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  1. I mean, Utah and Denver have basically been doing that for decades.
  2. The Nets are also screwed because Houston owns their next four or five first rounders (a couple are swaps, but still), which means they have absolutely no incentive to rebuild and tank. They have to try to win right away.
  3. Her post apocalyptic world thus far has been lived entirely in a city full of people, most of whom were alive prior to civilization falling apart. I don’t think most of our turns of phrase would suddenly disappear, and as she mentioned in the second episode, she clearly has access to books and knew what, for example, a hotel was.
  4. Apparently KD, Kyrie, and Harden added up to six playoff wins. Lmao Nets. Two super teams, zero championships. Better luck next time.
  5. Probably not many, especially in the modern NBA where teams rest their stars for like a third of each season for maintenance.
  6. To be fair, this is basically the most impressive record in basketball and will almost certainly never be broken.
  7. Nah. He won us a title. Don’t like that he went to the Lakers, because fuck the Lakers, and I certainly root against that team’s success, but don’t really have anything against LeBron at this point. Also cool to see him break that record because it will probably never be broken again.
  8. I just wish someone would have goaltended his record setting shot.
  9. That should also put to bed any concerns that him leaving will have a significant creative impact on Rick & Morty, as from the sound of it he stopped involving himself with the writer's room in season three. Which, in my opinion, is the strongest season of the show. Obviously they'll lose some of his off script rantings, but overall the show will likely be fine without him.
  10. From the info given in the episode, it seems like her brother was a Firefly or an unbranded resistance fighter who got ratted out by Henry, who obviously was doing it to protect his kid. Seems possible her brother was a resistance leader and they turned to her when he was killed by FEDRA.
  11. Best part of this Kyrie to Dallas trade is LeBron breaking down because he thought Kyrie to LA was a done deal.
  12. If she were just reading the lines, she’d probably sound a bit more British.
  13. I don’t get the complaints about Bella at all. I thought she was fantastic last night. Her stubborn attempts to get Joel to smile with the terrible pun book were great, and paid off with the joke at the end.
  14. I think it felt like part one of a two part story arc.
  15. In the Inside the Episode they mention that has often been the case throughout history following an insurrection. The new people in charge are often just as bad as the old ones.
  16. That’s why I make sure never to run out. Got a bottle of Benromach 21 earlier this week courtesy of the chumps in one of my fantasy football leagues. Good shit.
  17. Seeing four Cavaliers on that list warms my heart, though. Three in the top twenty-two!
  18. Kyrie as a Dishonorable Mention.
  19. I’d say that guys like Mitchell and Garland are rated as high as they are because they can gamble for steals knowing that Mobley and Allen are behind them to cover for them. Having two great defensive bigs who can both switch and defend the three point line makes life a hell of a lot easier for guards and wings.
  20. Yeah, the main issue with Gobert is that he’d get played off the floor when it counted. Mobley can defend wings as easily as bigs and his length throws off a lot of smaller guys.
  21. Any stat that lists Darius Garland as the third best defender in the league is clearly not accurate. The dude puts in effort but he’s not a great defender.
  22. Zero chance any team in the NBA would pick Towns over Mobley is we were doing a redo draft of the entire league. Mobley would easily be a top ten, maybe top five pick, especially when you factor in salary and age. As you said, he’s arguably already the best big man defender in the league (and absolutely elite at switching to the wing and contesting shots) and he’s only going to get better offensively.
  23. If they were going to pick an AFC backup QB, it should have been Brissett.
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