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  1. Ten years ago, Sony wasn't releasing any of their exclusives on PC. Now, it seems like they're releasing most of them a few years after their console release. The second game is already a couple of years old, so I'm guessing next year for the PC release since Part One comes out later this month. And there's no chance they'll rebuild it from the ground up. There's no need with Part 2. It's still one of the best looking games out there and only two years old.
  2. I mean, that’s probably the cleanest room they’ve got. It’s the post-apocalypse. Shit’s fucked.
  3. So, like, are there going to be any quarterbacks in the NFC next year?
  4. I wouldn't say there's no urgency. They live in a highly dangerous world where life is cheap, and they're currently occupying a hospital with working power and, presumably, medicine. They'd be an obvious target, and that's not even getting into the constant threat that the infected pose, even to Ellie. She may not turn if they bite her, but as they said early on, that won't stop an infected from tearing her apart. Every day they hold off on doing what they feel they need to do in order to manufacture a cure is a day that their surgeon may be killed or Ellie may die. That, of course, doesn't mean they had to kill her the same day. I just think it's false to say there's no urgency here. They've likely been working on a cure for close to twenty years and this is the closest they've come.
  5. Yeah, that was just as good as the game. Honestly, I think it worked even better on the show because they could use the music and cinematography to portray the horror of what Joel was doing much better than when you're in control and have to gun everyone down yourself, which puts you in survival mode.
  6. I seem to remember it being a bit more enjoyable when I played the Legendary version, but it had been so long since I played the original that all I really remembered was that the gameplay was borderline unfun at times. It might just be that it wasn't as bad as I remembered it, though.
  7. I mean, the gameplay was never the highlight of KOTOR to begin with. If they made it better but kept the story mostly unchanged (I'd be fine with some minor re-writes to tighten the dialogue, same as I expect them to do for the remake of The Witcher, although that one needs it far more), I'd be on board. That being said, if you remove most of the RPG elements, it's not the same game. I would not be on board with that. If I recall, didn't they improve the gameplay from the original Mass Effect in the Legendary Edition to make it play more like the second game?
  8. While I agree that Lamar representing himself is likely annoying when it comes to negotiations, he’s by no means the only player who has ever represented himself, nor the only high profile or highly paid player. DeAndre Hopkins represented himself during his contract extension with the Cardinals. Jacoby Brissett represents himself. Richard Sherman, Russell Okung, Laremy Tunsil, Bobby Wagner…not a lot of players do it, but certainly enough that Lamar doing it isn’t the issue here.
  9. Who had the Panthers as a playoff team a year ago? Their roster was mediocre last offseason and it's gotten significantly worse with the absence of CMC and DJ Moore, their two best players offensively by a mile. Their best WR right now is Terrace Marshall. The only shot they had last year at making the postseason was the general weakness of the NFC and the fact that two of the teams in their division had even worse rosters and a lot of young, unproven skill players.
  10. Yeah, I was just saying if they were going to go in on a QB, at least Lamar Jackson might make them competitive, especially since they'd be keeping Moore and the two second rounders they gave up in the deal. And as mentioned, if they waited until after the draft, they could have used that number nine on a good player. I agree that they're a team that should be trading back and stockpiling draft capital. This reeks of an impatient, impulsive owner. I'm all too familiar with those.
  11. I think it's a massive overpay relative to their talent level. They can't afford to give up all those assets. Their team is complete trash, and they just sent out one of their only good players. They're going to waste the QB's entire rookie contract rebuilding, and by that time he may be broken beyond repair.
  12. If I'm the Panthers, I'd rather overpay Lamar Jackson, keep DJ Moore, and burn two firsts rather than give up all that to get one of those four guys. The Panthers with Lamar Jackson are the instant favorites in that trash division. Wait until after the draft to sign him and they could have kept that ninth pick to add some high end talent to the team.
  13. That feels like an insane amount to give up to roll the dice on one of this year's QBs. I don't think any one of them is a sure thing.
  14. It’s worth noting that only two or three teams gave their team’s staff a bad grade. The Ravens were obviously one. Don’t remember the others.
  15. Usually they become injury prone after they’re there, right? Not sure what they put in the water out there. Lead, maybe?
  16. I’m not saying they could do it given their cap situation. I don’t know enough about their books to know that.
  17. I mean, if you’re going to light a couple of draft picks on fire, I’d rather walk out of it with Lamar Jackson than Trey Lance. And I’m by no means his biggest fan.
  18. The Warriors play like a team of dudes who hate each other. To get owned like that after all the shit Green talked about Brooks is just embarrassing.
  19. Another rule proposal... If you yell "And 1" and miss the shot, it's a technical foul.
  20. I’d like to propose a new rule. If you miss the free throw, you don’t get to high five your teammates.
  21. It's odd to me that they're coming out and saying that they won't be talking to him. And it's crazy that teams without an answer at QB aren't even going to meet with him. Maybe he wants more than you're ultimately willing to give him, but at least take the meeting. If this all blows up in the Ravens' collective face, Lamar could be a free agent in two years and maybe your team left a good impression in the meeting and he's now got more reasonable demands.
  22. That was my first thought as well when a couple different teams were so quick to put out the message that they weren't pursuing him at all. That just seems insane to me. You won't even take a meeting with him, Atlanta?
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