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  1. Brilliant episode, it's unfortunately predictable to see how many people have given it a 1. Really? I didn't like LOTRs but I'd never give it anything below a 5 just out of respect of the storytelling, the acting, the directing etc. I wouldn't be giving it a 1 just because I didn't like it. Really petty. Luckily the reviews throughout the net are showing a saner reaction, looks like it's gone down brilliantly. Poor Shireen :( Can't wait to see Davos' reaction. And Dorne, myeah, let's just put a discrete veil over that one.
  2. 10/10. Absolutely brilliant. Not a single dull moment.
  3. Overall I liked it, and while I've been trying not to pass judgment on Dorne too quickly, I have to say it was just.... Disappointing. Also what's with the rolling green fields of Dorne? :dunno: The Sand Snakes were just over-hyped and did not deliver at all. It basically played out like "For Oberyn!" *two minutes later* "Drop your weapons!".... "Dang it!". It was just all a bit naff. Also it puts show Oberyn's teaching skills up for debate.... King's Landing scenes were fine, probably more interesting than they've been in quite a few episodes. Was happy to see Olenna back again. Jorah & Tyrion on the road, as expected, was really good. Love those two together. Everything at Winterfell, basically what I expected. Drawn out and unpleasant. I ended up rating it a 7, which was me being generous because I'm hoping things will still pick up.
  4. Really enjoyed the episode. Glad they didn't go with the predictable 'Stannis' ending. I really thought they would have, was pleasantly surprised. They're setting up for a big finale. I didn't expect to like this episode more than Blackwater.... I didn't, but in saying that, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I wasn't very keen on the wall-to-wall action they've been promising for ages. I liked the quieter moments of Blackwater mixed with the action, but this had it's quiet moments too. Naturally the Jon/Ygritte scene was brilliantly done. I was worried it would be overdone, it wasn't, and not rushed either.
  5. Wasn't it kinda confirmed CH wouldn't be making an appearance? I can't remember where I read it, to be honest, was an interview, but I kinda assumed he just wasn't going to be in the series. Would be nice to be proven otherwise though lol
  6. Wasn't necessary, it was horrible enough, and I think it would only have been necessary if they hadn't added the bleeding eyes/ nose etc. Not everything in the books needs to go on the screen
  7. It's only obvious it was Olenna if you're looking for it. Most of the Unsullied comments I've seen are thinking Tywin, Oberyn, Varys, some actually thinking it WAS Tyrion (pfft) and even Cersei! That last one is just bonkers...
  8. This. We know what Sansa is like, she would easily fall for something like this, being given a token etc. Besides, even if she didn't wear it, I'm certain there was a Plan B as well as C and D.
  9. The dragon image isn't meant to be a literal event. It either means a dragon arriving at King's Landing aka Dany (not ON a dragon, but the idea of her, a dragon, arriving at King's Landing.... Or about her reign in King's Landing? Have to point out it appeared to be 'summery'). Or, it could be in relation to The Three Eyed Crow and his heritage.
  10. I think the dragon either pointed to Dany (future) or 3EC (past/ also future but heritage point).... I don't think it was meant to represent a literal dragon, but instead the Targaryen bloodline
  11. It gets an automatic 10 just for GOT finally being back on the screen, but overall I'd say a healthy 8. Great way to start the season and get us warmed up again
  12. 10 from me. Brilliant episode, and a nice set up for next season. Can't believe we're at this stage again!......... Let the wait begin!
  13. I thought it was brilliantly done. From the moment Cat saw the doors being shut to the end, I had tears running down my face. That never even happened when Ned was beheaded. I thought it was brilliantly adapted. Well done D&D.
  14. I thought it was an excellent episode with tons of nice foreshadowing.
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