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  1. Oh yeah cut him too. Don't think I save anything but would rather have the roster spot.
  2. Had my annual 12 team redraft league's draft the other night. This used to be a 0PPR league, but we switched to .5 PPR starting this year to my delight. Finally I am no longer forced to use my first three picks on RB. It's also 6pts per QB touchdown. Other than that, it's a pretty standard league. QB Jalen Hurts RB Aaron Jones RB Travis Etienne WR Justin Jefferson WR AJ Brown WR Michael Thomas TE Travis Kelce K Cade York D/ST Broncos BN Chase Edmonds BN Brandon Aiyuk BN Michael Carter BN Treylon Burks BN Jahan Dotson BN Kenneth Gainwell BN Isiah Pacheco I picked at the 1.03 and took Jefferson, then Kelce and Jones near the 2/3 turn. Hurts fell a lot further than he should have too, which was great for me since I got to stack him with AJ Brown and then later Gainwell.
  3. Changed my mind and am not keeping Rondale. Am definitely keeping Elijah Moore though.
  4. I read somewhere that the plan was three to four seasons. I'm guessing they'll assess how far they've gotten after writing season two and plan accordingly.
  5. This season appears to be all about setting the stage for the conflicts of the next few seasons. We're getting introduced to all the players, all their petty rivalries and grievances, and pieces are being put in motion to oppose (or support) each other down the line. Much like the first season of Game of Thrones set up the War of the Five Kings and everything else that followed.
  6. I appreciate the way that Viserys keeps trying to do right by his family and it's constantly interpreted by them as petty politicking. He sends help because Alicent legitimately convinces him that it's the right thing to do, but all Daemon can see is the attempt to upstage him. Similarly, he's pressuring his daughter to marry in order to solidify her claim, but she sees it as his attempt to ship her off and get her out of the way.
  7. I didn't hate Daemon's recklessness the same way I hated Jon's in the Battle of the Bastards simply because here it was character motivated. Daemon would rather risk death than allow himself to lose face and be bailed out by his brother. Jon just stupidly charged to the benefit of no one. Daemon knew it was a suicide mission with little chance of survival and just didn't care because death was more acceptable to him than dishonor.
  8. Keep: Hurts Allen Aiyuk Mac Jones Etienne Elijah Moore
  9. Cutting Miles Sanders and Terrace Marshall, which should free up around 15 dollars.
  10. The fact that Daemon brought the egg with him to the confrontation at all makes me think he always intended to surrender it. He was just posturing and wanted to make Otto submit and lose face before he gave it over. If you don't intent to give up the egg, why not leave it secured in Dragonstone?
  11. Much like in the dynasty league, just to get out ahead of this, my keepers this year will be: 2 - Jalen Hurts 4 - Josh Allen 7 - Brandon Aiyuk 8 - Mac Jones 10 - Travis Etienne 13 - Elijah Moore 16 - Rondale Moore
  12. Just to get out ahead of this, here's my team and cuts: QB - Kyler Murray $15 (1 year) QB - Zach Wilson $12 (3 years) RB - D'Andre Swift $9 (2 years) RB - Saquon Barkley $31 (2 years) RB - Cam Akers $9 (2 years) WR - DK Metcalf $3 (1 year) WR - Diontae Johnson $5 (2 years) WR - Ja'Marr Chase $12 (3 years) WR - Elijah Moore $4 (3 years) TE - TJ Hockenson $5 (1 year) --- New cuts: WR - Terrace Marshall - $1 (3 years) WR - Brian Edwards - $1 (2 years) RB - Miles Sanders - $26 (1 Year) --- Previously dropped players:Darrell Henderson - $4 (1 year)N'Keal Harry - $3 (1 year) Sam Darnold - $12 (1 year)Jalen Reagor - $5 (1 year)Joshua Kelley - $2 (2 years) --- I dropped all the year numbers down by one relative to last year.
  13. Had a dynasty rookie draft last night. Ten team, 1QB, .5 PPR. My haul: 1.08 - Chris Olave, WR Saints 1.10 - Jameson Williams, WR Lions 2.02 - James Cook, RB Bills 3.07 - Isiah Pacheco, RB Chiefs 4.08 - Greg Dulcich, TE Broncos 4.10 - Isaiah Likely, TE Ravens 6.10 - Kyle Phillips, WR Titans Also grabbed Jerome Ford off of waivers after the draft since he may have the Kareem Hunt role in Cleveland next year. I reached a bit in the third and bought into the Pacheco hype, but at that point in rookie drafts you’re just throwing darts anyway and CEH is a jag, so the RB room is wide open.
  14. I'm definitely in for Keeper and Dynasty, and down to do one of the redraft leagues as well if it's a snake draft.
  15. I thought it made perfect sense. He became his old man and no son was ever going to be good enough the same way he was never good enough.
  16. I got the sense that Maeve had no idea if she was able to take on Homelander but was always afraid to because she assumed it would be suicide, but by this point in the story she doesn't give a fuck if she dies so she's going all out whereas he is presumably pulling his punches a bit because he doesn't actually want to kill her.
  17. He obviously must feel pain given that he has PTSD from the way Soldier Boy beat him.
  18. He's good for two or three absolutely hilarious scenes per season and thus is worth keeping around.
  19. The episodes go live at 8pm EST on Thursday night.
  20. Nice twist at the end of that episode. Going to be curious where Noir's story goes. Is he now aligned with the Boys by default? Also, Butcher stays making the same mistakes that got his brother killed.
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