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  1. Seems like a terrible move by the Ravens. They could have gotten way more than two firsts for him if they were going to let him go anyway. And if they end up matching the deal, then they created all this bad blood with Jackson for nothing.
  2. I believe he shot that video in a strip club, and it's illegal to have a gun in any establishment that serves alcohol in most states. Maybe all states, although I'm sure Republicans are trying to change that.
  3. Yeah, I liked in the game when he reveals he had a pistol the entire time and never used it on Ellie, which builds a bit of trust between them.
  4. The gameplay wasn't even very good when the game first released, and time certainly hasn't done it any favors. Story holds up, though, and it remains one of the best Star Wars tales ever told.
  5. The salary cap only exists if your GM isn't smart enough to bend it to his will.
  6. My dog had her best friend over on Friday night. Pic 1 Pic 2 The aftermath
  7. I’m glad it won’t be my team rolling the dice on that.
  8. Dude had a perfect RAS. He’s an absurd athlete.
  9. The Pistons are so bad. In their four games against the Cavs this year, they lost all of them by a combined 84 points. Only one loss was by less than 20 points. Yikes.
  10. Makes me glad I root for a team full of fucking nerds.
  11. I’ve not watched a ton of actual Murray games from start to finish, as I usually do Red Zone on Sundays, but I’ve seen every Baker game from start to finish, at least on the Browns. He got balls batted down by linemen a lot. A frustrating amount.
  12. Mayfield was considered to be undersized and he was like 6'1 215.
  13. Moving through tight passages is just background loading, I think. Same as elevator rides.
  14. The main issue with Fallen Order is the map is a confusing mess. It tries to be a Metroid-esque map but that doesn’t work nearly as well in three dimensions. Other than that, I found it to be a generally competent, reasonably fun game. Not a GOTY contender but definitely solid.
  15. I already said that I fully expect the Bengals to keep Burrow. I also expect it to cost them several other starters. Jessie Bates, for example, is already as good as gone, and for all the Bengals’ assurances to the contrary, it wouldn’t shock me if they end up losing Higgins too. And even if they don’t, paying both Higgins and Chase will mean cuts elsewhere.
  16. And yet it’s about to cost the Ravens Lamar Jackson. And will probably cost the Bengals several players as well, even if they do hold on to Burrow. If you have an advantage over other teams, you should flex it. This is no different from certain NBA owners being able and willing to eat huge luxury tax bills to keep a team together when other owners would have to break it up because they were unable or unwilling to do so. It’s why the Cavs have a championship and the Thunder don’t. I also find it hilarious that some of you guys pretend to be pro-player until it comes to guaranteed contracts. And then it’s, “Oh god, won’t someone think of the poor billionaires.” As if guaranteed money even really matters in a league where the salary cap barely even exists for a halfway intelligent GM.
  17. Well then it seems like a smart bit of gamesmanship from a cash rich owner in a division that had two other QBs on rookie deals.
  18. If I’m being honest, I don’t really get the big deal with the fully guaranteed contract for a QB. If you have an elite QB, he is getting all the money in his contract anyway. Mahomes and Allen may not be fully guaranteed, but there is a 100% chance they see all the money in their deals unless they suffer a career ending injury, in which case they retire and the money doesn’t matter anyway. Plus, as we’re now seeing, and as I predicted, the Browns offering that contract is fucking another team in their own division and is looking like it will cost them their former MVP QB, and it may fuck the Bengals soon too, as they’re a cash poor franchise that will likely have to borrow money to cover a massive guarantee. I don’t expect them to lose Burrow, but they may have to sacrifice some of the guys around him to pay him, which is good enough for me.
  19. The Ravens appear to be imploding, which is pretty awesome to watch.
  20. It’s a spoiler regardless of whether he lives or dies so I put it in a spoiler. The spoiler could say “Looks like I’m safe” or “I’m fucked.”
  21. My girlfriend got caught up on Last of Us prior to last Sunday's episode, so she was left with the Joel getting stabbed cliffhanger for only a couple of days. After she finished episode six, I got a text. "If Joel dies, I'm literally never talking to you again." Maybe I shouldn't have pressured her to watch this show. Don't click the spoiler unless you've played the second game!
  22. I decided to check out Atomic Heart since it's on Gamepass, which I signed up for recently because I got an urge to replay the Gears of War games (sadly I forgot that Gears 2 and 3 are not on the service), and finally get around to finishing the fifth one. My previous PC crapped out when I was about a third of the way through it. Atomic Heart is weird. Visually, it looks incredible. The art design is awesome. The combat is a bit clunky, but reminiscent enough of BioShock, which the game is so obviously attempting to ape. It very much feels like a Soviet BioShock. But the writing...my god it's dog shit. It's so bad. Cringeworthy bad. The main character sucks. He's constantly quipping, which would be fine except they're never, ever funny quips. This feels like Russian BioShock fan fiction written by a team of fifteen year old boys. Also, would it have killed them to give the Russian main character in this game set in Russia a Russian accent? He sounds so generically American that it's annoying. I'd switch to Russian language with subtitles, but the subtitles are so goddamn small (and no, you can't change it) that I'd have absolutely no idea what the fuck was going on if I went that route. It's just a shame that a game that's so visually gorgeous is saddled with such shoddy writing.
  23. Fundamentally it's still a Fallout game. I'm not sure what they could possibly do to make one of these games significantly more colorful when the vast majority of the plant life is dead and most of the buildings have been decaying for decades if they weren't outright destroyed.
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