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  1. Gave it a 6/10. It was basically a solid episode, and considering the writers and directors involved that surprised me the most. That said, Alex Graves seriously doesn't know what he's doing. The cinematography in the Mance/Jon scene just didn't work and felt amateurish. I get what he was trying to do, but he took it way too far. This episode SHOULD have been an easy 8/10, but they missed a lot of the cool moments from the books.I understand this is an adaptation and things have to change, but the fact of the matter is that the show is better when they stick closer to the books and not when they have a pissing contest with GRRM.
  2. Benioff and Weiss are hacks, they have no idea about the motivations for these characters. Alex Graves is a hack, he directed every bad episode this season. Benioff and Weiss were the writers tonight, Graves was the director, and this episode was awful. 1/10 They absolutely do not understand the characters, at all. Especially Littelfinger and Roose Bolton. Also, Arya Stark walks up to the Gate of the Moon and announces herself...and they don't detain her in any way? Stupid scene that doesn't make sense in their own universe. They just absolutely don't know what they're doing.
  3. Didn't like it. The show has devolved from adaptation to poorly written fan-fiction. 3/10. Highlights: Other scene was real lame. Like really really lame. Worst thing in the entire series so far. The Craster's Keep crew was hilariously one-dimensional. Bran getting captured...yawn. How/why did they capture Ghost, and why didn't they kill him? Margery...ugh...I immediately tune out when she's on screen. Just boring. Jon Snow scene wasn't bad until the cliche slow stand. Uh...the hell is Roose Bolton's toady doing there? Okay, to kill Jon Snow, but...why join the Night's Watch? Take like 2-300 men to the wall and demand his head! Lame as hell, and lazy writing. Jamie and Cersei acting like nothing happened after the rape (might not have been meant that way, but the scene was shot that way). Grey Worm and Missandei Romance -- English teaching bs. Lame. The guy is eunuch from early childhood, what exactly is the appeal of a woman? Some things I liked: Jon Snow's scenes until the cliche standing crap. Direwolves are back on screen, though pretty damn useless as ever. Still, nice to see them. Danearys' scene was passable, but a little too quick, but we're going to see that she's a pretty awful ruler from now, I hope. The Littlefinger scene was meh. I don't believe he had Jeoffrey killed and only said it to screw with Sansa. If true it only further makes his character into the one-dimensional "Dick Dastardly" mustache twirler the show-runners envision him as.
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