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  1. Watched Renfield earlier tonight and thought it was great. Solid 8 out of 10 movie. Cage was absolutely fantastic, and Hoult and Awkwafina were good as well. Feels like it could have been a bit longer. The movie was an hour and a half and the crime family subplot was a little half-baked. I love Shohreh Aghdashloo, but her character was under-utilized and ultimately kind of pointless. If you're bringing in someone like her, give her more to do. All in all, though, I really enjoyed Renfield. It's a perfect movie to watch after smoking a bowl, which was exactly what I was in the mood for tonight. It's dumb fun, but really well made.
  2. I'm pretty happy with Chase/Wilson/Dotson for a combined 22 bucks. I think Elijah Moore could have a bounce back season too. Cleveland seems to want to utilize him a ton.
  3. Cut: Zach Wilson Davis Mills D'Andre Swift Also, holy shit that Garrett Wilson contract is fucking rad. How the fuck did Dotson go for four bucks more than Wilson?
  4. Hurts Allen Etienne Olave Walker Moore White Dotson Philly
  5. And this concerns turned out to be meaningless for Henry, who has had over 1700 carries in the NFL alone and has been a productive workhorse for the past five seasons, including last year in his age 28 season. We’ve seen time and time again that the really elite RBs don’t fall off a cliff the way less talented backs do, and Taylor is only 24. There’s no chance he doesn’t have at least two more productive seasons in him, and probably closer to five.
  6. Taylor is four years younger than Cook and has a lot less miles on him. He deserves a significantly larger contract than Cook at this point in their respective careers. He should be getting what Cook got during his first extension.
  7. Don't forget, the Colts are also a shitshow.
  8. That shit's gonna melt like that Nazi dude who opened the Ark of the Covenant.
  9. I did the same but didn't have to fight. My character (a Barbarian with the Dark Urge) made fun of the bugbear for being tiny and pathetic and he stumbled away in shame.
  10. Tentative keepers: Jalen Hurts - 1 Josh Allen - 2 Travis Etienne - 6 Drake London - 7 Chris Olave - 8 Kenneth Walker - 9 Elijah Moore - 10 Rachaad White - 12 Jahan Dotson - 15 Philadelphia D/ST - 18 Now I remember why I won last year. That team also had Kelce, Jacobs, Metcalf, Aiyuk, Breece Hall, and Mac Jones.
  11. Any of those are fine for me. Got no vacations planned for the next month.
  12. I read Hunter S Thompson's Hell's Angels over the weekend. It was an interesting look at a period in history that I wasn't alive for. I was honestly shocked that the book was from the sixties. I had no idea that motorcycle outlaws were a thing that early on. I'd always assumed it was a 70s and 80s thing and not a lifestyle that sprung out of the aftermath of World War II. I'd only ever read Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas prior, but this book has certainly inspired me to track down some of his other writing in the near future. Hell's Angels doesn't really have much in the way of a narrative, but Thompson's writing style is consistently entertaining and engaging. It made it easy to knock the book out in three days, especially since it was hot as fuck all weekend and I was all too happy to spend some time inside with the AC cranked to 68 or 69. I also finished the audiobook for Stephen King's The Dead Zone, which was narrated by James Franco. Franco's narration was somewhat inconsistent. There are times when he's great and a few characters that he really excels with, but he'll also seem to zone out during long, slower sections and drone on unenthusiastically. A bit more good than bad on the whole, though, and the book, which I read back in high school but didn't really remember, is a solid selection from King's massive library. It's also one of the rare King novels that more or less sticks the landing.
  13. Well, I got the Kindle version, so it’s the same weight as any other book.
  14. I’m starting The Stone of Farewell tonight.
  15. I finished The Dragonbone Chair for the first time recently and I agree that Williams is a superior author, and it’s also doubly interesting because you can see the huge influence he had on GRRM.
  16. I thought Abercrombie handled YA relationships significantly better in his Shattered Sea books. Then again, he's pretty good at writing realistic sex scenes. I thought all the scenes in his First Law series were pretty spot. There weren't a ton, but they were well-written and funny and really captured that mix of lust and awkwardness that real sex typically involves, especially between lovers who are unfamiliar with each other.
  17. It depends on the story. The Lies of Locke Lamora has no real sex scenes that I recall and the love story with Locke and whatever her name was is largely just hinted at in flashbacks and not elaborated on until later books. It’s still a wonderful novel. The issue with Sanderson is that his books almost always feature relationships that are very childish, like awkard high school relationships rather than those of consenting adults. And the characters all act like they’ve never fucked before, even the ones with kids.
  18. I enjoyed the original Mistborn trilogy for the cool magic system, the fight scenes, and the crazy twists, but in general Sanderson isn’t a great writer and he absolutely sucks at writing relationships. It feels like no one in his books fucks. I also originally read it prior to burning through a lot of the other contemporary authors in the genre like Abercrombie, Abraham, Hobb, Lynch, and Bakker, so I didn’t have much to compare it to outside of Martin.
  19. I just finished that yesterday after doing a re-read of the entire series. I hadn't read The Sins of Our Fathers or Auberon prior, so it was a nice surprise to see a couple of familiar faces in those. Auberon was my personal favorite. That character arc felt like it was written by Joe Abercrombie. On the whole, it's a really well done set of short stories / novellas. I don't think there's a single clunker in the bunch. Gods of Risk is the only one I think was forgettable, probably because the show fleshed that one out so much more.
  20. Fuck the Bengals and all, but those white unis are fire.
  21. Have you met the internet? If you make a character that's even remotely attractive, nerds are gonna want to fuck it. Hell, even Garrus in Mass Effect had an entire army of simps and, to quote Shepard, "Shit, Garrus, you've always been ugly."
  22. https://va.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_rwnwwuFyDD1zzlicr.mp4 LeBron sex scandal incoming?
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