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  1. This episode was bad. Almost as bad as Ep1. That's a shame,the last few episodes were pretty good, although they too had a fair share of cringeworthy moments. This episode had potential, but the terrible writing and some of the acting and even editing simply made it just... lame and boring. /rant First Arya scene - So apparently lady crane is a master healer because she... used to stab her boyfriends a lot? Hm, Ok. Arya looks way to healthy considering the gut stabs she got and amount of blood she lost. Honestly it's not something anyone can buy. No person her age would recover, let alone survive, such a wound. But, as usual, we just need to accept it as it is and shut up. Cersei in throne room scene - I couldn't make much of it other that what was shown and said. I don't know why Tommen made that decision or if Kevan was somehow involved in it, because so far he's not doing ANYTHING. I'll just have to wait for the next episode to see what that was all about. Cersei v Lancel scene - Why did the HS summon Cersei for? I actually cared more about that than the Gregor Smash! part. I won't be surprised if they just made it up and will never refer to it again, just to show some Frankengregor action. Meh. The Hound killing outlaws - There are outlaws and The Hound kills them. Jamie and Brienne - was boring... he let her keep the sword, that was nice... other than that I already forgot what else they talked about. Brienne and Blackfish with Sansa's letter - Blackfish can read an entire page full of text by simply glancing at it, in less than a second! Amazing! (again, BAD editing) Jamie and Edmure - I think it was pretty good. Blackfish is actually someone's bitch - Hated that scene. So here we learn that Blackfish never really had that much of an authority in Rivenrrun despite all that we were lead to believe. Apparently, they all answer to some random unnamed guy who we've never scene before, and apparently they're all huge bureaucrats because if their 3-years-unseen-rotting-in-prison lord suddenly tells them to do something that probably might get them and their families all murdered in like 10 minutes, they do it! because technically he's god almigh... I mean, he's their lord. Brienne and Blackfish by the boat - I'm sorry, Blackfish's decision doesn't make sense. Why is he so eager to die? If he really wants to save his home after it had just been retaken, then why not escape and try again? That's some LAZY writing, it's obvious the writers were just trying to get rid of him as quick as possible. He didn't even get a death scene. Pff. By the way, why were Brienne and Pod SNEAKING away??? Who were they running from? Jamie?? CAN THIS EPISODE START MAKING SOME SENSE ALREADY?!?! Meereen - Ok. I get it. This scene was meant to be amusing. Just like the last two scenes these 3 had together before. But gosh... It really wasn't. Why not use this time for some character development? The whole "tell a joke" scene felt cringey and awkward. At this point Tyrion is just annoying. The Hound and Brotherhood - it was ok I guess, but one little thing bothered me- throughout the whole scene, the main guy they were hanging had this angry, stern "I don't give a f*ck!" face, looking all badass. And then, when the hound was about to kick the block from under him he was suddenly all "please, ill give u anything :'((( "... really? Arya chase scene - The chase was too long, they tried to make it thrilling but it was just boring. Arya and Jaqen scene - I'm not even going to bother. /end rant I feel better now.
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    Hi, not sure if this is the right place for this, just wanted to let you know that im using a retina display on my macbook and this site's favicon looks very pixelated and blurry, unlike other sites on my favorites list. not much of an issue and it really doesn't bother me but i just wanted to let you know cause it seems like an easy fix.
  3. What a weird episode! I'm left with a lot of questions, I really didn't like any of the changes and I don't know what they're trying to accomplish by them... So, what's happening with Sansa now? What was the point of her wearing that fancy dress? Why did they made it look so meaningful? Did Tywin fake that letter or was it just lost in the mail? What happened to Arya and Sandor's horses? Why did they make Littlefinger look like such a pussy in the scene that should have showed everyone what a truly brilliant manipulator he is? BEETLES?!?! Why didn't the Night's Watch send someone to Mole's Town to warn them like they did in the book? Why isn't there a word for cousin killing!? Does Grey Worm have a dick? Where do whores go? Who killed Mr Burns? Why are we here? So confused....
  4. This episode had the worst acting ever on this show.
  7. Joffrey's death was done terribly bad. Nothing from Cersei.. It's like she didn't even give a shit! he should have been surrounded by people trying to save him... I hate HBO so much.
  8. Hello Benioff & Weiss. Please include Shitmouth on the show. If you don't, there will be consequences.
  9. Does anyone think they actually browse this thread once in a while? Because I'm pretty certain they don't.
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