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  1. shadowbinding shoe

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] "New" POV 1 - Spoilers for ADwD

    [quote name='Other-in-law' post='1538396' date='Oct 1 2008, 16.04']I'm sorry, but you're bringing the latent skeptic in me out. :P[/quote] Those rats are tricky bastards. As Lord Ramsey tells us these rats are no ordinary rats, they're [b][color="#FF00FF"]Bolton rats[/color][/b], schooled in the delicate and exacting art of flaying people. Reek is not that experienced , the Bolton men have been protecting their proteges and even if we accept your questionable assumption that Reek would want to start with the belly and go to the trouble of incapacitating its legs and mouth for this purpose (and why didn't Martin go to the trouble of describing it after he described all those other gritty little details?) we have to remember that Reek only has 7 fingers. A holy number to some, but not as good as 10, and those 7 are kind of bony and decrepit. Could he overpower a [b][color="#FF00FF"]Bolton rats[/color][/b] in his prime, well fed on Reeky flesh? I doubt it.
  2. shadowbinding shoe

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] "New" POV 1 - Spoilers for ADwD

    [quote name='Andhaira' post='1538312' date='Oct 1 2008, 14.11']Actually Theon wrings the rats neck fist then eats it. A rat is no match for a human unless said human is in an obullite. :)[/quote] Actually: "The rat squealed as he bit into it, squirming wildly in his hands. The belly was the softest part. [...] By the third bite the rat had ceased to struggle, and he was feeling almost content." Belly-eating = claws and teeth pointed toward eyes-nose-cheeks-chin [quote]Well,you can't really tell,until you try that yourself :)[/quote] While trying to fondle the rat in my basement, I lost my left nostril and right cheek and had my brows disfigured. True story that. I have been on Ratoholics-Anonymous for 3 years now. I feel (like us all in RHA) for Theon.
  3. shadowbinding shoe

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] "New" POV 1 - Spoilers for ADwD

    This was not a good chapter as the other three were but it gave some interesting insights. The story about Lady Hornwood eating her fingers is given a new angle here. She had not eaten off her fingers because she was hungry from starvation, she did it to stem off the pain from flaying But Theon eats a live rat?? That just doesn't make sense. The rat would have taken off half of Theon's face if this happened for real.