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  1. Everything that was truly important about this episode in terms of the book narrative was done wrong bar Stannis for a change. Clearly show-watchers that can't remember that Lysa is Catelyn's sister are now the priority. Fine.
  2. I adored the entire episode on the first viewing up until it became clear that Stannis would not be making an appearance, thus cramming up the finale and also slightly diminishing the impact of his arrival altogether. Although that might turn out to not be the case. However on the second viewing, this is a truly fantastic episode. I can wax lyrical about the direction, the choreography, the editing and all the incredible effects to no end. i also remember being constantly in suspense from the first time we saw Joe Gatt's owl. Although that might have been down to some lingering PTSD from last week. But it was the character moments that really stuck out for me. Sam guiding Pyp and Olly through the battle and death in the case of the former, whilst Janos Slynt cowered in that room where Sam downright refused to stay. Love is the death of duty. I can't say enough about Grenn. You constantly see interviews with cast members being asked how they would like to die on the show. "The way Grenn died" is probably the correct answer now. A heroic, blaze of glory death for the greater good is not something we've seen a lot of on this show. Then there's Jon and Ygritte. A little cheesy perhaps. But the infrequency of this sort of thing on this show make it feel somehow more real and incredibly emotional. I've always been a huge fan of Rose but this has been Kit's season in terms of acting and he absolutely nailed it again here and throughout the remainder of the episode. Even feckin Tormund! You can hear the self-loathing and blame in his voice when he calls out at Jon. Amidst all of it though, the character that I've grown to like the most is Ser Alliser. We talk about how Jorah, Tywin, Bronn etc are all improvements on their book counterparts. With Ser Alliser, the TV version is so far ahead it's unreal. Without going into too much detail, he encapsulates this 'grey' aspect as much as any character on the show or book. My own favourite character, Theon, included. So much props to Owen Teale. Anyway I still just wish we had Stannis arriving to round it off and probably confirm it in my own mind as the best episode in the show's history. I hope they have something special up their sleeve for next week.
  3. The extra ten minutes at the end doesn't mean shit when the last three episodes have all been under 52 minutes.
  4. Enjoyed the episode but can't help feel like it missed something out...
  5. 8/10 There was so much to be positive about in this episode; things from the books I had no idea would make it to the show and to say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. Why they felt the need to change one of the series most iconic lines is beyond me. I know there's a lot of names to remember but if unsullied can't remember who Catelyn Stark is by name then they should probably not be watching. Aside from that, awesome episode. Ranks at the 3rd best of the season so far for me, behind last weeks and episode 2. Spoiler It's gonna be absolute mayhem from here until the end.
  6. People are making far too much of the Asha sequence. It was poorly handled in the sense that she gave up so easily. The speech beforehand was fantastic. I get why she left Theon, but why the hell not at least kill Ramsay as retribution? Obviously that would have screwed everything up plot-wise, but surely there was a better way to establish why she couldn't. That said, people writing off the whole plot-line prematurely is pretty frustrating to see. The ironborn plot is advanced ever so slightly now that they know the extent of what's happened to Theon and just how much of a lost cause he is - opening up the plot for the introduction of future characters that some fear might not make the show. What's more frustrating is that people are letting this, the lack of a Kevan namedrop ruin one of the most dramatic and well-written episodes of the entire show. We finally see the moral ambiguity the show is renowned for find its way into Dany's storyline. Alfie and Iwan were magnificent as always. Not to mention what is probably the best Tyrion scene thus far. There are no words to describe how excellent everything about the last fifteen minutes or so of this episode are.
  7. Was getting ready to give it a 10 but gave it an 8. Absolutely loved it - bar one major gripe. Kings Landing was perfect this week. Could have done without Varys and Shae Really enjoyed Asha's scene. Did NOT expect to see Patrick Malahide back at all. Bran and Sam had some of the best scenes. Jon and Ygritte was a little cheesy, but Rose Leslie once again killed it. If it wasn't for NCW, she'd be far and away MVP for the season. Ramsay has his own way of doing things. Been waiting for that moment for a year. Gotta say though, Davos absolutely stole the show this week. Wasn't thrilled by the ending scene, or rather what was not the ending scene. Not sure if LS will happen at all.
  8. Had a chance to settle down a bit. Still genuinely can't remember much else about the episode at all. I don't even care that they cut out the 'Ned loves my hair,' line. As GRRM has said about the show before, the spirit was very much the same.
  9. Wasn't an amazing episode, especially in comparison to the previous two. But still very decent. Ramsay and the shot with Ros at the end made it for me. And that shot atop the wall at the end. Arguably the most beautiful shot of the entire series. 8/10
  10. Gave it a 9 but on second viewing it probably should have been a 10 Best Dany scene of the entire series - easily. I loved everything about it - the Valyrian, 'Dracarys' and especially the look between Barristan and Jorah when the unsullied are banging their spears. Just perfect TV and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. There he is - Good to see our first real glimpse of Ramsay. I can't imagine many will still feel he is too 'cute' for the role. Dem eyes. Heavy KL episode, and almost all of it was excellent. I'm not thrilled about Pod being turned into a sex god but I'm hardly going to lose sleep over it. The mutiny :( The guy that plays Craster has gotta be one of the most underrated actors on the show. Definitely in the love to hate category. I seriously hope Rast gets ripped the shreds by a white walker or something. Horrible little p***k. Other little things, Nice introduction to Beric. Impossible not to feel for Jaime now. NCW continues to be the standout actor of this season so far. The sorcerer was a nice touch. LOL at Joffrey's line about the dragon eating someone. Locke is one f****d up dude. Side note. There is barely any nudity this season. Weird.
  11. Absolutely loved it. This season keeps getting better 10/10. Noah Taylor is absolutely killing it. Nikolaj Coster Waldau is right up there with Charles Dance and Alfie Allen in terms of acting ability. The Hot Pie scene was so sad. Reminded the viewers of just how young Arya really is. Dany, Robb, the Tullys and the King's Landing stuff was all brilliant as well. I thought the Pod thing was a little bit odd, but he'll be an important character later on so fair play to them. And as a few posters have said, the way this seasons about to go, a little bit of comic relief now won't go amiss. I'm really looking forward to seeing what goes down at Craster's next week. The tension in that scene was incredible. Still not really sure what the deal is with Mance. Is that him done for the season now? My favorite part of the whole episode though - "You little bastard." I wasn't a fan of the song at all, at least not the placement of it. Really killed the tension after what is now one of my favorite scenes of the whole series.
  12. I actually cringed the whole scene. Maybe I'm just more squeemish :mellow: I think they will really kick up the creepy factor when Ramsay is revealed for who he really is. Flaying and shit yo
  13. I think it's just a case of wait and see and it will all make sense. Not that Ramsay is a very logical man. Theon is as confused as anyone right now, the viewer is truly in his shoes.
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