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  1. Uh, dude... did you actually read the full post, or did the opportunity to jump in with your dick out overwhelm your ability to process what I actually wrote? You know, the whole thing - not just a sentence. Context is important. I first read Game of Thrones when I was 17-18, having never read a fantasy of its kind before. That's the reason for my initial reaction back in 2000 (or whenever is was) and my possible theory for why the SFX reviewer didn't take to it back then either. Martin's one of my favourite authors. I wrote my own dark epic fantasy which is every bit as violent and "offensive". We even share the same US agent. Hence my great relief that I did not, in fact, end up being the "sensitive" sort you so obviously despise and post a 1-star review for a book that would become one of my greatest inspirations. I think I'll save your post for quoting in future interviews. It's a doozy!
  2. I've heard from reliable sources that the first UK print run of A Game of Throne was ridiculously small - something in the region of 1,600. It's amazing to think that SFX gave it a scathing review. By any objective measure, it's an excellent epic fantasy novel. Though perhaps the reviewer had their sensibilities offended by the paradigm shift towards gritty realism AGoT represented; I recall I had just read the Silmarillion when when I picked it up and the incest/bad language/underage sex didn't sit well with me at first. Took me a while to adapt. In fact, I almost posted a "I am highly offended" 1-star review on Amazon. Really glad I didn't do that now... Back on topic, The Red Knight is high on my to-read list. A bit disappointed to read some of the early reviews are mixed.
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