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  1. I decided to check out Atomic Heart since it's on Gamepass, which I signed up for recently because I got an urge to replay the Gears of War games (sadly I forgot that Gears 2 and 3 are not on the service), and finally get around to finishing the fifth one. My previous PC crapped out when I was about a third of the way through it. Atomic Heart is weird. Visually, it looks incredible. The art design is awesome. The combat is a bit clunky, but reminiscent enough of BioShock, which the game is so obviously attempting to ape. It very much feels like a Soviet BioShock. But the writing...my god it's dog shit. It's so bad. Cringeworthy bad. The main character sucks. He's constantly quipping, which would be fine except they're never, ever funny quips. This feels like Russian BioShock fan fiction written by a team of fifteen year old boys. Also, would it have killed them to give the Russian main character in this game set in Russia a Russian accent? He sounds so generically American that it's annoying. I'd switch to Russian language with subtitles, but the subtitles are so goddamn small (and no, you can't change it) that I'd have absolutely no idea what the fuck was going on if I went that route. It's just a shame that a game that's so visually gorgeous is saddled with such shoddy writing.
  2. Fundamentally it's still a Fallout game. I'm not sure what they could possibly do to make one of these games significantly more colorful when the vast majority of the plant life is dead and most of the buildings have been decaying for decades if they weren't outright destroyed.
  3. Every Fallout game is an inherently grimy experience. I agree with Wert that, of the three modern Fallout games, Fallout 4 is the most colorful. A huge chunk of it is still drab wasteland, though, just like every other game in the series.
  4. Life's too short to keep playing games you're not having fun with. If it sucks, just put it down and find a game that doesn't. There's no shortage.
  5. Presumably they could pretty easily freeze to death in the winter if caught outside. And they don't seem to have the cognitive function to open doors or anything like that, so it's not like they could break into a closed up house for warmth or anything like that.
  6. The crowd for this show has been tremendous. Reminds me of NXT crowds from before the pandemic.
  7. I don't know how you can't have Sami win. He's the guy right now. No one in WWE has been this over since Daniel Bryan, and that was like a decade ago.
  8. The finale this season was wild. Olivia absolutely obliterating her nose with a self-inflicted golf ball slingshot to the face was the highlight. That was probably the worst injury I've seen on this show. Also, Nany continues to be a choke artist.
  9. All three of my dogs came from breeders. Middle dog was a German Shepherd. They've all been pretty healthy. I lost my first boxer to cancer at around ten and a half, but he was mostly healthy prior to that. The Shepherd literally never went to the vet for anything other than check-ups and shots until he started getting sick shortly after turning eleven last year, and cancer got him shortly after as well. Current boxer similarly has only been to the vet for her vaccinations and the occasional allergy shot (cytopoint has been amazing for her) and she turned five at the end of October. I haven't fully committed yet, but I'll probably get a fourth dog in a year or so and I'm definitely leaning toward another boxer. The GSD was a fine dog, but I just don't want to ever deal with that type of shedding again. It was awful. I have no issues with adopting, but I look at a dog as a (hopefully) decade-plus commitment, and so I'd prefer to hedge my bets and get a dog from a reliable breeder. I get to raise the dog from eight weeks on. I know there's no significant trauma in their past that may randomly manifest itself as aggression. I know that the dogs come from a line of animals without serious behavioral issues. And I've so far had pretty good luck with health going the breeder route too.
  10. My first dog was a boxer (also my third dog, who is pictured to the left) and I think they're a great choice for a first dog. They're smart enough to be easily trained, although they can be a little stubborn at times. They act like idiots, though, which is amusing. They're typically good with other dogs, adults, and are well known as a breed that is good with children. I think it's because they have a high pain tolerance, and so they won't get pissy if a kid tugs on their ear or pinches them like some other breeds might, and will likely just interpret it as an invitation to play. And you get to take all sorts of ridiculous photos like this.
  11. That game is one where the ridiculousness of some of the open world stuff was very apparent. You're the leader of this massive Inquisition, but you can't send someone else out to pick some fucking flowers for you while the world is at stake?
  12. I agree with you to some extent about some of the action very much feeling like a video game, but I just rewatched episode five and Henry killing himself so suddenly hit me just as rough as it did on Friday night, so the show must be doing something right.
  13. By the letter of the rule I think it was holding. I also think it was an awful call that you can’t make in a situation like that where it basically hands a team the game. A hold has to be egregious in that situation, and that hold was not egregious, nor was the pass even catchable regardless of the hold. I do appreciate the guy owning up to it. There was a lot of bad sportsmanship from eliminated teams this year and it was nice to see someone take accountability instead of blaming the refs or injuries.
  14. The Cavs have looked great the past couple of weeks. They finally seem to be starting to gel with Okoro figuring things out and becoming a decent corner three guy offensively, which means it no longer feels like they're playing 4on5 on offense when he's on the court. They're also signing Danny Green, whose shooting helps address their biggest weakness. Plus, Mobley really seems to be making a mid-season leap and has the ability to just assert his will on a game at times. His passing ability is incredible for a big man. You can tell he's a coach's son. My main concern with them is just their lack of experience come playoff time. They've got one of the youngest rosters in the league and only a couple of guys have extensive playoff experience. I think Love is the only one who has won a title, and he's not even in the rotation right now. And I guess Danny Green has won too, but he's just joining the team.
  15. Could be a simple defense mechanism since it was currently being shot at by like fifteen different people. And I'm sure plenty of infected have accidentally killed their victims while trying to infect them. I can't imagine they understand their own strength or how fragile human bodies can be.
  16. It's a shame they didn't use that same plot for the first Suicide Squad movie. It may have actually been good.
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