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  1. dunno A career in a male dominated force that has power over other other people, may get exposed to seedy side of life and/or see how little is done about crimes from flashing to rape may have worsened his nature and/or given it more scope to act.
  2. Its clearly a lot more infectious strain, and once its out there it cannot be stamped out. But it would surely be moving a lot more quickly if we did not have rules in place. I have to think that had the Federal (Australian) government been able to source vaccine while lockdowns were working to contain the earlier strain, then we would be very well placed now. I have not bothered to really inquire whether it was their failure or just Australia's objective situation with little negotiation power that meant we did not get enough, so I am not saying it is their fault. But I get a definite sense of relief that they can now get away with characterising lockdowns as a mistake.
  3. In one state here in Australia, its been reported that 20% of ambulance crew will refuse vaccination. I think, for the future, they need to screen who they invest the education in.
  4. It's a good idea, I'd be happy to play the simpler version. If you began by asking each player to send you two questions to Stannis, you could select one from each person to make a varied set and use one each round, so we were all answering the same question. That's basically acrophobia I think. At the end you could throw in a vote on the best question, as well. The second version is a bigger departure it seems more like the original Ask Stannis thread but with points. It took me a while to work out what you were suggesting but actually it might be fun.
  5. I don't think so. Anyway I was ordering metal angles to finish corners a metal house I don't think they are ever on special. No migrating hordes but as its spring there do seem to be more creatures about, looking for mates, probably. Autumn is a lovely season too though, especially if there are lots of deciduous trees around.
  6. Spring is here. Well, it was yesterday. It feels like spring, too. I am self isolating! (well that's my normal lifestyle anyway but this is official). There was a case at a supermarket I went to several days ago (the time band was 9-5 so it must have been a worker) so I went into the drive in testing queue (pre-armed with an audible book and my phone was powered to play it, amazing) got tested and have to stay at home. Hopefully I get the results late this afternoon and they will be negative. I have not really considered the positive option except to feel guilty because I could have exposed others before I found I was exposed. This delta variant is clearly very sneaky. Yesterday I went to the hardware store to order something but the supplier is closed because of cases there. I am on the very outskirts of greater Sydney and though we do get cases here the original variant never really took off.
  7. There is that stuff you smear on their route through your kitchen that kills em. Stops them anyway. Not sure if they learn not to come or if they carry it back and kill their whole nest. On the COVID theme, I had a surprise yesterday. I have been avoiding doing a proper supermarket shop because we are having a strict lockdown (by which I mean a proper lockdown, this state had a half assed approach to lockdowns which is why Delta has zoomed up) and every time I try to order the food delivered I find the delivery spots are booked out. So I went in late in the day and found it pretty deserted and with lots of empty shelves. I don't know if this is panic buying or more likely just everyone turning to delivery from the two major supermarket chains (who offer it). Some suburbs are really strictly locked down and they probably want to get enough in to see them through, keep their hungry kids at bay etc. The toilet paper mania doesn't seem to be happening, nor the canned tuna mania, just meat, fish & and some vegetables were very depleted as well as some canned goods. I mean it was a first world problem, you could still buy stuff to cook and eat, I was just surprised. Then I came home really tired and flustered and realised it was probably the effects of the second AZ jab I had the day before and went to bed. That was my outing into the world.
  8. most of us don't need an incentive, it comes natural.
  9. well, as the winner, you could host another game of acrophobia, or not, as it pleases you. Or you or somebody else could host a game of acrophilia. I see that Julia H hosted the last one, so that exempts her. I don't think I have the competence. I sat here and tried to come up with themes that were not too easy not to hard and it was a bust. ho hum.
  10. Hmmm I almost commented when I voted for the I hate the sound of your voice entry "i can see that once you saw that phrase in the letters you would have to go for it" but I thought it was a gift of fate! Great game fragile bird and you were so generous with deadlines it was really relaxing. Congrats to AA who was firing off excellent entries every round, and to everyone else.
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