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  1. I honestly don't recall if the game delves into that or not. I played it when it came out, which was like a decade ago, so I'm fuzzy on the more minor details. I mostly remember a handful of big events and the ending, which is the best ending of any game I've played, so that's sort of easy to remember.
  2. Without spoiling anything, the Fireflies very much have a plan for Ellie. I’m assuming they’ll reveal what it is in episode two.
  3. My guess to your quoted part is that they don’t trust a military dictatorship that hangs citizens for crimes to do the right thing with Ellie. Like as not they’d just kill her to be safe and maintain power.
  4. Tonight was a true "the wicked witch is dead" moment.
  5. It says a lot about Brady that I 100% expect Dallas to blow this game.
  6. Pretty sure I’ve read that Ashley plays Ellie’s mom in flashbacks.
  7. The first season is adapting the entire first game.
  8. Agreed. Don’t think we really need a non spoiler thread for a show that’s currently airing. Just don’t click on the topic if you haven’t seen the latest episode yet. Not rocket surgery. Definitely should have a separate game spoiler thread, though, since a lot of us have played it.
  9. Probably because you knew it was coming. It’s a shocker in the game because you don’t see kids killed very often in video games. Hell, you rarely see children at all in video games.
  10. I read while high all the time. It made Blood Meridian quite the trip.
  11. I think the main issue with the second game was the structure. Splitting it in half the way they did was too jarring and it made it feel like all the upgrades you'd worked toward were worthless when you promptly lost them all. It would have worked much better if they had cut back and forth imo, both in gameplay and narrative.
  12. I’m almost positive I’ve seen it but I remember absolutely nothing about it.
  13. I enjoyed both of them for what they were. I do think that Glass Onion hinges more on whether or not you find Johnson's style of humor funny than Knives Out did.
  14. Regarding Glass Onion and Knives Out, I think that if you're trying to make serious films, you don't let Daniel Craig do that accent. They're meant to be ridiculous, which is why all the actors are out there hamming it up. That's probably why they took the roles in the first place. They get to have fun and act like moronic lunatics.
  15. I feel like you almost have to fire him after that. Going to be a tough sell heading into 2023 with the exact same team after that shitshow.
  16. Looks like the Chargers remembered they're the Chargers. What a meltdown.
  17. You give people the right to vote and they do stupid shit with it. See also: Donald Trump
  18. Shades of the Cavs early in LeBron’s career.
  19. It depends on the game. Some games are the gameplay loop. Like, if Slay the Spire weren't fun to play, what would be the point? There is no real story there. The visuals are nothing to write home about. What makes the game good is the puzzle that is the card-based combat. Figuring out your build through choices based on random chance. Fighting the RNG and occasionally winning. But other games are about the story, like KOTOR. You can suffer through the mediocre gameplay because there's a story there worth telling in a universe many of us grew up with and love. Hell, some games are just glorified visual novels. Then there are games like Portal 2 that perfectly merge the two with brilliant gameplay and a compelling, funny narrative.
  20. I assumed it would be at least good because pretty much everything HBO does is at least good.
  21. Have you considered watching a playthrough of the game? I do that sometimes with games I am interested in but don't want to play myself, or are on hardware I don't own.
  22. It's not a shooter by any stretch of the imagination. You do have guns and you will use them from time to time, but it's a survival horror game that focuses heavily on stealth. Trying to get in big firefights with armed enemies will likely end with you dead. Ammo and resources are scarce and you're definitely motivated to deal with as many enemies quietly as possible and saving your ammo for emergencies, those encounters where stealth isn't an option, and boss fights.
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