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  1. On 8/24/2023 at 12:14 PM, Ran said:

    I'll post it here. As a kid and young teen, I used to watch wrestling devotedly -- WWF, NWA, WCW -- and I remember fondly some of the crazy, colorful characters. One particular bunch sticks in my mind, because they were one of several family dynasties -- the Funks. So I was saddened to learn that Terry Funk had passed away yesterday, at the age of 79. He had an amazingly long career, spanning like five decades. Checking Wikipedia, it was bittersweet to learn that his wife, Vicky, had passed before him in 2019... after 53 years of marriage, which is incredible if you know the stories of so many wrestlers who have disastrous personal lives.

    He made a few appearances in film and television, as well, most notably being his turn as a bouncer in the Patrick Swayze film Road House. My friend Sean Collins wrote an essay about Funk as part of his essay-a-day-for-a-year series on Road House.

    Terry Funk was insane.  I remember some of the bumps that man took during the Attitude Era when he was already old as hell.  I always enjoyed his Chainsaw Charlie persona when he tag-teamed with Cactus Jack.

  2. 21 hours ago, grozeng said:

    He looked good when he ran and he did well in the first game.  I hadn't seen much of him last year.  I figured he wasn't used because Cook is so good.  But they let Cook walk and kept him, so I figured he had to be something.  I guess I figured wrong.  I have him in 2 leagues.

    I wouldn't say he did well in the first game.  He averaged 3.1 yards per carry and 3.3 per reception for 44 total yards and only bailed out his fantasy day by scoring a touchdown.

    That being said, I'd expect him to have some decent fantasy outings this season because he's going to get the volume unless they bring someone else in.  There are going to be games like Thursday night where he does nothing, but he'll have games where he scores a touchdown or two and he'll be fantasy viable.  And that Vikings offense is going to get him some goal line looks from time to time.  Their defense may not be able to stop anyone, but they've got an above average QB, the best WR in the league, and a top five TE.

  3. 3 hours ago, grozeng said:

    Mattison sure looked terrible yesterday.

    The fact that Minnesota never gave him more opportunity except when Cook was out had me out on him this year.  If he were really that talented, they would have eased him into a higher workload until they phased out the older guy like Dallas did with Pollard.  But nope.  If Cook was healthy, Cook got dam near all the touches.  Even last year when Cook looked like he was trending toward washed.

    I have no idea why Minny didn't attempt to bring in anyone else, though.

  4. On 9/1/2023 at 11:55 PM, grozeng said:

    briantw/Winterfell @briantw

    Dollars Spent: 87

    Penalty: 11 ( 11- 1 years, 7 - 2 years)

    Available Budget: 113

    Roster Spots Remaining: 11

    Saquon Barkley - 30
    Jahmyr Gibbs - 21
    Jordan Love - 17
    Mark Andrews - 13
    Kenny Pickett - 13
    Bryce Young - 10
    Marvin Mims Jr - 4
    Tutu Atwell - 2
    Cleveland - 1
    Jake Moody - 1
    Joshua Dobbs - 1
    Kyle Pitts - 16 (3 years)
    Ja'Marr Chase - 12 (2 years)
    Cam Akers - 9 (1 years)
    Kenneth Walker III - 9 (3 years)
    Jahan Dotson - 7 (3 years)
    Treylon Burks - 5 (3 years)
    Diontae Johnson - 5 (1 years)
    Antonio Gibson - 5 (2 years)
    Elijah Moore - 4 (2 years)
    Garrett Wilson - 3 (3 years)
    Wan'Dale Robinson - 1 (3 years)

    Dropped Players:

    Joshua Kelley - 2 (1 years)
    Terrance Marshall - 1 (2 years)
    Zach Wilson - 12 (2 years)
    D'Andre Swift - 9 (1 years)
    Davis Mills - 4 (2 years)


    Barkley - 1 year
    Gibbs - 3 years
    Love - 2 years
    Andrews - 3 years
    Pickett - 2 years
    Young - 3 years
    Mims - 4 years
    Atwell - 1 year
    Cleveland - 1 year
    Moody - 1 year
    Dobbs - 1 year

    Don't love keeping those QBs more than a single year, but I really don't want to go into next year's draft like I did this one without a single QB on my roster, and I honestly have no idea which of the three to bet on.  

  5. 13 minutes ago, Fez said:

    I'm not sure any of the back-ups actually available are any better than the basically retired veteran free agent QBs; Matt Ryan, Blake Bortles, Colt McCoy, Carson Wentz, etc. Probably better to get one of them for free rather than make a trade.

    All ugly options, but the Jets legit need to sign someone. Even if they think Wilson is actually the best available option right now, they at least need some sort of back-up for him. Last night, if he went down (and he did look a little concussed one play), Randall Cobb was the available QB3.

    Unless any of the actually good back-ups are available. But I imagine any team would demand a (relative) king's ransom for them, knowing how desperate the Jets are.

    If they could trade for Brissett, I think he's easily better than the corpse of Matt Ryan or Carson Wentz.  Especially on a team with an elite defense and good receivers.  Brissett can absolutely be a solid game manager on the Jets like he was on the Browns last year, and the Jets defense won't totally blow easy wins like the Browns defense did several times last year.

  6. 3 hours ago, Nictarion said:

    Watson is lucky Burrow sucked so bad today because he wasn’t much better. :P

    In all seriousness though Burrow is clearly not 100% healthy yet. Chase might have been right about not wanting him to rush back too early. 

    1-0 is 1-0.  Defense got it done today.  Bengals only field goal came off a pass interference call that gifted them decent field position. 

    Did Tee Higgins play today?  Didn’t notice him in the box score. 

  7. 7 hours ago, Mudguard said:

    i can help you draft a team on wednesday, but i might not do a great job.  i've never played in a keeper league before.  are a bunch of players not available because they are already locked up in contracts?  also, if i get a player for $40, will that be the player's cost for each year after?

    Basically you can sign a player for one to four years at whatever price you won them at during the auction. 

  8. 59 minutes ago, Mexal said:

    Very clearly from his agent to spur up some public discussion. The "not believed to be in their plans" is counter to every statement made by the team and only Kelsey, of all the Bengals reporters, is reporting it and she's notorious for shit like this.

    That being said, I don't really believe Bengals will sign Tee to WR1 money and Chase to richest WR contract after making Burrow the highest paid player in history. If a deal gets done, Tee will have to take a cut from what he can get on the open market to be a WR1 for some WR needy team (like the Chiefs).

    Yeah, Burrow’s extension basically made it inevitable that they lose Tee.  

  9. 9 minutes ago, grozeng said:

    Should we just autodraft Jace's team.  Big disadvantage is that there is $199 left so all the top people will go very high until there is no more money on that team.  Big advantage is we can just get the league done.  If so, do we still draft tonight?

    @Tywin et al. @mcbigski @RaceBannon42 @Jaxom 1974 @briantw @boiled leather @Bronn Stone@BLU-RAY

    Personally, I think autodraft ruins auctions, especially on Yahoo where the player values are moronic and certainly don’t reflect this league’s roster or score settings. 

  10. QB Jalen Hurts
    QB Josh Allen
    QB Anthony Richardson
    QB Kyler Murray

    WR Keenan Allen
    WR Chris Olave
    WR Jahan Dotson
    WR Treylon Burks
    WR Elijah Moore
    WR Marvin Mims
    WR Tank Dell
    WR Wan'Dale Robinson

    RB Breece Hall
    RB Kenneth Walker
    RB Travis Etienne
    RB Cam Akers
    RB Rachaad White

    TE Sam LaPorta
    TE Dalton Schultz
    TE Michael Mayer

    K Cameron Dicker

    DEF Eagles

    I'm a little thin at the top at WR if none of my bench players hit, but I'm stacked at RB and QB.  TE is whatever.  LaPorta looks good and Schultz will almost certainly get targets on a Houston team that doesn't have any star receivers.

  11. 1 hour ago, Tywin et al. said:

    I think that's rich tbh, but not crazy. $43 however on any player in leagues with this many starters is just wild, let alone for a TE. 

    Eh...seems fair for the consensus number two TE in an auction.  And yeah, considering that Barkley, Chase, Garrett Wilson, and Lamar all went for less than $43 despite the fact that all will, if healthy, outscore Kelce significantly, it's a lot of money.  Love Kelce, but when we've got this many starters, spending that much on any single one when you can get a guy who will probably score 80-90% of his points for less than a third of the money isn't the way to go.

    If this were TE premium, maybe.

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