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  1. All_Men_Must_Poop

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Dany crowd-surfing like she was Nicki Minaj in a Pepsi commercial was the worst thing I've seen all season. As much as I didn't want Lady Stoneheart this season, I really don't think they could have ended it much worse. They could have ended it with Dolorous Edd farting and I would have enjoyed that exponentially more. Great, big bag of suck.
  2. All_Men_Must_Poop

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    Sorry, I only made it through the first eleven pages, so my apologizes if this has already been pointed out: Melisanre told Stannis it is best to slaughter before the prey recognizes terror (obviously paraphrasing). Then why in seven hells would she "agree to a demonstration" while her "prey" is sharting all over himself? However, I loved this episode as whole. Maybe just the comparison to the chamber-pot material GRRM gave us last week makes this one look better. *fingers crossed* for next week to hold up it's end of the bargain.
  3. All_Men_Must_Poop

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    Sorry if this was already mentioned, but one of the minor things I enjoyed was Anguy telling Arya to "trust your eye." It reflects Syrio's gospel of always following the eye and what you see. Sure enough, right after Anguy says that, Arya is the first of the camp to "eye" that intruders are coming.