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  1. I gave it a 5 which is probably my highest ranking episode of the season, but ... I don't know. It was weird. There were some very, very strong sequences (the first King's Landing scene despite dragging for a bit and TOJ pt. 2) but there were some awful, awful scenes as well like the KitN moment feeling completely unearned, the disgusting misappropriation of Vengeance, Justice, Fire & Blood ... It's rather frustrating.
  2. Well HBONow is down for me atm so I'll just have to read everyone else's reactions.
  3. Funny, I actually thought it might have been Lyanna's arm.
  4. I gave it a 4, not because anything was particularly rage inducing this time around but because I mostly found it to be very, very underwhelming. I have 0 interest in the King's Landing storyline, Arya's plot has fallen flat and I tend to forget Sam, Gilly and the Tarlys were even in the episode until I read other comments about it. The Benjen/Coldhands hybrid reveal and Bran's visions especially were the highlight of the episode. Dany's speech on top of Drogon felt redundant after the finale for episode 4. They should have just held off on showing her riding Drogon until the horde returned to Meereen. The Dothraki were already devoted to her. Meereen could sure use a rousing speech and a display of strength however ...
  5. You're not alone at least, Northernmonkey. I absolutely loved the description of the Stormlands especially as this is essentially our introduction to them. And I love the fact that there is a cave in the stormlands with a deep cavern that has evidence of the children of the forest living there not to mention the fact that there is still the occasional weirwood sprinkled amongst the water soaked forests that cover the coasts of the stormlands. This chapter was all about Arianne's inner machinations, learning how to navigate the political field and learning when to channel the strengths of her two father figures: she is aptly cautious like Doran where she needs to be but also understands that there are times she will have to channel Oberyn and be more bold. Love the fact that we're getting more characterization of another Sand Snake. And of course the important information we have learned is the fact that Storm's End has already fallen to JonCon and FAegon. Very curious to know who is leading that army from King's Landing. Looks like we have our next battle to look forward to possibly after the resolutions of both the battle of fire in Meereen and the battle of ice at Winterfell. All in all good chapter and a wonderful pallet cleanser after the crapfest that has been the TV show later but of course it only makes me more anxious for the rest of the book.
  6. If it weren't for a couple of very well acted scenes, such as Sansa accepting Brienne into her service (the utter ridiculousness of her forgetting the words to the pledge of fealty, lol wut?), Melisandre's reveal and Davos's scenes ... I probably would have gave it a 1. Instead I gave it a three.
  7. 5. Had some fantastic moments (Cersei's walk of shame, however unearned -- it was fabulously shot), The Ides of Olly, Daenaerys in the Dothraki sea even though it was still lacking just like Daznak's pit. Everything else was boring. I doubt I'll be able to recall anything else from this episode going forward other than all the awful Dorne scenes. And I'm completely and utterly ambivalent towards the Arya scene.
  8. Don't know how they managed to make the Harpies attacking more suspenseful and exciting than what was probably one of the best scenes in the entire book series, but there you go. I gave the episode a 5 based on the last fifteen minutes alone. Before that, I would have probably given it a 1.
  9. Very solid episode. My boyfriend has been more engaged for the first time in probably two seasons. And this is coming from a book snob. My only gripe about Hardhome was the fact that the whites have turned into Resident Evil zombies. Everything else had me on the edge of my seat. And kudos to the show for making me actually worry about Jon Snow even though he's listed in the episode descriptions for 9 and 10. What's the deal with everyone thinking the White Walkers are former Starks? Where is that coming from?
  10. Man, apparently I'm a hard grader because I gave it an 8! :cool4: Hardhome was a 10 easily and the Tyrion/Daenerys scenes were gold. I'm still meh on Arya's storyline. I feel like she should have been out and about way sooner than episode 8. Was also meh about the Ollie/Sam scene. And I'm still on the fence about Winterfell. The scene between Sophie and Alfie was wonderfully acted to be sure, but it just feels so contrived. I don't think I have been on the edge of my seat in a long, long time with this show though. So kudos to them for Hardhome. Finally, the true war seems to be hitting home at last.
  11. Lol show, you don't just "walk" into Valyria. Though even I have to admit the CGI looked absolutely amazing. Jorah gets the JonCon Greyscale treatment. Dany's council is just getting smaller and smaller, isn't it? I really liked the Stannis and Sam scene. "Keep reading, Samwell Tarley." dawwwwww. And yes. R+L indeed. I laughed right out loud when Aemon said the "no Targaryens left to help Dany" and then the camera panned straight to Jon. Aemon's not dead yet though. Next episode, maybe? I guess we're not getting any of the stuff about Lightbringer being a fake and dragons switching between male and female in the show. Oh well.
  12. First 9 of the season for me. Probably because there was no King's Landing or Dorne in the episode. I pretty much liked all the scenes and this is coming from someone who is becoming an increasingly larger book purists. Only a few nitpicks here and there. The only thing I just can't get behind is Missendei and Greywork. Can't do it. Just don't care. And it just occurred to me that Arya has only been in two episodes and we are already halfway done with the season. Strangely enough, I don't mind it.
  13. 7. The really good scenes (everything at the Wall, Sansa in the Crypts, Tyrion and Jorah on the road and all the Meereen scenes) could not be saved by all the really awful plots. Namely any and everything having to do with Dorne.
  14. I was having a hard time enjoying all the blatant R+L=J hints smacking me over the head with how awful Dorne (as a city no less, stupid credits), the Sand Snakes, everything with Jaime and Bronn and watching one of the greatest living knights in Westeros be felled by the Sons of the Harpy. Ugh. Tyrion and Jorah's epic bro-trip is at least proving to be good. And that Stannis/Shireen scene is everything people promised it would be.
  15. I liked all the House of Black and White stuff. Seeing Volontis was cool too. I still have no interest whatsoever in the King's Landing plot. I was very much looking forward to my cray-cray, raging Cersei. Annnnddddd ... it's finally out in the open with Sansa and Winterfell. I do have to admit to kind of looking forward to a Sansa/Theon reunion if only because I know Sophie and Alfie will kill it together. She'll probably learn about her brothers from him too. For anyone who is interested, EW Online posted an article/interview with D&D regarding the changes to Sansa's plot. I can't copy/paste on these forums for whatever reason, but it's on their website now. The most interesting thing I took from it was a comment about how things that happen to certain characters in the books won't necessarily happen to Sansa and that book readers won't necessarily know where her arc is going even though they think they might. Only time will tell in the end.
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