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  1. RT @AddieBenYehuda: יחידת הזמן הקצרה ביותר, שנמדדה בתולדות האנושות, היא מהרגע שנאמר השם "משחקי הכס" ועד שמישהו צועק "בלי ספויילרים!".

  2. Probably the most under-rated episode of the show ever. Extremely well done in every aspect- Littlefinger's speech, The wall climbing, Jamie and Brienne's dinner, Tywin vs. Olenna. Amazing writing and execution in this one, maybe my favorite episode.
  3. 10/10 for me. Perfect finale, and I was so glad we didn't see LS. just not the right time. So the ending scene wasn't that great, big deal, I can live with that. The rest of the episode was really well directed.
  4. "Face Off" was great, but come on, "Crawl Space", episode 11, was the best thing ever. And I'd say Blackwater was a little bit better than Rains of, but these are definetly the top 2.
  5. Wow, the rating in IMDB is UNREAL http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2178784/
  6. "It's a good thing they split the book in half", they said. "the first half of ASoS is not dull", they said. (I actually love this season because of the great acting/writing, but I still think the first half of ASoS is weak)
  7. Cheers! Excatcly what I was thinking. You managed to put my thoughts into words, something I can't really do because English isn't my native language. thank you :)
  8. I can't believe some people are saying this was the worst episode yet! I thought it was absoulutly fantastic! Great acting, Great writing. just great, enjoyed every minute. the LittleFinger speech montague... that ending shot... this is how television should be made. Best episode yet, 10\10
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