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  1. Castellan

    Should we lower the age of adulthood in the US to be 16?

    Nope. I can't see any good reason for voting at 16. I don't see it as a deprivation to wait until 18. I don't think 'adulthood' is one legal step anyway, there is age of consent, age you can marry, age you can be employed, age you legally leave home, etc, all of which I think you can do at 16, and no, I don't think that's an argument for voting at 16. When I see the US legal system come up with rubbish like treating legal children as adults I see the downside of pretending people are more mature than they are.
  2. Castellan

    Acrophobia 34A&B: PART B R1

    Every character is harder! LF offers chances of a great title but I can't see a single one so far.
  3. Castellan

    Acrophobia 34A&B: PART B R1

    first 9 And Dragons Lived second 6 A Dutiful Life third 5 Daring Myrmidon, Dorky King's Guard.
  4. Castellan

    Acrophobia 34A&B: PART B R1

    I believe new players can join at any time. You could vote on the Nan round and send an entry in for Barristan. Better PM DG and let him know.
  5. Castellan

    Is Mace Really an Oaf?

    its partly that he is the right horse isn't it? Once Stannis kills Renley, for example, Tywin knows his chance of preserving Joffrey's rule is through winning over Mace. Mace is the Lord of the most fertile and populous of the Seven Kingdoms. He can supply an army, food and control over a big chunk of land. I don't know if he's that adaptive he just consistently uses his strength to push for power.
  6. Castellan

    Looking for old topic

    Scratch that, I found the topic!
  7. Castellan

    Acrophobia 34A&B: PART B R1

    4 Nan’s Essential Lordling Classics 2 Oversized Lunk Kissing 5 Old Ladies Know
  8. Castellan

    Can Cat be happy?

    well I have the same prejudices and am not ashamed of them but I have had to accept that within the book there are diametric forces opposed (fire and ice) and Melisandre for example is not inherently evil but someone delving into fire magic to try to stop the forces of Ice blah blah blah. Thoros seems to simply have been blessed with the gift Melisandre is struggling unsuccesfully for for by burning people, and is using it to better effect, again within the confines of the book where continuing to fulfill Beric's mission to defend the small folk against Gregor and other's predations because that was the order from his king, is the correct thing to do. I agree that LS is a darker being (Thoros says so) but I think this is because she died while swamped with thoughts of vengeance and is now stuck in that mold. The more idealistic portion of Beric's followers have left. I think Thoros is just hanging in to see what comes next. It is my (tentative belief) that Thoros is going, by a long drawn out process, to achieve what Melisandre can't. Beric's flaming sword contrasts with Stannis' phony sword which both Salladhor and Aemon have pointed out must be a fake. Beric's sword flames because of the resurrected person wielding it. The story of the forging of Lightbringer involved attempts in fire (Beric) water (Catelyn) and then a lion (who could that be?) and finally a beloved (Brienne). Brienne also has Ice which has been turned into a sword with a red steak now running through, there is a Baratheon smith at the BWB ... its all gotta mean something! I'm not saying Brienne is AA, but this sword thing could be passed along to someone who is.
  9. Castellan

    Can Cat be happy?

    I think it was the human still in him who was sick of his resurrections combined with his sense of mission which was to support the Starks and Robert Baratheon that made him pass it on to Catelyn when Thoros wouldn't revive her. I don't know why you need to see the gift Thoros has somehow been given as an evil force. PS If Catelyn had immediately killed Jaime I would expect his body to have been found arranged for show like LS's other victims, not to have simply disappeared.
  10. Castellan

    GRRM: Some folk got it right.

    surely there are more than one 'it' making up the end of the story? and I think 'a few' must be an underestimate.... I don't even know what would be encompassed by 'the ending' - some people seem to think it mainly means who sits on the Iron Throne
  11. Castellan

    Can Cat be happy?

    I don't think she can be happy but I think she may at some point she may just give up and choose to die properly by reviving someone else like Beric did....someone who could help her remaining children....someone called Jaime or Brienne...for example
  12. Castellan

    Acrophobia 34A&B: PART B R1

    I am shocked how good you have all got at this title business! 7. Soldiers learn discipline.... 8. Sometimes leading.... 4. Sieged leige...
  13. Castellan

    Acrophobia 34A&B: PART B R1

    Must be Stannis. No other character posted yet.
  14. Castellan

    Acrophobia 33 New experiences! Round 5

    Thank you! what a nice way to put it!
  15. Castellan

    Acrophobia 34A&B: PART B R1

    Happy New Year everybody!