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  1. War against the Lannisters; he may even try to kill Joffrey Oh, and he would legitimaze Edric Storm. 100% sure of that.
  2. Ingelheim

    Night King appreciation thread

    The actor who plays the NK is the same one that appears in Bran's vision of the COTF creating the Others. So, we must assume the NK is simply the first White Walker, and the most powerful of all. He probably used the same ritual the COTF used with him to create the rest of the WW. That, or he turned them like he turned Craster's son. Actually pointless to discuss it. Either way, he created some more and uses them as his lieutenants. I doubt we'll know much more about him. His powers though are what interest me. It seems the COTF actually wanted to use Wights against humans, turning men against men. Who the NK was before being the NK is actually an interesting question, but one I don't think we'll ever know (Show-wise). I like to think he was some kind of proto-Andal warlord captured. He was blond and had blue eyes, IIRC.
  3. Ingelheim

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Fair is fair then. I consider Jon did not desert the NW because Ramsay actually threatened the NW and Shireen, Val and Selyse, who were all guests under Jon's protection. He had a legitimate reason to fight him. Of course, these legal matters are quite debatable, even more considering the medieval world Westeros is.
  4. Ingelheim

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Lol, people are still debating why Jon left the Night's Watch at this point? You are going to be really fucking angry when Martin releases Winds then.
  5. I've said many times on this forum that I fully recognize the fact that, storytelling wise, GOT has become less and less with every Season. But I've also said countless times that the amount of hate and criticism the Show gets around here is completely unfair. The writing has become weaker, sure, but never on the levels you people talk about. You say Ramsay would never let go his prized captive. And I ask...why? Since when Ramsay fucking Bolton is someone who acts with calm and logic? Killing Rickon works masterfully well for the Boltons, by the way. You kill the last true male Stark (that he knows of), make Jon lose his mind, demoralize the enemy army, etc. It works for me. Rickon could have run in zig zag? Sure, but that does not mean, in any way, that Ramsay wouldn't have shot him. Also...since when, under pressure, people act logiclly and rationally? He's a 12 year old boy in the middle of two massive armies who's trying to get to his brother as fast as he can, and behind him there's a fucking psycho shooting arrows at him. I understand your concerns with him running straight, but that's bad writing? No. Not a chance. And charging into an entire army is exactly what someone with suicide instincts like Jon would do. And sorry, but since he was killed, Jon is suicidal. He does not want to live, at least not the way he did before. 7x06 made this pretty clear for me as well. He was willing to go against the NK and all the WW, and he did not only because the NK was going to kill Drogon and the gang, not because he was afraid or something. He cares about the life of others, not his own. One of the biggest (if not the biggest) problems I have with your criticisms (and I'm not talking specifically about you, but people of this forum in general) is the fact that, for some reason, you all believe people always act rationally. And that's not true, plain and simple. And sure, the dialogues are nowhere near TD. Probably the weakest part of GOT. Still, way above the average. And I haven't watched a single Show with dialogues near the ones TD Season 1 had. That's why it was so unique.
  6. Hahaha sure dude, I guess we are all dumb and dumber, you must be the only one clever around here.
  7. Of course storytelling can affect an audience, it should actually. That is exactly what's special about GOT: even when the quality of the storytelling has dropped with each season (something I admit, and I'm a huge fan of the Show), the audience has grown larger with each year. And not only larger. This Season's finale had almost twice the audience Season 6 finale had, and GOT was already the biggest Show on TV by Season 5. GOT is unique: it's a cultural phenomenon like no other. Its demographics also are crazy: everyone, no matter the age, the social class, race, sex, etc watches it.
  8. Ingelheim

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Sure, I'm not saying otherwise, but Daenerys should be different than Tywin or Stannis at this point: she's seen to much, she's been through a lot...she should know Northeners will never ccept a Southern ruler unless some alliances are made. This is why I believe Jon will ask her for marriage.
  9. Ingelheim

    Can we talk about Jon?

    This. Jon is doing what Mance Rayder did not: setting his honor aside for the greater good. Jon knows he's been chosen as the King by his bannermen, and his honor demands he holds that vow, but the greater good forces him to bend the knee to Daenerys. The one that's acting like a prick here is Dany. She's been too proud for my taste, and she should realize the North is different than the rest
  10. Agreed. Fukunaga did one hell of a job with TD. But what Sapochnik did for Hardhome, Battle of the Bastards or Winds of Winter cannnot be set aside: he's the best directo GOT's ever had, and I wish he had directed at least one episode this Season.
  11. Ingelheim

    Night King appreciation thread

    Show NK is amazing. He looked more badass in Season 5 though, when there was a different actor portraying him, but he's badass anyway haha. I loved the fact that he looks always so calm, like he's been waiting for his revenge for 8000 years and no one is going to fuck that up. He seems like a cool dude hahaha.
  12. Watch them, I assure you you will see what I mean. The tracking shot of True Detective is my favorite ever by the way, but well, Season 1 of True Detective might be my favorite piece of cinema. This is the tracking shot I was talking about, from 3:02 to 4:02 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsFeIVJfKsA
  13. Ingelheim

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    IMO, he'll kill Euron and save Yara. He may die as well. That's his ultimate fate.
  14. CGI? I'm not talking about CGI...GOT is universally praised for its technical perfection, in fact is one of the few things even the most hardcore haters admit. Sound design, camera work, photography...GOT excels in every one of these categories. I also disagree with your statement about the CGI, by the way. I know many movies that have worse CGI than GOT, the Hobbit trilogy being an example of it. Drogon is 184728392 times better done than Smaug. An example? You have plenty. Watch Hardhome again, or the Battle of the Bastards (there's one tracking shot in there that's just pure gold) to watch outstanding camera work, CGI, photography, etc. Montage? Watch the first 15 minutes of Winds of Winter. Sound design? Dead Viserion screaming last episode. And I could go on and on about it. I'm just talking about recent episodes and giving a few examples, there are actually hundreds of it.. Even back in Season 1 and 2 GOT was extraordinary in those aspects, Blackwater was unique and even more considering it was released in 2012. I wasn't joking about GOT being taught in film schools. It's already being done, at least here in Spain where I'm from, and I can assure you that.
  15. Mmmmm okay dude haha, I guess you must have missed quite a few episodes then.