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  1. I rated it a 7 ... I was sooo looking forward to this episode, the red wedding part, and it just didn't live up to the suspense and setting and shock portrayed in the book :( Watched it with my wife and son, who hadn't read the book, and really all they said was 'that was gory/violent'. I feel like the show went for visual shock value with gallons of blood rather than going after deeper empathetic emotional shock. On the other hand, some of the details were too subtle; my casual viewers didn't get the Rains of Castamere reference; and the only hint of Lannister involvement was the Roose's whispered comment. Overall I think they really missed the boat in building up to the RW. I agree with the above that the show didn't do such a good job of showing the magnitude of betrayal that happened here :( To the casual viewer, I think it was just a gory plot twist. I didn't have the gut wrenching shock of Ned's beheading ... Other parts of the episode were ok We were all kind of confused with Jorah/Grey Worm/Daario returning to Dany victorious, somehow?? My casual viewers were also confused with warging scene of Bran, and Jon and Orell? The importance of offering bread and salt was lost? I'm loving the creepy way Arya is being played. I have the feeling the plot may be getting too complicated for casual viewers? :( But it's till an awesome show!!
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    Hi all, Rod from the US here. Been (im)patiently reading the series since it first came out. Been lurking for a bit ... but thinking about jumping in some :)