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  1. I gave this episode, as well as the season overall, a 7. I liked the season and was entertained, but some moments were a bit too rushed to be believable. Stretching credibility in this episode, for example, was: 1. This kiss of Dorne. Did anyone not know it was poison when the kiss lasted so long? Glad Jamie and Myrcella had a nice goodbye. It's a shame, cuz show Myrcella was looking to be a strong character. 2. The a horde of Dotharaki show up out of nowhere, even though Dany was on a hill and could have spotted them from miles away. 3. Mereen and co. chatting away even though the city is supposed to be undergoing a civil war. 4. Briene's job seemed a little too easy, though I'll bet Stannis isn't dead. His magical sword saved him or something. He and Cercei will be the last ones standing, completely psychologically destroyed, with nothing left in the world that matters. Highlights: 1. Arya kills Meryn what's his name. 2. Cercei's walk of shame - great acting - I actually felt sorry for Cercei. 3. Jon's death. Good thing Meli showed up. I think she'll blame Stannis' failure on Selyse. I'm also glad the show hasn't used the resurrection trope too much. Otherwise it would become cliché, and we don't want Jon's resurrection to be cliché. Overall, I think the show works best when viewers are surprised and don't know what to expect. For this reason, I think I'll forgo reading WoW if it comes out before season 6. One thing the show has over GRRM is that it gets to the point.
  2. I gave it a 9. Any time something terrible happens to a morally good character, people score low. But I think Shireen's horrible murder by her father's command is fulfilling a GOT theme that started with Ned Starks beheading: you kinda suspect it's going to happen, but you can't believe it; you hope something will prevent it at the last minute; and after the fact, you think it can't be true. The Mereen arena scene was pretty good; Dany flying away is one of my favorite scenes in book 5, and I think the show did a good job with it. My only quibble is with Jorah touching Dany in the end. Isn't he contagious? Also, b-bye Meryn Trant. Your days are numbered.
  3. Great episode. My first ten of the season. I'm normally not a fan of extended battle scenes. I think they're boring. Last season's battle at the wall was kind of a yawn. But I am a fan of zombies. This episode was white walkers on steroids. In the books the whites are not yet the immanent threat that they were shown to be in this episode.
  4. My lowest rated episode of all seasons. So bad that I actually miss Bran.
  5. I would've given it a 10, but they left out unCat, so I deduct a point.
  6. 10. I've had more tens this season than last. So glad this season isn't disappointing!
  7. 10. It was more subdued than other episodes, but I like how they handled every scene. And hot pie is back!!! YOU CAN'T GIVE UP ON THE GRAVY!
  8. Meh. Too many inexplicable deviations. Why is Cersei being so nice and understanding to everyone? Why doesn't Jon know that his brother is at Craster's if both their dire wolves are locked up in the same pen? Why does everyone abuse Hodor?! I give it a 6. The only worthy part was Pod.
  9. This is my favorite episode so for this season - a 10. I like the departures from the book. Joffery's murder is more explicitly explained, and it's nice to get that out of the way. And what the hell is going beyond the wall? None of this was in the books, but I think that makes the show new and exciting again.
  10. I think the wedding feast and death montage was perfect. My only quibble with this episode and season so far, is the premature return of Brieanne and Jamie. I don't think it works. Also, I think in the books Sansa either knows or has suspicions about the poison.
  11. 8. This is the first season I watched after reading the books and, like many other readers, I think the books surpass the TV show. I think this is why I like Season 1 & 2 more. Season 3 was a bit of a disappointment. I still give this episode an overall good rating, and I'm still a fan of the show, but this season went by too quickly and it seemed disjointed in places. I'm glad they put a scene w/ Arya and the hound in the finale, but I wanted there to be more of them. And Sansa? I think her character has been done the biggest disservice this season. Her joking with Tyrion at the beginning of the episode? Not realistic at all! .....Oh and I'm so glad they didn't show the contents of the box.
  12. 10. I didn't think they'd do the RW so well. I think adding Talisa to the mixed made it even more devastating. Though it wasn't exactly like in the book, all of the important elements were spot on. If I hadn't read the books I would be completely shocked. I would believe that things are finally turning around for the Starks, and then...and who are you, the proud lord said...
  13. Finally, a good episode! I gave it a 9. My only compliant is that they didn't spend enough time on the Hound and Arya. But I continue to be impressed with Dany, whom I didn't apreciate as much in the books. Her bathtub scene, along with Brienne's a few episodes ago, are the only scenes where the nudity doesn't seem gratuitous. Both ladies are portrayed as empowered subjects rather than objects.
  14. Slightly better than last week - I give it a 6. I think some of the changes from the books are too drastic (Gendry and Mel, Talisa pregnancy reveal, and whitewashing Tyrion at the expense of developing Sansa afer all she's been through!). My biggest disappointment is that they appear to be spending less time on the plot lines that I was looking forward to, such as Jamie and Breinne fighting the bear together, Arya's journey with the Hound, and the foreshadowing leading to the RW. I'm going to guess that next week's wedding will be rushed as well and, judging from the convo between Marg and Sansa, it won't be as devastating for Sansa as in the books. Having pointed out the negatives, I do think the changes give readers a reason to watch. Also, I really liked Dany in this episode. I'm not much of a fan of hers in the books because I think she lets her weaknesses get the better of her - like getting bogged down in Slaver's Bay - but in the TV version I got a better sense of her reasoning, as well as her intelligence, and strength. Her scenes were the ones I liked the best in this episode.
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