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  1. They are, but Varys leaving left a lot of little kids out of work, so now they are working for Qyburn.
  2. I mean compared to how it looked in season one when they had a much lower budget.
  3. Vaes Dothrak looks a hell of a lot cooler with a season six budget.
  4. It's not vague, as they quite literally showed us an establishing shot of the same ship Myrcella was on right before cutting to Trystane inside of said ship. The editing makes it clear that he was meant to be on that ship. And unless he just magically disappeared from the dock in episode ten of last season, he got on that little boat with Jaime, Bronn, and Myrcella. Again, unless he magically disappeared from the dock, he got on that boat. No idea why you're being so obtuse about this when you're very clearly wrong.
  5. Trystane definitely did not go on a different boat. Jaime flat out said that he was glad Trystane was going with them right before Myrcella died in the last season finale. I rewatched the scene to check. He's also not on the dock with Doran and the women as the boat departs. He quite clearly got onto the boat with Jaime and Bronn and Myrcella. Last night's episode also had an establishing shot of the boat that Jaime returned in anchored just outside of King's Landing before they cut to Trystane on that same boat. How the Sand Snakes got on the boat, let alone how they arrived at the same time as Jaime, is probably destined to go unexplained. It was just really bad writing, though. And if the plan was to kill Trystane all along, why not just have Ellaria kiss him too? Personally, I think that this was a last-minute decision from D&D and not something that was planned as of last year. I think they saw that the Dorne plot line was poorly received and called an audible. Of course, it was only poorly received because the writing was awful and all the characters were two dimensional, but whatever.
  6. Still really confused as to how the two Sand Snakes got to King's Landing the same day Jaime got back. I can plausibly see them being able to get onto the ship, as it was a Dornish ship and they likely would have been recognized by the Dornish crew. I'm not sure why Trystane was still on the ship, though. It seems to me he'd be in captivity in the castle somewhere given that his family had just murdered the princess.
  7. Well did you really expect them to resolve that in week one?
  8. Basically how it's going to be in the books too, although obviously it'll be Victarion instead there.
  9. Kind of just skipped over how they survived that fall, eh?
  10. I always found Dany horribly frustrating in the books for basically refusing to ever do anything about the masters who were obviously plotting against her. I'm totally fine with this change.
  11. That scene wasn't remotely subtle in the books either. The Mountain crushes Oberyn's face with a couple of punches. It's brutal and violent. The show did pretty much the same thing, and it worked. The only downside in my mind was that they changed the Mountain's lines a bit at the end. I really loved how he yells "THEN I PUNCHED HER FUCKING FACE IN...LIKE THIS." I wanted to hear that.
  12. Meh. I have no problem with this change. It just moves this storyline forward in a quicker manner.
  13. I don't think it's festering yet. That's just blood.
  14. Because he's abandoning his castle that rests in the bay just outside of King's Landing. Leaving his daughter there would provide a hostage should the Lannisters take back Dragonstone.
  15. So I guess this establishes that the Bronn marriage is important enough to include on the show.
  16. Maybe a Lannister ship found the boat? Tywin did order the ships to close off the bay.
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