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  1. I love how this forum increases and sustains my understanding and excitement for this world of ASOFAI!

  2. Federico

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    I ought to take notes when reading through threads like this. Now, that I've read 322 posts, I'm struggling to recall the various points I thought I'd make along the way. Well, here I go: - JC/YG taking SE... JC said they'd do so with guile, which is quite different from treachery (i.e., betrayal by one or more characters. Their attacking the Tyrell siege on SE and then posing as Stannis relief to get in is very plausible. Kudos to those that ... - Weirwoods south of the neck. This alone would seem no big deal. If they had the faces on them, that would be more interesting to me. Recall, the weirwoods south of the neck were cut down thousands of years ago. With so much time passed, nature can make a comeback. For all we know, weirwood seeds, like other trees, can survive the digestion system of birds and other animals, which is how some trees spread in our world. But if the Singers played an active role by physically or warging, still cool. - Cersei's impact on Dorne and Tyrell interests following Kevan and Pycells' deaths, requires additional obstacle removal. She was under house arrest with limited access to Tommen, regulated by Kevan. The surviving members of the small council would be wise if not expected to keep her away from the King, else she get him to sign/decree something. They could get the boy to sign anything they place in front of him, which could go badly for Cersei. Renly was not unique in realizing whoever possesses a boy-king possesses the power of the Kingdom. So, given that Varys wishes to further use Cersei as an unwitting agent of chaos, he'll probably help Cersei possess her son. - Predicted massacre of Tyrell forces by a lake. Irrefutably plausible, and kudos to the poster that posited this. I love it man! It flows with an overarching theme of the high borne driven conflicts decimating the people and leaving the Seven Kingdoms weak and desperate when the Others swarm south. And that man vs man destruction comes from highbornes seeking things for themselves out of avarice through ruthless treachery and no regard for the small people. YG's role in the Winds of Winter, whether he's real or fake, is to serve as a catalyst for more destruction of the great houses, leaving Westeros's only hope of survival/spring to ice and fire. And with GRRM, TarStark can fail and the Others can win.
  3. No WoW until 2014. I feel bad for those that fall to illness or an accident before WoW and DoS are published.