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  1. -Ghost-

    True Detective Season 3

    I read that bringing in someone, not sure if it was specifically Milch, to help Pizzolatto was a factor on weather season 3 happened or not. Season 2 was dreadful, but I think Pizzolatto and HBO both share the blame on that. Season 1 took quite a bit longer to write than the time period season 2 was given, but Pizzolatto was the reason Fukunaga was pushed out. If Ali and Milch are both on board I think this could be turned around to season 1 quality.
  2. -Ghost-

    Podcasts and Organizing them

    The Joe Rogan Experience is still my favorite podcast. He can get a little repetitive with his hunting and bow hunting stuff, but he really does bring in so many different types of people. He had some good ones with Milo Yiannopoulos before his big scandal broke. He's had David Miscavigh's father and Leah Remini to get into Scientology and what its like being out. Just had Megan Phelps-Roper talking about her time in and then after leaving the Westboro Baptist Church and getting into all their protesting methods. Its super interesting getting an inside perspective on how they operated and their feelings/reasoning on their funeral protests. The Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson episodes are always good. Neil deGrasse Tyson is always a must listen. Jordan Peterson, Ghad Saad, Rhonda Patrick, and Christopher Ryan have some good episodes. Just had one with Bret Wienstien from Evergreen College. The Henry Rollins episode was awesome. Plus, there is the legendary podcast #911 with Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo. Gets deep into crazy conspiracies. And he brings on a lot of fighters, comedians, and some musicians. Pretty much always an interesting episode and usually drops a new one about 3 times a week. No matter how you feel about Joey Diaz, he always has some of the most hilarious/crazy stories from life experiences. Bizarre States with Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser. Its basically all things paranormal. Sometimes have some interesting guests and discuss a lot of haunted places and things. Dan Carlin has TONS of interesting stuff with Hardcore History and Common Sense. Plus, he's got a bunch of stuff for purchase on iTunes. His Wrath of the Khans series is amazing. There is just so much research and detail that he puts in. The Wrath of Khans series is over 8 hours, but its well worth it.
  3. -Ghost-

    Fear the Walking Dead II: The Apocalypse of Social Issues

    I was just starting to like Travis too. Nick and Madison are still my favorite characters. Strand is pretty awesome too though. I hope they make Nick a little more like what Madison has become this season. A little harder and more of a leader. I love Kim Dickens, but there is something about Frank Dillane that I really like. Its cool to see another Deadwood alum on the show. I had no idea Callie was joining the show.
  4. -Ghost-

    Watch some TV/Movies and talk about it here.

    Has anyone heard anything at all about The Mighty Eighth? Its supposed to be another Tom Hanks produced HBO WWII mini series like his Band of Brothers and The Pacific. I haven't seen or heard anything about this in like 3 years. I really hope this is still a go. Does anyone have any suggestions similar to this other than BoB, The Pacific, Generation Kill, and Our World War?
  5. -Ghost-

    Sense8: why...so...sensitive (spoilers)

    Does anyone think all the delays and problems of season 2 had anything to do with this? Its really such a terrible way to end, especially with the way season 2 left off. I wish they would have given them 1 last season, or at least a half season, to wrap things up.
  6. JAG and Courtney Casey definitely should have been either the first match on the PPV or high up on the main undercard fights. That fight was how you bring in fans. Dont burry it on the fight pass undercard. I'm really excited that they have finally given us W125. Joanna vs Valentina Shevchonko is the fight and it will be epic. This division creats so many new awesome fights. Holly moved back down to 135, so they may as well scrap the 145 division, since they only have 2 fighters. Sucks for Cyborg, but it isnt worth it for the company. She needs to abandon all stregnth/muscle taining and cardio it up. She would still be a beast is she could make 135 without killing herself. Either that, ot switch to Muay Thai. 115 and 125 are the money divisions. 135 and 145 are meh. 105 would probably even be better
  7. Can someone give me an honest opinion of the new Kedrick album? I have been pretty much podcasts and books on tape for years, so I'm slacking in the music department. I really liked Good Kidd M.A.D.D. City though... Thanks
  8. I agree about JRM. Even with his very brief scene it has me excited to see more of him. He and Hirst have a solid relationship and I think Hirst will be able to bring the best out of him. I had always heard about the extra international scenes, but mainly read that it was due to nudity, such as a Lagertha and Astrid sex scene that I believe was cut from the US version. I just recently read that in the very same episode that shows Torvi on the ground with arrows in her back has an additional scene with Lagertha, Astrid, and Torvi talking after the battle. I don't understand why they would cut that from the US version. A lot of people thought she was dead only to see her perfectly fine in the season 5 preview.
  9. I knew that the US broadcast cut out sex scenes and stuff like that, but up until recently I had no idea they cut out stuff that is actually kind of important. Unless I completely missed something, the only reason I know Torvi is still alive is because of the season 5 trailer. Apparently there was a whole scene that they cut from the episode where they made it seem like she died. Wtf? Now I seriously wonder what else I have missed because of whoever edits this show in the US and decides what to cut. The show has definitely lost something for me. It took me longer than usual to get through the last few episodes this season. Usually I would watch the day after the episode aired, but with these, I didn't have any real urgency. I'm glad Sigurd is dead. He was useless. I still dont care about Hvitserk. I've almost completely lost interest in Lagertha and what shes doing. Floki, Bjorn, Ivar, and Ubbe are the reason I watch now. There are noticeable bits of Ragnar in Ivar, Ubbe, and Bjorn. I'm also interested to see what happens with Finehairs plan. I know a lot of people are down on JRM, but I'm actually excited to have him. I think he will be a good addition to the show.
  10. Cyborg has been cleared of all potential USADA anti doping violations and is eligible to return immediately. If Holly wins her appeal and they do a rematch, or if GDR has to have hand surgery, Cyborg has said that she is willing to fight the Invicta 145 champ, Megan Anderson. I really want to see Holly win her appeal, because that was complete BS and should have been a draw if the ref actually had some sort of experience and knowledge. GDR has had 47 pro fights between kickboxing and MMA. She damn well knows when to stop throwing. Holly was visibly rocked from the late punch in the second round. Who knows how much that effected the fight. I absolutely believe the late shots at the end of the third were a result of Holly catching GDR with that clean head kick and follow up. She was pissed. Big John, Herb, Goddard, or Lavigne would have taken a point... I also really want to see Cyborg finally get her UFC title though.
  11. Floki being interested in Islam and stopping the killings kinda reminded me of how Ragnar first was with Christianity. Should Floki have a lock pick kit on him and know how to pick locks? I really liked the end of the episode how Odin went to all the sons and they just knew. Plus, Ragnars speech. It was weird when Bjorn and Hvitserk see Odin at the end of the episode and Bjorn says "my father is dead". Why not our father? I hope Rollo takes part in the Great Heathen Army.
  12. I think I might be more exited for this than any other show of 2017
  13. A bit disappointed this had absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. I enjoy the Christmas themed specials. When I realized it wasn't, I started browsing reddit while watching, so I will have to do a rewatch to give a real opinion.
  14. That Tara scene where she flips the little girl off was funny. Was their plan to kill her and not actually let her and Heath join them or were they serious until Tara took off running? With the way Tara was acting in the woods and how quick they fired at her when she ran, it seemed like it, but I've seen some people say they were serious.
  15. -Ghost-

    Quarry - Cinemax

    I watched the first episode today. Fucking hell, I loved it. I had absolutely no idea what the show was about, but I kept seeing people bring it up and say how good it was. I'm so glad I stopped putting it off for other shows. The end of the first episode was just so good. There were no words spoken but it was such an awesome scene.