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  1. Interesting. Well Joffrey's already shrouded in the dead way. I fully expect those two remaining inbred abominations to follow suit. :stillsick:
  2. But isn't she supposed to see her children shrouded before she dies? can't be her kids then right?
  3. Pretty much all Cat's fault.

  4. Perhaps word of Ramsay's marriage to "Arya" will have reached the Brotherhood before Brienne returns with Jamie in tow. That would necessitate a change in plans for Lady Stoneheart possibly.
  5. Ramsay wrote the goddamn letter!

  6. Taking arms against a sea of troubles.

  7. The god of tits and wine.

  8. "An old man with a horse." I'm re-reading SOS now and this was from when the wildlings wanted Jon Snow to kill the lone old man with a horse who'd made a fire. Could this be a referrence to the old Chinese story of an old man and his horse? Basically through the little story the people keep telling the old man he's cursed, he's lucky, he's cursed depending on these things that are happening to him, his horse or by his horse. The old man always replies to them that they are wrong and they can't possibly know the meaning behind things because they're only seeing a fragment of the truth. "All we can see is a fragment. Who can say what will come next?” "How do you know if this is a blessing or not? You see only a fragment. Unless you know the whole story, how can you judge? You read only one page of a book. Can you judge the whole book? You read only one word of one phrase. Can you understand the entire phrase?" So maybe it's a comment on speculation. Or maybe it's about temptation. In the story the old man's horse is envied by all and everyone wants it, even the king. There has never been such a strong and beautiful horse. And though extremely poor the old man says it's not just a horse to him, it's a person and how could you sell a person? The wildlings want Jon to kill him to prove himself to them, even Ygritte wants him to and eventually does it herself. But Jon didn't buckle under the pressure, he wasn't tempted by peer pressure to do the easy thing. It was wrong and he refused. The weird thing is the old man never says a word. He just stares at Jon the whole time, never begs or pleads and never even cries out or makes a noise when Ygritte slits his throat. It's like he's just there to observe Jon's moral decision. Immediately after Ygritte kills him a giant bolt of lightening hits the tower and Summer appears and rips out Styr's throat and savages the wildlings allowing Jon to escape on the old man's horse. Maybe it's nothing related or maybe it's already been gone over on here before but GRRM is just blowing my mind and I'm bored at work.
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