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  1. Ingelheim

    Blue Flame of Viserion.

    You guys are really thinking too much about it. It's blue because it looks cooler and because blue is the color of the WW's magic. Nothing more. Of course it's not cold. How could it be?
  2. Ingelheim

    The Dragon Pit

    Because that's the way the Romans built Italica, that's the actual size of it. The Dragonpit is not CGI, only the walls, and they have to be make according to the real size of it..
  3. LOL, what do you mean with "real life morals and genetics"?????????? Half of the Targaryens are completely nuts, because of the inbreeding. Hell, even Joffrey was nuts. It's not like Martin has suddenly decided that incest does not cause genetic malformations in Westeros. It's all over ASOIAF, and he's been pretty open about what incest does to people. His interviews are out there too. House Targaryen was full of members with deformities caused by the inbreeding, both phisically and mentally. And those generations you mention have already happened. Dany is born of brother-sister incest, and she would be having a child with her niece. More than enough for their son to have some serious problems.
  4. They haven't been exactly subtle about Daenerys being able to have children or not. She will get pregnant, and it wil be Jon's, I'm sure of it. I don't know if that's good though. Incest never leads to anything good. As a Spaniard myself, we know this pretty well. The Spanish Habsburg dynasty became extinct because of it.
  5. Ingelheim

    Blue Flame of Viserion.

    It's blue because it looks cool and blue is the color of the WW. Nothing more.
  6. Ingelheim

    Night King appreciation thread

    The actor who plays the NK is the same one that appears in Bran's vision of the COTF creating the Others. So, we must assume the NK is simply the first White Walker, and the most powerful of all. He probably used the same ritual the COTF used with him to create the rest of the WW. That, or he turned them like he turned Craster's son. Actually pointless to discuss it. Either way, he created some more and uses them as his lieutenants. I doubt we'll know much more about him. His powers though are what interest me. It seems the COTF actually wanted to use Wights against humans, turning men against men. Who the NK was before being the NK is actually an interesting question, but one I don't think we'll ever know (Show-wise). I like to think he was some kind of proto-Andal warlord captured. He was blond and had blue eyes, IIRC.
  7. Ingelheim

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Fair is fair then. I consider Jon did not desert the NW because Ramsay actually threatened the NW and Shireen, Val and Selyse, who were all guests under Jon's protection. He had a legitimate reason to fight him. Of course, these legal matters are quite debatable, even more considering the medieval world Westeros is.
  8. Sure, but Sansa could always say (and it's actually true) that she was scared, a little girl, and trying her best to save her life after months of beatings and humilliations and that LF manipulated her. It's not like she was an adult that actively participated in the murder. LF knew this. It would have been an extremly weak defense on his part, and it would have precipitated his death. LF was dead way before he walked into that hall. If you actually notice, the only Lord in that room was Royce. The rest were Stark soldiers and Arya and the Maester. Sansa wanted to show Royce she had a legitimate reason to execute him. Once LF admitted to Lysa's murder, he was done.
  9. Ingelheim

    What did Ned know?

    Lyanna tells Ned her son is named Aegon Targaryen, and not Aegon Sand. So Ned must have known they married. In fact, it makes the most sense, because a Targaryen bastard would never be a dangerous to Robert as a legitimate one, and Ned took it upon himself to protect Jon at all costs.
  10. Because till the very last moment, LF was trying to make Sansa forgive him. I've said it in another post, but to me, LF was simply outplayed by Sansa. She mentioned the murder of Lysa Arryn and Jon Arryn first because Lord Royce was already there, and we know he was a truly loyal servant of the Arryns. If he had accused Sansa of anything, LF would have lost all chance of surviving. The problem is, LF believed that chance actually existed, when it did not: he was already a corpse, he simply did not know it yet. He tried to win back Sansa's trust till the very end, and only after he asks her for a fair defense and realizes Sansa has already made her decision, he starts to get what's actually going on, and asks Lord Royce for protection. LF was outplayed, nothing more. It was a battle he would have never won, no matter how good or persuasive had his defense been. What happened in that hall was not a trial, it was an execution. LF's fate was sealed way before anyone walkied into that room. By the way, LF's demise had everything to do with the fact that, creepy or not, he was actually "in love" with Sansa. A twisted, abusing and creepy way of loving, but love anyway. He did not want to kill her, or blame her. He wanted to marry her.
  11. Ingelheim

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Lol, people are still debating why Jon left the Night's Watch at this point? You are going to be really fucking angry when Martin releases Winds then.
  12. I've said many times on this forum that I fully recognize the fact that, storytelling wise, GOT has become less and less with every Season. But I've also said countless times that the amount of hate and criticism the Show gets around here is completely unfair. The writing has become weaker, sure, but never on the levels you people talk about. You say Ramsay would never let go his prized captive. And I ask...why? Since when Ramsay fucking Bolton is someone who acts with calm and logic? Killing Rickon works masterfully well for the Boltons, by the way. You kill the last true male Stark (that he knows of), make Jon lose his mind, demoralize the enemy army, etc. It works for me. Rickon could have run in zig zag? Sure, but that does not mean, in any way, that Ramsay wouldn't have shot him. Also...since when, under pressure, people act logiclly and rationally? He's a 12 year old boy in the middle of two massive armies who's trying to get to his brother as fast as he can, and behind him there's a fucking psycho shooting arrows at him. I understand your concerns with him running straight, but that's bad writing? No. Not a chance. And charging into an entire army is exactly what someone with suicide instincts like Jon would do. And sorry, but since he was killed, Jon is suicidal. He does not want to live, at least not the way he did before. 7x06 made this pretty clear for me as well. He was willing to go against the NK and all the WW, and he did not only because the NK was going to kill Drogon and the gang, not because he was afraid or something. He cares about the life of others, not his own. One of the biggest (if not the biggest) problems I have with your criticisms (and I'm not talking specifically about you, but people of this forum in general) is the fact that, for some reason, you all believe people always act rationally. And that's not true, plain and simple. And sure, the dialogues are nowhere near TD. Probably the weakest part of GOT. Still, way above the average. And I haven't watched a single Show with dialogues near the ones TD Season 1 had. That's why it was so unique.
  13. Ingelheim

    Who will get a Happily Ever After

    I bet my ass both Pod and Bronn will survive. I even bet Bronn will get that castle he ever wanted.
  14. On the Show, yes. LF sent the assasin. On the Books, it was Joffrey. By the way, Joffrey doing it always seemed a bit too...far fetched IMO. I actually prefer this explanation.
  15. Hahaha sure dude, I guess we are all dumb and dumber, you must be the only one clever around here.