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    How would you rate episode 309?

    That Bran scene was about time! I've been waiting all season for my favorite subplot of the series to get going! I'm also still waiting for Coldhands, but I hope I'll see him next time. The Daenerys scenes were kind of meh to disapointing. Was hoping to see Barristan kick some ass, but got Grey Worm instead. It still made sense though and was ok to watch so meh. Anyways, now towards the wedding. It did not live up to what I imagined while reading, especially the part where Catlyn claws at her own face. Also Talisas death makes some events in ADWD impossible to adapt to the series and it also means tha Robb has no heir. But despite those small complaints I liked the Red Wedding, especially the Sandor and Arya part. Best scene: Bran's warging and his farewell to Osha and Rickon Worst scene: impatient Daenerys All in all: 9 out of 10 and my personal favorite episode this season