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  1. Sounds like everyone else turned Denver down and they had to pony up for Payton.
  2. That's a brutal blow for his career too, as it means he's probably not walking into next season as the starter. I'd be shocked if he's ready in six months, and even if he were, we're talking the end of July at the earliest for him to come back, and I assume he won't be able to throw for the bulk of the offseason.
  3. The game necessarily had to throw in a bunch of prolonged combat or stealth encounters to keep players engaged. The show smartly seems to be picking its spots.
  4. Eh...the game came out a decade ago, and the Ellie stuff wasn't added until they already knew it was a huge hit. And gamers in general aren't exactly the most accepting demographic when it comes to gay relationships. Or really anything that isn't a straight white dude saving the day.
  5. Bengals players talked way too much shit heading into this one with that Burrowhead nonsense. A much needed humbling.
  6. That injury was instant karma for the dumb late hit.
  7. Bills watching this game thinking, "Wait, we're allowed to rush the QB?"
  8. Browns fan here. We've sucked for damn near twenty-five years straight and then traded for Voldemort.
  9. Made it to the final mission. I did all the gigs and side quests. Didn't get all the police scanner shit, although I have to imagine I got most of them since I pretty much just knocked them out as I saw them while driving around. Don't care enough to search out the rest, though. I already technically finished the game once, as I offed myself on the rooftop initially, but I saved prior to talking to Misty, so after the depressing end credits stuff I reloaded and went to meet with the Nomads. Going to wrap this one up tomorrow, at least until the expansion comes out. I'm at around 80 hours, which puts this pretty close to the same length as Witcher 3 pre-expansions.
  10. The anti-woke crowd is already going to start turning on the show with Sunday's episode, more than likely.
  11. I could see the argument that he may not have been allowed to suck for two years before he figured it out, but he was a top ten (I think) pick, so he was always going to get some leash to figure it out. Zach Wilson has been godawful and he'd probably be getting one more year if the team hadn't turned on him due to his shit work ethic.
  12. Wouldn't Josh Allen ten years ago just be Cam Newton?
  13. Triple H seems like the guy who should be running the company because he actually cares about the product and, more importantly, knows how to book good wrestling. I've only followed it off and on the past few years, as I stopped watching wrestling pretty much entirely during covid (the lack of crowds was a killer for me), but all accounts seem to be that WWE's on screen product has improved immensely since Vince stepped aside. And given how much better NXT was than the main roster for years with Triple H in charge of that, it's not surprising.
  14. The QB situation in Indy makes it tough to really evaluate Reich as a head coach. Was he the problem? Or was the problem that his QBs the past few years have been backups and cast-offs? The team certainly didn't look any better after he was fired. The Colts were 3-5-1 this year with Reich and 1-7 with Saturday, including a seven game losing streak to close out the season.
  15. This Colts shit show is getting entertaining.
  16. "Aw, jeez, Rick, why do we sound a little different?" "You know why."
  17. Is the Shadow Tactics expansion good? I got it free on Epic but I'm not allowing myself to start any new games until I finish one of like the eight I'm foolishly trying to finish at once.
  18. There's a separate thread for people who have played the game. You're safe here. No spoilers outside of the most recently aired episode.
  19. Also, the trailers pretty much give away that she isn't going to last because they're 90% Joel and Ellie either by walking by themselves or meeting with various other characters that very much aren't Tess.
  20. That opening scene felt like it could have been lifted straight out of Chernobyl. Excellent stuff.
  21. The production values really help take this show to the next level. It looks so much better than any other post-apocalyptic show I can remember seeing. That episode had more varied sets than an entire season of The Walking Dead.
  22. https://media.tenor.com/DLeJJRJYqxgAAAAC/i-feel-like-a-fucking-idiot-interview.gif
  23. Yeah, I tried that on a date once and it wasn't bad. Probably wouldn't order it again, but it was edible and I didn't get sick from it or anything like that.
  24. The third one isn't terrible. After that it gets ugly.
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