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  1. That's one of my favorite episodes, so I enjoyed this week's. "Let the record show that this bit continued for several more guns" got a pretty good laugh from me.
  2. You need a little bit of luck to win any title. Same as it ever was, especially in the NFL where one loss means so much more than in the NBA. The Cavs started out 3-5 and I couldn't have given less of a shit because there are 82 games and a slow start is meaningless. I typically don't even start watching the NBA until around Christmas when fantasy football is winding down. If the Browns started 3-5, their season would basically be over.
  3. Hey, we're still 7-3. How are the Bengals doing this season?
  4. Almost won two in a row starting Desmond Ridder, who got benched three weeks ago.
  5. Bills are Chargers East. Change my mind.
  6. Of all the games that ever happened, that was one of them.
  7. Nah, I read the actual book for this one. It’s just that so many of the names have multiple ways to say them and a lot of them have the same prefix but different last names, but aren’t mentioned enough to clearly establish who they are in my head. I felt like I was just getting it all straight and then the book ends. Definitely plan on reading the next one soon, but wanted to knock out some of my backlog first before buying another new book.
  8. Recently read The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison. I really loved it. I appreciate a good fantasy novel with plenty of political machinations (II assume we all do given that we're posting here), and that's pretty much all this one was. There's almost no action and I never cared a bit. The only complaint I have is a minor quibble. The naming conventions in the world Addison created are really annoying and too many characters have similar sounding names. It made it a chore to follow who was who at times. But that's a very small complaint in an otherwise excellent fantasy novel. I'd heard plenty of good things about this one prior to reading it and it exceeded my expectations. I've moved on to Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash and I have to say that dystopian capitalist hellscapes feel a whole lot less ridiculous and a whole lot more inevitable in 2023. I'm only about a fifth of the way into this one, but Stephenson writes some excellent prose.
  9. That's how I feel watching Myles Garrett on the Browns.
  10. I hope that loss to the Browns sends the Niners into a shame spiral that derails their season.
  11. I'm more worried about my proximity to Florida.
  12. I haven’t lived in Ohio for over twelve years. Hell, I’ve only been back once in the last seven and that was a few weekends ago for a wedding.
  13. Yeah, two shitty calls that went our way after a lifetime of awful calls going against us really moves the needle.
  14. The refs have fucked the Browns so many times in my life. I assumed we were finally due for one going our way.
  15. I’ve never done heroin, but I’m assuming how I felt when Moody missed that field goal yesterday is pretty comparable.
  16. I finally got around to finishing Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn. The last book was the best of the three, but at the same time, I feel like Williams should have better stretched the plot over the three books, because in retrospect the series feels like nothing much happened in the first two books and then everything in the fucking world happened in the third one. It also felt really lazy how every big reveal gets monologued at the end of the book. One of the main villains spends about four pages revealing the depths of his evil plan near the end of the book, and then another tells you of how he didn't actually die but intends to fake his death after the climax and somehow no one has noticed the literal fucking prince who is missing a hand wandering around listening to conversations. It was silly. Overall, though, it was a series that kept me engaged while also giving me more insight into who George RR Martin is as a writer. It was honestly pretty shocking how much this series clearly influenced Martin. It was worth it alone for that factor, but it was also a pretty damn good fantasy series. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel series in the near future. Currently reading Elmore Leonard's Get Shorty. Leonard, in a word, is breezy. His books are absurdly easy to read. Fun characters, ridiculous situations, sharp dialogue. That's what Leonard does and this one is no different. I'm about two thirds of the way through the book, which I started yesterday, and there's a good chance I finish tonight. Mark of a good read.
  17. The thing is, people making that kind of money can afford to live wherever they want in the offseason, and they spend half the season on the road as it it. NFL players also generally seem to care less about market than NBA players.
  18. Minneapolis is a pretty great city by US standards.
  19. The Bears might have the first two picks.
  20. That Browns loss would have felt a lot worse if the Bengals and Steelers didn’t also get their shit collectively pushed in too.
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