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  1. 10/10. Probably the best episode in the entire series which would make it my all time favorite episode of anything. Hardhome might have been even better IMO, but it's hard to say.
  2. Personally I found it to be very good. There are some things that poked me in the eye though. Dany flying on Drogon looked awful for one. Would've been better to show it from the ground, not from atop the dragon's back. Also, the Unsullied are meant to be EXTREMELY good fighters, at least in terms of technicality at least, as they've been trained for around 6+ hours a day since they were still well under 10 years old. In the show they are just cannon fodder to be killed.
  3. If they had a brain they would've sailed south of the Wall and walked to Castle Black on the south side. There'd be no gate barring their way even if Ser Alliser had wanted to keep them out. They would have been safe from the Others for the entire walk too. In the show they apparently sailed to the Wall, but instead of doing the sensible thing and walking west on the southern side of it, they decided to place their lives on the line and walk on the northern side.
  4. Well, that's what half the people here are doing IMO. Anything that's different from the book is said to be bad storytelling, whereas if GRRM would've done it, it would all be seen as brilliant storytelling. Besides, the show has improved some aspects from the books. While Dorne in the show might be a bit pointless, I find it to be FAR more entertaining than in the books. In the books the only character in Dorne I liked was Darkstar, and he was not seen all that much. Sansa's story line is also better in the show IMO.
  5. He rated it an 8, I don't think he means it in terms of quality.
  6. The first point would've been too un-Sansa like. Where has this Sansa empowerment come from? Only thing I've read about it is that Sophie had though that she'd be less a victim this season but after reading the script she knew it wasn't so. The second point? That would be one of those kinda hilarious moments where you're like "Seriously? You wrote this into the show?" (I mean it in a disbelieving, "holy crap they are insane in a good way", way, not bashing the show. S5 has IMO been the best season since season 2.)
  7. Best episode of the season. 10. Totally forgot about LSH, so didn't bother me. Would've been a good addition though.
  8. Gave it a 9/10. One of the best GoT episodes ever. I didn't like lady Olenna's dress. She looks too much like a septa. Otherwise she was great. Better than I expected after the reviews etc. Really liked Thoros as a character. All of the BWB scenes were great. Grenn/Edd/Sam scene was awesome too. Worst scene in the episode? Cat talking about Jon Snow. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't interesting and it went pretty far away from the books. I dislike Mance. He looks old and grumpy. Tormund looks like Tormund but he's gotten too few lines at the moment.
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