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  1. Great episode and they managed to pack in some scenes without it seeming rushed or hard to take in. Its not an episode I'll watch again for a while since after the opening fight scene there wasn't any real wow moments. I guess we got to spoiled last episode with crazy twists.
  2. 10 Not a single complaint the entire episode. After the Stannis atrocity last week I was a bit worried they would mess up Beric or someone else but this episode was brilliant! Hopefully the rest of this season stays this good.
  3. 9 I hated the Stannis scene. They have a lot to make up for next season with what the way they are portraying his character.
  4. 9 for me. Absolutely loved it. Only reason its not 10 is because they gave to much screen time to Shae and Catalyn which meant rushing through Jojen's, Boys, Theon's and The Hound's introduction. This might be the first episode of GOT without nudity and someone being killed(Although we did get a lot worse than that!).
  5. Absolutely loved this episode. Only thing I didn't like was that Tyrion and Shae went on far to long and would have been better if that time went into fleshing out Jojen or a bigger build up for revealing The Hound/Theon. Everything else was brilliant! They are absolutely flying through ASOS Pt.1.
  6. At the start of the episode during the "previously on GOT" part they put Barristan's whole storm out of the throne room scene just to remind viewers again.
  7. So all in all it mostly ranges from 7-9 out of 10 which is pretty damn good for a forum of mostly books readers. For all we know we could see more of the Fist in a flashback. I do remember someone interviewed a GOT cast member and he said the first 10 minutes of the Episode 1 was his favourite. Maybe it was cut and pushed to a later episode.
  8. I finally cracked and read the synopsis of these chapters. Thankfully it gave away very little and went the way I knew it was going to go. I was afraid the whole battle would be spoilt but its barely started. At least one of them should have been in it. The ending was to abrupt in ADWD for both those plots.
  9. I have no idea how they messed this up so badly. Its like it was written by someone who didn't see the Season 2 ending scene.
  10. 8/10 -1 for the terrible Mance/Tormund/Jon interaction. Jon's story where he earns his cloak is one of my favourite in his POVs. Tormund is all wrong, not a single "Hur Hur!" or boast about his member -1 for the Fist. Budget restrictions aside it's a massive letdown after the epic ending scene of season 2. Everything else was brilliant in my opinion. Davos/Stannis/Mel interaction was great. I love the tension between Joff and Cersei. The Tyrion and Tywin scene is one of the best interactions I've seen on TV. You really feel for Tyrion and can see Tyrwin's sheer dislike of Tyrion. I really hope to see more scenes with these two. I can't wait to seem him put Joff in his place. Astapor was brilliant! Really looking forward to seeing the outcome on the big screen.
  11. Crap :frown5: I was really hoping he wouldn't release/read any more chapters from TWOW. He's giving to much away and spoiling the excitement for me of a completely new book where I don't know what will happen. I'm just going to stay away from these forums until I've read WOW.
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