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  1. I thought it was clever that they mentioned that episode earlier in the episode too, which made it feel less likely that they'd revisit it in the end.
  2. The Vat of Acid call back at the end of this week’s episode was amazing.
  3. The Green Knight is best enjoyed in the dark on the biggest screen you've got while high as fuck. See also: The Northman.
  4. I was just wondering the same thing. I stopped watching when Dallas had like 32 points and I just saw they ended up scoring over 50.
  5. Looks like it's that time of year again where the Chargers choke away their playoff chances. An annual tradition.
  6. I have no idea how serious it'll end up being, but that Trevor Lawrence leg injury looked real bad. Edit: Apparently not that serious. He’s back in for the second half. That looked nasty though.
  7. I turned off V-Sync and Motion Blur (saw that suggestion in a Steam review) and that seemed to mostly fix it for me. It'll still occasionally drop some frames when I move to a new area but otherwise the game runs great. Looks amazing too. I'm waiting a bit to play more, though, because I assume many of the technical issues will be addressed in the next week or so, and I've got Deathloop, Ragnarok, Darktide, and Hades in my queue already and am stupidly trying to play all of them at once.
  8. I've only played one match plus all the tutorial stuff, so not really enough for me to get much of a sense for how the level grinding is going to be.
  9. Deathloop is fantastic. It reminds me of the early 2000's shooter series No One Lives Forever mingled with the game mechanics of Dishonored, the dystopian insanity of BioShock, plus a dash of Groundhog Day. You've got one day to kill an entire island's worth of psychopaths and every time you die or make it to the end of the day without killing everyone (you really only need to kill eight specific people), you start all over from the beginning. I'm only a few hours in, but I just unlocked the ability to maintain items from loop to loop, which is more or less where the actual game begins. I played a bit of Darktide tonight as well and it was pretty fun. My buddy and I got stuck with a couple of dipshits on my first mission (he's level nine, so I was mostly just following his lead) but we made it work. The gunplay and melee are very satisfying, which is to be expected from the studio that made the Vermintide games. The character creation system is fun as well. I'm not sure how much any of it matters, but I went with a Zealot and picked a variety of insane backstory options and ended up with a character that looks like Kratos from God of War, which was fitting since the starting melee weapon for the class is an axe. I was also gifted with a very Kratos-like voice option, which apparently is heard by everyone in my party during missions.
  10. Yeah, it looks pretty damn cool. I've got a couple of other games to finish before I dive into another 50+ hour game, though. Ragnarok is at the top of my list, and I just finished building a new PC and picked up Deathloop, which I've wanted to play since it released but lacked the hardware for, on sale for twenty bucks during the Thanksgiving Steam sale. I also just bought Darktide earlier today, although I haven't played it yet. Several of my friends either already picked it up or plan to, and we all played Vermintide 2 together, so I'm anticipating another fun Left 4 Dead style experience.
  11. I’m guessing many people tried it at launch, saw what a dumpster fire it was, and never went back.
  12. The new God of War is, unsurprisingly, really good, although it feels much more on rails than the previous game.
  13. I hated Wilson as a prospect too. Dude didn't play anyone in college and had an NFL caliber offensive line.
  14. I loved Lance as a fantasy prospect, but picking a guy who played in less than twenty games in college at an FCS school third overall in the actual NFL draft was insane. Trading multiple future firsts to move up to do it was doubly so. It was a huge gamble and it's looking like they are going to lose it badly.
  15. Also never forget that the Niners traded three firsts to move up and draft a guy who has played one game for them in two years and looked like shit in it.
  16. If you’re doing a top ten I think it makes sense to not allow duplicate franchises. A top 100 is fair game, though, and honestly it seems inevitable. Many people probably haven’t even played a hundred different games.
  17. My parents were visiting this weekend and I got to watch the foot fetish jerk off scene with them. That was fun.
  18. “What happened to the others?” ”Well I assume they fucked their moms.”
  19. Would have worked a lot better with more back and forth transitions. Splitting the story right down the middle just highlighted how uneven it was. The problem wasn’t playing as two characters so much as it was the way you played with one for eight hours and then abruptly got switched to the other for the next eight hours without any warning and basically got set back to zero for all your gameplay upgrades.
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