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  1. ahem. I voted for it despite knowing none of that.
  2. Thanks Rhaenys. I will be surprised if the effects continue another day.
  3. My husband and sister got their first shots yesterday, the AZ vaccine because the Pfeizer is reserved for young people who are more likely to have blood clots. They both got powerful night fevers with a headache. Mys husband had leg cramps so bad his legs drew up in a fetal position. When he forced them out he could hear some sort of popping in the joints! Then today as those symptoms withdrew they both got cold like symptoms at virtually the same time. My husband was walking round the house saying now my nose is running and next minute the sister texts saying now her nose was running she wasn't sure if it was a symptom or a cold. As with most other things done during COVID there is a lack of fine tuning. My sister has lung cancer and has been having small vein blockages. My husband has a strong immune system, he never had a flu in his life - till he had one, then when he started having flu shots he would get really bad reactions to them. They should have been able to access the safer shot, in my view, rather than a blanket age rule. PS now there fevers are coming again as its nught time.
  4. Valyrian. After reading Tyrion's experiences in that water I wouldn't want to go near it. Would you rather live in Pentos ot Braavas?
  5. Clarification: does 'appear' in books include being mentioned, remembered, etc?
  6. I can't help assuming one would be drawn into it, unless the network itself keeps him out! He must care about how his babies are doing.
  7. Well yes i didn't know about the non linear writing process (makes me feel better about my non linear reading process) but study of any major chapter show all sorts of foreshadowing, parallel events, tiny references to other chapters. So presumably he goes back and forth with re-drafting and minor tinkering because a recently 'completed' chapter can influence an old 'completed' chapter.
  8. I can picture that leading to excuses for spending even more time on the second half. I mean so the time to getting two halves publsijed is longer than if he'd concentrated on getting out a slightly less worked over single book. Still, the older of us might have a chance of knowing what happens to some of our favourite characters before we die. I remember when I first discovered the books and the forum there was a post by someone who was 70 I think saying he'd worked out the rate of increase in intervals between the books meant that TWOW would come out seventeen years after ADWD. Or maybe he was jumping to ADOS. Anyway, time flies and I am starting to know how he felt.
  9. well I think that dream has overtones of undead warriors what with the flaming sword and that fact that Jaime's cave experience is like going to Hades after death and being judged by some of those there - Rhaegar and the old KG. I am have assumed that Brienne is going to take Jaime to Lady S for trial or simple execution. I can't see why she'd kill him herself. Harder to drag a dead body back to the BWB cave in many ways - too many questions - although I suppose she could take his head! I think she made a decision that Pod was the only innocent person there and she could not bear to see him hang. However I agree possible she is dead already as she may have said the correct word with her dying breath, leading Lady S to command Thoros to revive her. I am kind of wedded (or engaged) to the idea that there is going to be a chain of revival: Beric - Catelyn- Jaime - Brienne - corresponding to the tempering of AAs sword in fire - water - the breast of a lion - the breast of a beloved (house sigils and other symbolic stuff connect each character to each method). Someone put this idea up years agp and I keep mentioning it cause I like it. He regarded Thoros as AA, I just see it as echoing the sequence. In regards to the sword of AA, Beric's is the only flaming sword we have seen so far in the books and it seems pretty clear that in fact the flame of the sword is the product of the blood and fire magic in the person who wields it, not a property of a particular sword. Ice/Oathkeeper is the most interesting sword in the books - having gone from north to south, been remade so that now it looks fiery rather than Icy etc etc. When Brienne is going to the Whispers carrying Oathkeeper there is all sorts of chatter about 'magic swords'.
  10. I realise that! Not a criticism at all. Many years ago my housemates and I embarked on a foolish program whereby we gave up locking up our cat who had gone into heat up, thinking supervised outings might calm her down (really this meant we couldn't stand the way she was climbing walls and rubbing against the window) anyway this attempt at 'supervision' meant I observed the whole process from rolling about to spread her pheromones where the driveway met the street to pregnancy. And the hormonal behaviour seems a lot less grotesque and more charming than when locked up. Luckily all kittens found a home, possibly because she was very early in the season, and she got desexed after that.
  11. Its keeping them locked up that makes it unbearable. I have often thought the same that I couldn't bear to be so totally possessed by a set of hormones.
  12. Going into stereotype territory here but I'll say Lady Nym. Next: Dr Fauci
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