feel I need to do a bit more advertising for Dimension 20 here because goddamn it, the creativity of each campaign is off the charts. Let me just introduce to you all campaigns so far: Fantasy High The very first Dimension 20 campaign, entirely watchable for free on Youtube. Fantasy High is essentially if a generic Dungeons and Dragons nation has spontaneously decided to warp into a 1960s American suburb. The PCs are students of a high school dedicated to train future adventuring parties and it's all things considered the most light-hearted and silly Dimension 20 campaign. Escape from the Blood Keep Aka: The one with Matthew Mercer as a guest. It's essentially Lord of the Rings from the perspective of the bad guys. Not-Sauron was just defeated and his loyal servants scramble to revive him. It's a case study in just how much Mercer's rolls are cursed and how much PCs can absolutely hilariously derail poor Brennan's storyboard and forced him to make everything up on the spot. The Unsleeping City This one takes place in our world and our New York, except that there is an unseen world of magic hidden beneath it all, with the PCs being just a bunch of crazy New Yorkers getting roped into saving the world. It's absolutely terrific! Tiny Heist Essentially a Toy Story heist story. Can't exactly go into any details because I haven't watched it yet and unlike the three above campaigns it is on their Dropout website. A Crown of Candy Last but not least: The A Song of Ice and Fire campaign. Yes, seriously. They did a campaign that's essentially ASoIaF, but everyone is edible. It's ludicrously ambitious worldbuilding... and god damn it, it is by far the darkest Dimension 20 campaign they have done so far. The Unsleeping City already ended very bittersweet, but the death toll in this one is mental.
  23. I've started down the path of madness and made the first three steps into my monstrous Umineko Tribute MMV: Holy shit, still 33 minutes more to edit... XD Also: I'm sorry it is only very bare bones. I have zero experience with editing software whatsoever, so no flashy effects from me and some rather poor transitions.
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