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  1. Sure! And that's exactly why I'd want the AI to use them instead of ships that actually complement its "Attack! Attack! Attack!" strategy.^^ Huh. The C&C bundle is actually somewhat neat... I have most of the games in their, but am lacking the addons to C&C3 and Generals as well as Red Alert 3 and those are impossible to find separately.
  2. Fucking Revenants. Why don't the Cylons start using Basestars instead of these damned gunships? I can take the fighters and the Basestars, but loosing your flagship Battlestar from full health to death in one turn because three Revenants bee-line towards it instantly is just no fun at all. And leveling officers is a pain. Had this happen in a story mission I attempted twice and both times with the same outcome. Still won, but got horrific casualties. Also learned yesterday that I being constantly in max aggressive stance is pretty much always preferable because of the insane range boost it gives your ships. So far I actually played all my battles on Def+1 because I thought it increases my staying power, but given how useless repairs become when the Cylons bring in the big hitters and it's all about focusing down their gunships before they mess you up, the reach is desperately needed. I only switch my Battlestars into defensive posture in turns they have their flak up, while using the intervening intervals going ham at them. Admittedly, after spending the first five turns making frantic dives because the suckers almost always spawn far below me and Artemis classes can only fire upwards. This has made battles much easier, since I now don't have to fight everything at knife-fight range anymore and can just circle the Cylons with my flak up and my Adamants on max aggressive posture. Unfortunately doesn't help much against those bloody Revenants. For that reason I'm experimenting with Minotaurs and Rangers. The Ranger-class seems rather situational. I always have my Artemis/Adamant stack, with the Rangers now sitting far behind and above to the side, trying to shoot rockets past the flak screen. This works when the Cylon fleets are spread out, but not when they are a massive blob going straight into my flak line. Then the Ranger just kind of sits there uselessly. Not to mention it can't help against the Revenants because they are always the vanguard doing the aggressive shit. Therefore I am starting to put more Minotaurs into my fleet, which I so far try to use in place of my Manticores, which... is not very effective... I guess they are better with broadsides from below like the Adamant than using the forward guns like the Revenants do? In that case I guess I have to use them in place of the Adamants instead... But seriously, I just wish the Cylons would use Basestars and carriers instead. Vipers are so overpowered, in the last story mission where you defend a Basestar that wants to negotiate with the Colonials, my vipers cleared out the entire fighter complement of two Cerberus carriers and a couple of Talons in 2-3 turns. That was easy. But mostly because the Cylons only had one Revenant.
  3. Okay, that was a costly bunch of turns in BSG Deadlock. I guess I just have still far too many Manticores flying around and not enough Battlestars to go out and hold the line. First I did an optional mission with one of my Helios Alpha fleets that had four Manticores and ran into a large fleet of massed Talons that focused fire and destroyed three of them, completely ignoring my Adamants. And now I did the, admittedly, very stupid thing of playing a story mission, attacking a Cylon Fleet above Sagittaron that is responsible for a chemical attack on the planet, with a fresh fleet with a green commanding officer. My fleet only consisted of an Artemis, two Adamants and one Manticore. The enemy fleets consisted of two Revenants, two Arachnes, two Nemesis, at least one Talon... and on top of that you get attacked by Sagittarians with two Manticores and two Adamants. My first attempt was an utter disaster, with the Revenants focusing fire and destroying one Adamant in one turn, leaving me utterly crippled. I was considering loading my last save and use the Daedalos fleet with all the experienced heavy hitters, but now I thought I try it again, placing my fleet as far back as possible from the Cylons, hoping to let the Sagittarians fight the Cylons. That... didn't work too well. The Cylons made a beeline for me and the Sagittarians only managed to pick off one Talon from what I saw in the replay, then just dicked around in the background until I was finished with the Cylons. Blargh. I however this time had a lot of luck that the toasters in charge of the Revenants suffered a stroke or something and turned away from me. They were probably thinking the Sagittarian Manticores were easier pickings, however that meant they didn't fire too many salvos at my Adamants and I was free to fire at their engines. However... the Sagittarian Adamants were still utterly silly. They focused fire on my one Adamant that was already stripped from all its armor because of the battle with the Cylons, then focused fire on my other Adamant (the Manticore was already destroyed by the Cylons) and destroyed that one as well. I only had my battlestar (and the four fighter squadrons) left when they went for a pincer attack with two Manticores and I was confused why I couldn't really fire at both of them at the same time. However it forced me to go left and right constantly with the flak in order to intercept their missiles. Still one of the Manticores made a suicide run ramming into my Battlestar, causing heavy damage. In the end I somehow managed to hold out long enough to destroy the last Adamant and get the victory, but the Battlestar Jupiter had its armor on both sides stripped and only 16 hull points left. And... just like you, @Werthead, I couldn't record the damn battle and only got a 0 Byte file out of it. Crap. Only got the battle report: https://i.imgur.com/potVqtP.png I now have to get this Battlestar and its tough crew through the war! Destroying 5 ships and inflicting 500 damage in its second mission! But damn... I can't loose so many ships. I need to be more patient and focus on defense for a while.
  4. ... aaand I already have five fleets mucking around! XD It didn't help that I had two Cylon fleets attacking Leonis and Canceron in the upper part of the war table, so I ended up dispatching two there, then have my shipyard forever parked home on Scorpia once I realized I can't auto-resolve battles with it and then two fleets for Helios Alpha and Helios Gamma, though I now sent my Helios Gamma fleet to Helios Alpha because the Cylons have started showing up with strength 4000 stacks and my Helios Alpha fleet is starting to loose ground. Right now one of these stacks is sitting atop Caprica and I have no means to make it go away with my old Helios Alpha fleet that is just one Adamant and four Manticores... one of which I recently lost during a mission protecting a refugee fleet from a bazillion Cylon corvettes. For fun I made my Helios Beta fleet entirely out of Adamants and I must say, once I unlocked Viper Mk2s it's an impressive wall of guns. I was particularly impressed by the Mk2s ability to intercept missiles. With the Mk1 I often wondered why I even bothered putting them on "Defend at Location" between my ships and the Cylons every turn the Cylons had their missiles ready, because one squadron could take out one or two at most. Then I watched the M2s just utterly demolishing every ordinance pointed at me, with one or two at most getting through. Kinda makes me wonder why I'd even need Flak later on as long as I have a bunch of Vipers between me and the enemy, particularly given how crazy fast they are. Likewise, I'm using the vipers to scout for the enemy and mark them for my opening missile barrage because they are so ridiculously fast. Granted, so far the Cylons haven't really brought a lot of Raiders to bear, then I guess my Vipers would end up too busy to do these kinds of missions. We'll see. I avoided the Ranger admittedly, because I have too much fun relying heavy on Vipers, so yesterday evening I unlocked the Artemis. I guess just in time for when the Cylons bring in the serious fleets. I also tried fooling around with the recording, but... is it just me or is it broken? Not only do I suffer from occasional crashes when I click on recording, the battles that I succeed in recording have some really weird metallic audio distortion to them. Don't really feel like sharing those because of it.
  5. Thanks for the write-up! Yeah, the Manticores are surprisingly good. My current strategy was to have a wolf pack of four of them just slowly chewing through the enemy formations while my Vipers are defending the leading Manticore as a missile screen. Unfortunately during the mission with the Athena I already noticed how frustrating it was to get my Vipers and Raptors out of the way for me to fire up the Battlestar's flak field, particularly when my Raptors were still hanging around to boost my firewalls. Case in point, the Cylon hacking so far is the most frustrating aspect of the game. Once in an early mission I had all three of my Manticores' fire solution systems hacked and them all disabled. I had to finish most of the enemies with my two Viper squadrons from the shipyard until I realized that I can fire again even without fully repairing the damaged systems.
  6. The other day in class during a group work I noticed one boy who got repeatedly on my nerves with his Andrew Tate fanboying quite aggressively fooling around with several girls in quick succession and they seemed to appreciate it. I couldn't help but inwardly groan... -.-
  7. Okay. This sounds kinda interesting. Well, I'll see whether the game keeps me entertained enough to get myself the DLCs. Right now I'm still at the beginning of the campaign playing Cylon whack-a-mole with Manticores and Adamants around Caprica and Picon. Am I correct in the assumption that I have to just... keep churning out ships and park them in separate fleets at important planets in order to be able to get enough free time to actually continue the story eventually? Also I'm cursing that Cylon Nemesis that spontaneously decided to go full on Kamikaze, taking out my freshly built Manticore in the mission where I had to destroy hacked satellites. Very, very annoying... I guess this means I need to focus fire better to prevent stuff like this.
  8. Would be a pretty a pretty optimistic take on things, huh? But unfortunately it seems mostly to be the case that the territory directly behind Avdiivka seems to be rather flat and sparsely settled with few defensible positions. So right now Ukraine is forced to fight a mobile retreat towards the next line of defense, which is rather messy. Meanwhile across the front Russia is pressing the ammunition advantage, apparently also aggressively deploying their aircraft to break Ukrainian positions. This weekend I saw a report on TV where they interviewed Ukrainian soldiers near Robotyne and I found it particularly odd they specifically stated the worst is the heavy air strikes they have to weather against, not the artillery or drones. Which makes the continued news of shot down aircraft not particularly surprising. In the end, I don't think this is some kind of elaborate trap, but instead Russia throwing everything and the kitchen sink at the Ukrainians to force them to spread their limited ammunition across the entire front line and make gains before the election.
  9. I must admit, I'm a bit startled about the contrast between this story, as well as your confused reaction to recounting stuff like this in a wistful manner and you finding someone admitting a sex worker past repelling before. I know, to each their own, but actively endangering others seems a tad more problematic to me. I hope this doesn't get across as too judgemental, but I'd say your thinking that you shouldn't mention stories of this time in a wistful tone to a person you would like a future with is the correct one. Because she could easily see that as similarly repelling like the other thing was to you. What with the possibility of you eventually getting a midlife crisis and starting to act more dangerously than another person would express it. What I'm getting at is not to hide it for the sake of hiding it, but rather to change your perspective on it for your own sake and hers... Granted, I say that as an incredibly boring person. After reading your post I pondered half the day about what the worst thing I ever did was. The only things I could come up with were things I messed up and didn't tell anyone out of fear or things where I acted like an extremely selfish asshole. For the latter, I remember when I was in second grade, I couldn't get the HM Surf in Pokemon Red. Somehow I mentioned my frustration to my mother and she suggested inviting someone who already beat that level... and so I did... in a very literal way, asking a classmate who at that point was still willing to be around me point blank whether he can help me and after he showed me the path in the safari zone, I placed him at my parents' computer to play a game of his while I was sitting at my gameboy behind him playing my game, essentially completely sidelining him. I'm still feeling extremely guilty about it. And notably, more than a decade later when I met him again by chance, he still only rolled his eyes at me and changed the road.
  10. Meanwhile my go-to approach to MMOs ist to avoid other players and play them like a single-player game. This exact stuff and its pressures is just too much for me. I actually turned down a random guild invitation in Elder Scrolls Online because I knew I will eventually get bored and flake. I was in a "fleet" in Star Trek Online, contributed to our Starbase, actually somehow won the competition for naming that Starbase, attended one meeting and one time helped with another guy some newbies out with leveling their characters but otherwise mostly just focused on doing the story. Of course I haven't logged in in years specifically because I want to avoid acknowledging the Discovery stuff they added and found the end of the Iconian War to be a quite fitting conclusion to the story. Meanwhile my gaming OCD continues. I still tried to play a bit of Settlers 4 here and there to relax (and to pat my back for making it run on Windows 11, somehow), but now got an odd itch for Battlestar Galactica. I ended up installing BSG Deadlock, whihc I owned for quite some time as part of a bundle, but never got around to playing it. I must admit, I thought the premise a bit daunting, but now that I played the first few missions, it reminds me quite a lot of the naval battles in Empire Total War, just with forced pauses. And that's a very favorable comparison. It is quite fun to stay on an Cylon's tail and within your firing arcs and hammer their weak points/making them eat nukes until they are down.
  11. The bastards have cut down another tree at a bus stop nearby. I was so aghast, I picked up another acorn. I guess I'm starting to grow a tree farm now... However so far I didn't have too much success with acorn yet, unfortunately. One of them died, the soil was unfortunately too wet. The other is still having a root, but growing slowly. I had A LOT more success with the maple seed I planted. It already turned into a fairly strong looking seedling.
  12. I wonder whether the important bit is that you did it 10 years ago. I already noticed a difference between three years ago and last year on the same sites. More functions put behind paywalls and three years ago I at least had three conversations, last year none at all. A sentiment I've been seeing online is that the apps have become, much, much worse. At least on the Match-group sites that dominate the market. Or of course then there's the attractiveness thing...
  13. Scrolling through Reddit, I'm not sure this is because it's the two years anniversary of the war, but the number of Ukrainian obituaries is particularly thick at the moment. It's a very subjective thing, I know, but for me this is always a good indicator for how good or bad things are. For example I did note it was this bleak last year before the American cluster munitions came and turned things around. So... I fear this is a signs for the ammunition shortage and Russia still pressing their attack.
  14. And yet I'm looking far too young for my age (I'm 30, but still to this day get regularly mistaken for underage), with a variety of things about my face that make me look ugly and misshapen, I have a job with an abysmal work-life-balance, can't compute any social situations and have a problematic home situation that would have a potential partner forced to essentially marry my mother. I'm well aware of these flaws, too aware I admit, but it's stuff like that that makes me say stuff like the above. I'm not a guy who could make any heart flutter. Yes, of course, that was my intention when I signed up on Meetup and tried to search for things I could be into. But it's so damn hard to go to some place, with all their existing groups and not bounce straight off. And now imagine me in real life being both considerably better (as I never voice any of this self-deprecation, as I avoid talking about anything personal at all) while at the same time infinitely worse, given my penchant to just... question people about their stuff and when they only give one-word replies, start to ramble and bore them. Or in case I succeed and they talk about stuff, they then voice their annoyance with me interrogating them, like I had experienced a few weeks ago during some training seminar. While at the same time shutting down and forcefully change topics when any personal topic comes up. I don't know... I guess a low social battery that already gets drained enough by my job. It also doesn't help that I usually have to work on the weekends as well with preparations and corrections and am always behind in bureaucratic duties these days. I just don't have much time in general. On weekdays I have to be up at 4:50 am, particularly now when there are so many strikes at the public transports, and am back at 4:30 pm at the earliest. Doesn't leave much room to do anything afterwards. Particularly when one is as prone to headaches and scratchy throats like I am constantly having these days. I suppose another thing is that this particular thing is supposed to be a "board game" meet-up, but in the comments one dude writes they play "Blood on the Clocktower" every week. Which, when I googled it, seems to be just Werewolf with character sheets. And I consider that a pretty steep thing to approach when I imagined to just... play some board games and have some conversation develop aside from it, not some elaborate social game where the point is for the group to single out and eliminate people. I tried Mindfulness, but am extremely bad at sticking to the exercises and keep forgetting them when I'm stressed.
  15. I feel like the algorithm has on purpose been trained to only show you people you are incompatible with. Can't become a paying customer if you find a good match and leave after all... So it's just good business... because otherwise I can't understand why it's such a bad experience for women as well. Looks like more "local" sites seem to be doing better in general. I have also heard stuff about Facebook Dating working surprisingly well. But as someone who managed to stay away from the cesspool that is Facebook and its lizard overlord... not keen on changing that. And while I may have sounded a bit grim and negative in my last replies here... and while it's true that I haven't succeeded yet in going to any of the Meetup thingies, I... must admit I am currently again at one of my "up" point where I actually don't feel the loneliness and don't have any urge to go out. Granted I'm also feeling extremely tired from work right now and don't have much motivation to do anything at all. Technically I also played with the thought of trying a board game meet-up tomorrow, but I'm not at all in the mood. Btw, I know I should focus on just trying to get friends first, but I can't help but notice when scrolling through meetups and their attendance lists that it's like 90-95% guys on there. Kinda reinforces my thought that there are no single women out there. Particularly in my age range. Anyone with low enough standards for a guy like me have found somebody to settle down with a decade ago.
  16. Well, good luck then! If it works, it works. If it doesn't, just be aware of how bleak it is. That's a really weird pitch. Sorry, but I pass.
  17. Mmh... I mean... depends how attractive you are. Are you extremely attractive and have very professional photos? Then you should be fine. Otherwise... well, it's a shit-show, just like you say. Bumble I am hearing (and experiencing) is dying fast. I did try it out three years ago and had... not much success, but at least got three matches in half a year with no date. Last year I got absolutely nothing. I even had more luck on Tinder, where I had two likes that unmatched immediately after I liked them back and one match where the woman replied with a daily one-word answer per day for nearly a week before she unmatched. I also tried Okcupid at the very beginning, hearing it has more unconventional people on there. Which is true. And it also allows you to connect much more freely, which I liked. Though still, the only conversation I had there was with a scammer from the Philippines. I am hearing quite a lot about Hinge everywhere. I did sign up on it very briefly, but felt very overwhelmed, I must admit and deleted my account after just a few hours. All in all I'd recommend just about everyone to just stay away from them for the sake of your sanity and instead try to find more connections in the real life. Congratz! Crossing fingers!
  18. So Tucker Carlson did an interview with a megalomaniac dictator intend on waging a genocidal war and radicalizing his people rambling about history. And that after his interview with Putin:
  19. I... kinda already am. At least in a monetary way. My party is working hard to combat this and the part about the torn down garden plots I got from that neighborhood walk with my party. Unfortunately the day also told me that it's... extremely daunting to network even with people from my own party. And thus I don't have any means to help. It also doesn't help that most of my knowledge and interests are in national politics and about the local politics I don't really know much about and frankly don't care about most of it.
  20. Sorry, not a dog person at all. Also I don't have the space, my mother hates dogs and given my time constraints, I'm already guilty enough about giving my cat as little attention as I do. Not to mention that I am extremely against talking with any of my neighbors here. The less they know who I am the better.
  21. Mmh... it could be because Great Britain joined the Iraq War, while France and Germany opposed the war. So using it as a stepping off point to disentangle the EU from the US could have isolated Great Britain. In addition to this, the danger presented was one of the US abusing its position to go on a pointless revenge spree, but Bush wasn't questioning the security guarantees of NATO. Much the opposite, given how necessary it was for him to invoke Article 5 against Afghanistan. Though at least politically it caused tensions and it took quite a lot of effort by Obama to smooth over relations afterwards. Meanwhile Trump is openly threatening allies and tearing up treaties out of ideology and pique.
  22. Yeah, it's really bad here in the town at the moment. There is a central festival grounds where they also cut down all the trees a few months ago for no reason whatsover. It's just a huge empty field with now a bunch of stumps at the edges. Meanwhile a "Kleingartensiedlung", a settlement of rented small garden plots people use in summer, was dissolved and the tenants ordered to cut down all the fruit trees they had there because that's the law (which somehow stands in conflict with another law banning private people from cutting down trees without a permit). And in the next town over they had pruned the trees surrounding the roads so badly during the winter that some of them died. I really have no clue what the city administration is thinking.
  23. I just realized I never gave an update on my dragon fruit cacti. Well: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/988019526346092544/1173590503372095608/20231113_124753.jpg I have a whole army of these now. Not sure when I'll dare to put the rest of them into separate pots... Of the three I repotted early on, one of them died. I had also planted four sweet chestnuts again, but again they looked really bad during winter. Fortunately two of them just got new leaves, but unfortunately the other two seem to have died. Mmh... in the meantime I ended up doing a stupid yesterday again. But... I hope this time will work. Last year I did dabble a bit more with non-fruit trees, mainly planting acorn, beechnut and maple seeds... except one tiny decrepit acorn none of them sprouted and the acorn died during winter. On my way to work they cut down a whole bunch of really old oak trees to add a lane to a road and saddened about it as I was, I noticed that the ground around the stump was covered with acorns, some of them having already germinated and desperately trying to take root. I grabbed two of them, as well as one maple seed that I found that had already taken successfully taken root and now planted them in the pots of my last attempt. I'm particularly crossing my fingers I can make the acorns grow... My date palm army is all fine, btw.
  24. I'm not sure whether I got this even from here or not, but I felt suddenly reminded of these really good videos on the background of the Ukraine invasion today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exJ024Zdzdk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ_ZRBLFOXw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVmmASrAL-Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OFyn_KSy80 I had once again a conversation with one of the MAGA AfD pro-Putin students who wanted to tell me that Putin attacked because Zelenskiyy is a nazi because Putin said so to Tucker Carlson and after spending the entire break going through an alt-right podcast he's always listening to and sifting through its "sources" and how they boiled down to DailyMail, conspiracy theorists on twitter and more obscure alt-right sites making unfunded claims, with him eventually catching himself admitting that he's only listening to them because they confirm what he already things and is too lazy to make his own research, I ended up just... sending him these links as well. Am curious whether it's a mistake or not, but the style is certainly entertaining enough.
  25. Well, Sernpidal's moon didn't fall on me, but I was dropped right into a firefight because I joined in the middle of an encounter and a Death Trooper quite nearly immediately one-shot me with a ludicrously unlucky double-crit. Didn't really get to roleplay much because of that because it was just three hours of throwing dice before they had cleared a ship full of Imperials. Will be interesting to see where this goes, because the situation ended up quite bleak with everyone severely wounded, the ship shut down and all I attempts to gain control of its systems failing, with their own ship severely damaged and a Star Destroyer on their tails. That's what you get for taking on missions from the Rebel Alliance...
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