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  1. adiman83

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Don't compare an injured dragon that could barely keep himself in the air with Drogon. Both in that episode as well as episode 5, Euron's fleet failed miserably to hit Drogon. As for her political abilities, I agree she has no talent for politics. Her only real talent is conquest, as Daario pointed out. But what lord of Westeros (or Essos) do you think will dare to challenge her rule? Considering what she did to King's Landing, she wouldn't have shied away form burning the lands and people of anyone in open rebellion. Knowing your family might be ash tomorrow serves as a pretty good deterrent. Now the question is would her descendants manage to hold on to her potential empire? I believe the answer is no. It was the same during the Conqueror's time. As long as he ruled, the former kingdoms didn't rebel because they were afraid they would share Harren the Black's fate. But his successors slowly started to lose grip on the seven kingdoms.
  2. adiman83

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Her speech after the destruction of King's Landing supports that as well. It is clear that if Jon wouldn't have assassinated her, she would have rebuilt her ancestors' empire. And I seriously doubt there was an army in the world capable of stopping her.
  3. adiman83

    The heartless subtext thread...

    Many stories and legends show dragons as intelligent creatures. In some stories they can even speak. So they're more than simple dinosaurs.
  4. adiman83

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    I actually think dragons are smart enough to understand what Drogon seems to have understood in that scene. There have been signs in the show that dragons are much more intelligent than people give them credit: when Tyrion went below the Great Pyramid in Meereen to release Rhaegal and Viserion, he told them the story of how he wanted a dragon as a kid. Not only the dragon followed Tyrion with his eyes as he was speaking, he allowed Tyrion to touch him and the other one turned the collar to release him too. This shows that Rhaegal and Viserion can understand human speech enough to assess the Imp's intentions. when Daenerys held her speech to the soldiers captured during the loot train attack, Drogon roared when he saw that nobody kneeled. This also shows that dragons have some understanding of human speech and can comprehend human actions to some extent. when Jorah died, Drogon sat next to Daenerys. This shows that Drogon understood that someone close to her died and decided to comfort her the only way he could. I am not saying they are as smart as humans, but I think Drogon indeed has the intellectual capacity to understand that the Iron Throne was the "moral author" of her death. In our real mythology, dragons are very intelligent and some of them can even speak. So I don't think it is such a stretch to imagine that GoT dragons have the capacity to comprehend human actions.
  5. adiman83

    Thank you Dothraki

    She can't say "thank you, go home" but she can order them to go home. Remember, she's their khal. A way to make them go would be to order them to take statues of the Seven to Vaes Dothraki, as is the Dothraki custom after a conquest.
  6. adiman83

    Prediction for finale

    I agree. Daenerys is done with walking on eggshells when it comes to the lords of Westeros. Considering what she did to King's Landing, I doubt there will be a lord dumb enough to be in open rebellion against her. But supporting her is not a matter of trust anymore. Remember what Olenna told her last season: the only way the other lords will be loyal to her is if they fear her. And they're definitely afraid of her now. Now you might say "what if everyone turns against her". How many lords would be willing to continue a rebellion, if their lands are blasted by a dragon?
  7. adiman83

    Royal Prerogative

    I don't think she can order him to be her boyfriend but she can order him to marry her and give her an heir (being the only other Targaryen in the world), under the threat of burning Winterfell. He doesn't have to love her, or even like her very much. In medieval times royal marriages were about politics and bloodlines anyway, not about love. Unless House Velaryon is still around, in which case she could marry one of them. That house is also Valyrian and there are many Targaryens in their family tree.
  8. adiman83

    Do you see any way dany lives through all this?

    And considering her current state of mind, death can only come in the form of an assassination. There's no chance someone can defeat her in battle now. She killed (possibly) hundreds of thousands of innocent people so any lord in open rebellion would most likely see his castle burned. Her "mhysa" days are over.
  9. adiman83

    What Is Left to Rule?

    Yeah, the only possible way to stop her at this point is an assassination. She's done with walking on eggshells so there's no chance anyone can stop her in battle. She laid waste to a city full of innocent people, I'm pretty sure she won't shy away from burning the castle of a lord in open rebellion.
  10. adiman83

    The difference is the rider

    As we saw this episode, hitting a flying dragon is anything but easy. The only reason Rhaegal was shot down was because he was injured and not as fast as he could've been. In episode 4 Drogon was very capable of dodging the bolts.
  11. adiman83

    The difference is the rider

    I believe the difference wasn't the rider, at least not completely. The difference I believe was the dragons' health. It is one thing to hit an injured dragon that is barely flying and an entirely different story to hit a healthy and very pissed off one.
  12. adiman83

    Why the bells?

    Sure, that's a possibility too. Anyway, there's one thing we can probably both agree on. Judging by Grey Worm's actions, Daenerys never planned on accepting a surrender. She did exactly what Olenna told her to do: stop listening to her advisers and be a dragon.
  13. adiman83

    Why the bells?

    That is my opinion too, that she planned to burn King's Landing from the very beginning. She told Grey Worm he will know when to attack. The moment he saw the dragon wreaking havoc throughout the city, he threw the spear. This means the sign she told him about wasn't the gate, it was her burning the city. None of the things you wrote would be my reply to you. I think she did it at that moment because she wanted to punish Cersei. Remember what Daenerys told Jon? That there is no love for her here, so fear it is then. Long story short, her act might not have been madness, but an act of pure tyranny. She decided to live by the words of her house and be what she was always made to be: a Valyrian dragonlord.
  14. adiman83

    Why the bells?

    What do you mean she avoided the Red Keep as much as possible? The Red Keep is a blasted ruin.
  15. adiman83

    Drogon's demise

    That is true but in battle, a dragon without a rider is incredibly dangerous. They kill indiscriminately, there is a precedent in the books. During the second battle of Tumbleton, Hugh Hammer was killed before he could get to Vermithor. Suddenly without a rider, the dragon started killing everyone in his path, without considering who's friend and who's foe. So if anyone plans on killing Daenerys, they better not do it in battle.