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    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    Fair enough, she seems pretty pissed off there.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    First, I'm chuffed by the changes GRRM made in this epi. I love that he is so versatile and can use this medium to tell his story too. I love that it gives him a chance to add to what he already put out, to show things that don't work in his narrative, and to change things up without completely re-imagining his work. The exchanges between the characters at the wedding were fantastic and some were even theory fodder for me. I am so not a Dorne fan but I love this Oberyn and am completely sad to know where his plot is heading. I could definitely do with a lot more Viper. I loved how he put Cersei in her place and threatened Myrcella right in front of Tywin. He has serious balls. Cersei's exchange with Brienne has made me pretty sure that Jaime will be the valonqar. Like cemented it in my head. Jaime with Loras was great. I totally felt the burn. Margaery's discomfort during Joff's sadistic stunts was beautiful. Natalie Dormer is a fine actress. I was worried when they cast her that all I would see is Anne Boleyn but not so. She was a fantastic Boleyn and she is a fantastic Margaery. I really, really like the show characterization of QoT and Margaery. For all their schemes, I do think that Margaery's charity is not completely political. She seems much nicer than I thought she was in the books. Granted she is manipulative, but I don't think she's actually despicable. I think this was clear in tonight's episode. She did not seem to have an easy time schooling her expressions of disgust, disdain, and embarrassment at the cruel antics of the king. Does she seem nicer in the show to anyone else? Or is my reading way too colored by Cersei's bullshit paranoia? I dunno, I feel like show Margaery is very sympathetic to the less fortunate. Hmmm what else? Yes the QoT stole the stone off Sansa's necklace. I do think Margaery was in on it. She would never want to suffer Joffrey and the scenes from last season with the crossbow indicate her willingness to kill him herself if she has to. I kind of think she did it herself. She had the best access to the cup next to Tyrion. It was close to Olenna but wouldn't someone notice if she popped over and mucked with it? I guess perhaps the pie was the diversion though so hmm. I was concerned going in that two episodes wouldn't do Joff's sadistic nature justice enough to make the ending satisfying. But GRRM did nicely with the script and Jack acted it perfectly. He was absolutely horrible. Beyond disgusting. Like the Hound says, he's "a talker", and what a fitting ending. All the horrible words he's said... he was the perfect victim for the strangler. Excellent effects at the end. That was truly gruesome. I would never ever want to die by the strangler. I was also underwhelmed by Cersei's reaction. I felt she did not freak out as much as I expected. Which surprised me. However, her accusation was perfect. The moment Tywin has always been waiting for: finally, he can be rid of the son he's embarrassed of! I guess I'm in the minority holding out hope that Bronn doesn't shit on Tyrion because I think Varys was forced to hand Shae over. He's in a foul mood all through the wedding. I mean ALL THROUGH IT. I am thinking this is because he sees the Tyrell/Lannister union to be a stabilizer for the realm (thus in opposition to his own agenda) and maybe also because he had to betray Shae. All I know is I don't want to hate Bronn. Seriously, I look for Peter Dinklage to net another couple awards this season. Tyrion is so hurt by everyone in this part of his arc and Peter is already playing the hell out of it. I can't tell if they are going to keep him killing Shae... or have Tywin do it. Either way I think he's going to be miserable. Miserable. He is fantastic. Not at all what I imagined while reading but now I can't read without imagining Dinklage's Tyrion. Poor Tyrion. Even Oberyn and Margaery looked sorry for him tonight. How awful to be constantly derided and mocked by your own family. Now... Bran. Ummmmmm, so his visions are most interesting. There is one that looks like a statue with a crown. In ice. It looks like Joffrey to me but I've seen others say its an Other. Thoughts? I find this intriguing and wonder if it is an indication of what "the heart of winter" really is (souls trapped by the Others in an icy hell to power them). Not much to say about Theon except man he reaped way more than he ever sowed. Death is so much better than degradation and torture. Stannis I didn't feel as angry with as some seem to. He doesn't seem to enjoy the burnings at all. But of course he needs to defend his actions. He was pretty upset when Selyse's talk turned to Shireen. I like that show Stannis seems far less indifferent to his daughter than book Stannis. And I feel so bad for Shireen. She must be very lonely.