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  1. On 2/5/2016 at 11:11 AM, becca69 said:

    I think he definitely started that set too high and the slipcases look a bit worn on Storm and Feast plus the slight damage to the book.

    personally, based on what ive seen on this board and elsewhere in the market 10k seems high especially without the MM editions to go with it. Even then, 10k still seems a stretch to me. 

    *edit - i dont mean that as a form of complaint/jealously/ etc...only an opinion! As a "full set" owner, it makes me happy.

  2. Considering it'll likely be at least 4-5 years before the series is finished (hoping for an 8th book so...just too much Westeros goodness to cram into 2 1500 page books :D ), I'm not sweating it.

    Seems like Bill over at SP has been very busy lately with some recent publications so for me, I'll get it when I get it (AGoT / ACoK).

    For me, I want the World of Ice and Fire coffee table book ASAP. October too long of a wait...content myself with a 3rd read through the books and more time here and Tower of the Hand.

  3. yeah, that guy is whacked out in his optimism...but maybe someone will pay it?!

    Mmmm, the solo MM AGoT reached a "sane price" high of $2000 IIRC. I don't know what the high is...that might be me. I paid $2500 to complete a set which I acquired from these boards for a reasonable price. I further off set my cost (not an investment, I actually read the books ....<<aghast looks everywehre>>) by selling my other ADWD and future rights for ~$500 profit.

    Becca has good points relative to valuation...if you plan to sell on your set, better to keep in pristine condition

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