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  1. I just realised after 17 episodes of showing Winterfell in the opening credits we finally get a glimpse of it again.
  2. Very good episode in places. Terrible in orders. Moat Cailin was brilliant but the flaying part was rushed. I'm guessing they didn't want to have another shock part in the episode. Legitimising Ramsey was great. I love how calm Roose is. Next season is going to be amazing. Mole's Town was very good and the conversation between all the Night's Watch brothers was the best they've ever done. How are there only 102 men? I thought few episodes ago there were 500? Somebody messed up there. The Grey Worm/Messandai story was pointless and utter crap. Trying to add terrible filler to Dany's story is only going to make the Meerenese Knot even more unbearable and boring. Jorah being exiled was done very well. The beetle story started off great but had a god awful conclusion. Maybe in the future George will be the moron and the books will be the beetles if he doesn't hurry up and get them out in time. The trial by combat was amazing. I loved how Oberyn just lost it and got angrier and angrier. The final scene was very rough to watch. Eyes, teeth and brains….YUCK!!!!
  3. 9/10 Oberyn and Tyrion was incredible. Best scene they've ever done in the show. You could really feel the emotion. Hot Pie and the inn was really good Arya and The Hound was great. Little disappointed with killing Rorge and Biter since they play quite a big part in AFFC but with the Bloody Mummers not in it they can be killed. Selyse and Mel was good. A little to cryptic but at least they don't say where it is they are going. The Dany scene was good. A little to evil though. Dany's not supposed to be "Blood and Fire" yet and I don't remember her diving into bed with Daario so easily. Dany and Jorah was great. All in all a great episode. I haven't watched the last 10 minutes though.
  4. Loved it even if the Dreadfort bit was a bit silly and Dany's scene was so boring. The trial was amazing. Maybe the best thing they've ever done in the show. Peter Dinklage was incredible.
  5. 6/10 Crasters was awesome but it was ultimately pointless. Locke dying was a waste. The fight between Karl and Jon was awesome. They have portrayed Jon very badly so this was a sorely needed scene. Lena Heady was amazing this episode. The stuff with Jojen was weird. They should really introduce Coldhands if they want supernatural scenes that look like they are from LOTR. The Dany scene was alright. Not sure why they have her a Navy when thats the point of the Ironborn. Also randomly adding in now that she left a council in charge of Astapor is terrible writing. They really need someone in charge to peace everything together instead abruptly making new plots.
  6. 9/10 Amazing episode. Better than anything from S3 and on par with episode 1 this season. The writing is horribly up and down this season but 2/4 good episodes ain't bad! Pros - The Others - Dany being portrayed properly and them not shying away from the brutal punishment - Broon - Pod going with Brienne - Jon really coming into his role - Locke - Queen of Thorns Cons - The Others(Hurry up George RR martin!!!) - Sack of Astapor was way to quick. A few little bits of dialogue would have done a lot. - Craster's Keep Mess. Not sure what they are planning here but good they slowing Bran's story down I guess
  7. Just watched the episode again. The Stannis/Davos, Wildlings and Castle Black scenes were my favourite this episode which is strange since they were the things they did terribly last season.
  8. Yep and thats one of my fav plots from the book. Its just falling apart on the big screen.
  9. I really expected more from the Jamie/Tyrion scene. I've been looking forward to their interaction for a year but Jaimie just sat back and said barely anything. Hopefully we get another few interactions before the "moon boy" interaction.
  10. Stannis was amazing in season 2. I don't know why people didn't like his portrayal then but it was very true to his book character pre-Blackwater. Ruthless, determined, will do anything to achieve his goals and number 1 listens to Davos. Season 3 just made a mockery of his redemption and development. Its the fact they went out of their way to make him look bad. "I told him to burn his idols" That might be the worse piece of dialogue I've heard in this show. They could have put in anything from trying to make peace with the Lannisters to stealing food from storage. Anything would have been a better reason than he didn't convert because I told him to. Thats not the Stannis from the books we all know.
  11. Its not the destination its the journey. They are portraying him terribly and if the majority of Stan fans are appalled at his character then D & D are massively f**king up his story. There are hundreds of posts explaining in detail why so do a little research.
  12. 5/10. I gave last weeks 10/10. This episode was massively underwhelming especially since last weeks premiere was incredible.Most of this episode was written by George which is really strange. Cons: Joffery's death was dragged out way to long. They made it to obvious and forced. A lot of the conversations were really bad aswell like Oberyn openly insulting Tywin and Cersei. Stannis burning someone who refused to convert :bang: He is supposed to be an atheist!!!! Using Mel and her religion ultimately for his own gain. This is what really brought the episode down for me. Pros: "Your bother tells me you shit gold just like your father" Ramsey and Roose. So much tension. Locke and Ramsey being buddies was a great addition. Reek Bran's vision. Graphics were a little bad but still very good. No cold hands though:( Wedding looked amazing No Dany which is a nice change. Not a dany hater but sick of her being showcased as the main character. War of the 5 kings
  13. Thenn out of 10 from me Just amazing. I jumped up out of my seat when the Hound started fighting. Oberyn was amazing. They have never introduced a character so well. The brothel fight scene was brilliant. The actor has really captured his confidence and recklessness. New Daario is more believable than the last one but he seems a bit plain. Absolutely hate his book character so maybe D & D will make him better. The Thenns were awesome. I can't wait to see them attack Castle Black. Janos Slynt could have done with an introduction for show only viewers. They showed Ser Dontos in the trailer so it was strange not to see Janos being sent to the wall by Tyrion. Its also great to see them saying the war is not over while Stannis lives and that they are still talking about the siege. Last season there was barely any mention of the Battle of Blackwater. From what I remember it was only ever mentioned by Roose Bolton.
  14. I wonder if it will be the Battle at the Wall or the Battle of Mereen.
  15. So the opening scene of the season was very disappointing since they completely skipped the battle of the fist and now the closing scene where Dany goes crowd surfing was terrible. Nowhere near as good as Season 1 or 2 and I think its down to all the unnecessary changes they keep making.
  16. 6/10 Good episode but the ending was atrocious. Is it just me or is the acting really bad at times this season as if they were rushing to film it and in the end just slammed loads of edits together. Mel was jumping around the room making weird facial expressions that were completely out of characters. Jon put on a really weird voice at the end. Stannis seems to muddle up his lines during his epic speech.
  17. I thought Roose was about to hand Catelyn Ramsey's gift. It would have the perfect moment to reveal Theon and get people thinking what really happened at Winterfell......then bang! a crossbow bolt hits Robb.
  18. Did anyone else thing Roose was about to give Cat a gift when she was looking at his hand. That would have been epic and brought the whole scene to a new level.
  19. I loved the episode but I couldn't enjoy the Red Wedding scene. I have a full mental video in my head of how that whole scene goes down.
  20. Great episode! Pros: Stannis and Davos Scene - Amazing! The wedding The Hound and Arya The Second Sons Only little nitpicking that got me was Cersei openly threatening Margery but we have to remember this isn't the books. They need to ad things like this to keep people's interest in characters.
  21. Absolutely loved this episode! After lasts weeks 1/10 I'd give this an 8/10. I've been really worried that them making a mess of the Wildling plot. So far we have had no emotional reason to like them but this episode really showed Jon's struggle. Tormund even said HAR! or something like it. Orell was brilliant too. Now they just need to do the same with a certain other few characters next week or the build up of the seasons is going to fall flat on its face from people not being emotionally invested in them. Tywin was amazing! I can't wait for the next episode. The Theon plot is being dragged out way to much. I guess torture porn is more popular than I thought but I think having the majority of it off screen would be much more chilling and dramatic. That first chapter in ADWD is horrifying but so captivating you literally get right into his mind. It seems to be falling short on the show. The bear scene was great but not what I imagined. It works but I would have done it a bit differently. Dany and Yunkai looks very promising. The Dragons looked great.
  22. 1/10 from me and I gave the last 5 episodes between 7-10. The whole episode was just a confusing mess. Badly written and needlessly cluttered with way to many scenes. They have the source material but instead of simplifying it for TV they feel the need to chuck it into a blender and pull plots at random from it. I really hope this is the only low point for the season because the other episodes have been amazing.
  23. Absolute rubbish episode. First time I've been disappointed with the show. Oh well at least the next episode will be better.
  24. Did anyone else notice Tywin said Bran and Rickon are dead. Up to this we have been told they are missing so my guess is Tywin has gotten word already from Roose. The seeds have been planted.
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