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  1. I was going on connections as outlined by AppleMartini (who no longer posts on the forum I think) which has Cersei as Elizabeth Woodville & Jaime as Anthony Woodville, her brother. In my opinion, no system will line up exactly as GRRM has drawn from different historical figures and overlayed and switched them around a bit. Cersei is really quite reasonable as Elizabeth Woodville, Robert is clearly drawn from Edward IV, he gained the throne through military prowess but tended to piss off his relatives and inflame rivals with his drinking and whoring.
  2. Has she left him? I don't see her mentioned as in isolation with him. But I doubt Arya would be the cause.
  3. Random selections: Shireen Now that the possibility of Shireen being burned has been raised, I think how dumb could I be, when I look at the misery that surrounds the way GRRM has detailed her - her dragon nightmares, her sadness, her greyscale marks, the fact that she is constantly accompanied by someone who appears to dead or who has gone to the realm of death and come out as something in between, and who makes cryptic utterances. I also think that in the elements of Nordic myth that are woven in, she represents Hel, the daughter of Loki who is banished to an underworld where she rules over the dead - just found this in wikipedia: "her appearance is described as half blue and half flesh-coloured and further as having a gloomy, downcast appearance" Jaime - the only question is how and will it be heroic Lady Stoneheart - there's no way this restless spirit will be wandering around at the end of the series. I'm thinking she'll die as Beric did, reviving someone else, either Jaime or Brienne. I suppose a nice ending would be to revive one of her children, Arya or Sansa. Just thought of that. Euron - he thinks he's a God and is planning to take on all the other Gods, marry Dany, and rule the universe. I think he's dead meat. If there are Gods, Euron won't scare them. If there aren't he's just making himself ridiculous! Victarion - pretty dumb, a warrior and excess to plot need after the Battle of Meereen bulk Freys - I am hoping that the nicer ones are spared ie the ones that were not involved in the Red Wedding because they were seen as too close to Robb. There are plenty of female heirs among the male heirs closest to the top of the list. I envisage marrying one of them to a lord from the winning side who would become the new Lord of the Crossing. Barristan - Battle of Meereen likely to end him MIGHT SURVIVE Cersei courts disaster so much I have always thought she might confound by surviving. Also, her main historical parallel, Elizabeth Woodville, retired to a religious life after he daughter married the victorious Henry VII. Tyrion - I think he'll live and be in a position of power in Westeros, but miserable. Gerion Lannister aka Inkpots Tommen - well I think he's doomed but I live in hope. WILL (Probably) SURVIVE Jon
  4. I think the point is that it could be seen as a human failing where emotion overrides strategy, rather than a sign of Targ madness. It seems like the tourney at Harrenhall was putting together an alliance prepared to put Aerys aside and make Rhaegar King, and Rhaegar also had it in mind to take a second wife to fulfil prophecy. Aerys showing up at Harrenhal, and Jaime joining the Kingsguard, would have ended the chances of that especially if it was essential to recruit Tywin to that cause, as Aerys now Jaime hostage. With his hopes raised then defeated, Rhaegar went for the one part he had achieved - conceiving another child, and took Lyanna away.
  5. Maybe it wasn't sacrificing a captive but executing a criminal before the Gods. in TWOW preview scene where Asha tries to save Theon from being burned alive by Stannis she suggests that he instead kill him with a sword beneath a weirwood. I find this confusing because its the northern way - don't ironborn want to die with a sword in their hand? Shouldn't she beg for Theon to be allowed to fight for his life in a trial by combat or something?
  6. Understandable. I found the description of him being flung around like a rag doll by Wun Wun rather memorable. Must be why he popped into my head for an assignment.
  7. You are both right Patrek of King's Mountain is named after a friend of George R. R. Martin, Patrick St. Denis of Montreal. Patrick is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys American football team (whose logo is a blue star), while George supports the rival New York Giants.[6] It is probably worth rereading little bits to give you a feel for Ser Patrek. Especially the death scene as 'killed by a giant' is rather summary. Patrek thought he deserved to marry Alys and then turned to Val. Jon told Selyse that free folk believed in stealing brides and that is how Ser Patrek encountered Wun Wun.
  8. I'm picturing Satin and Pyp carving that in.
  9. He is an offensive prat. His death is the most notable thing about him.
  10. I think we foreigners had similar thoughts watching Hurricane Katrina unfold.
  11. Thanks Jez. I am happy to continue, what say I do three more rounds after this one, everybody?
  12. I'm getting nervous. "closing the gap in battleground states" the headlines say. Two weeks seems like a log time when that is happening.
  13. My cat was a great hunter. Other cats I have had either caught zero or just one thing (eg a cricket) in their whole lives. This cat clearly sprang from a long line of farm cats and would have been wonderful for keeping the mice and rats out of my granary, if I had such a thing. She would come to the front door in the night with that weird triumphant deep throated ululating sound that partly just "I have a rat in my mouth, can you hear me???". I'd open the door partway to see and then say No No put it down. SHe'd keep trying to lunge in the door bearing her gift but she had learned and eventually would drop it and run to the kitchen where I would give her some dry food. Then I'd grab the dustpan and brush and run out and put the rat in the garbage bin. She'd come out later sniffing round the porch wondering where her rat had gone although on some level she must have known I had stolen it. I can't tell you how guilty I felt for not acting more grateful for her for feeding the tribe. I felt I should cut it up and pan fry it & share this gift with her....
  14. I have read some quite frightening articles about Long Covid recently. Also the extent of heart damage. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/a-living-hell-the-serious-and-persistent-symptoms-of-long-covid-20201021-p5678w.html?ref=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss_feed https://www.abc.net.au/news/health/2020-10-23/doctors-with-long-covid-warn-long-term-effects-can-be-serious/12785934 https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6204259496001
  15. I would like to see polling about whether people believe that COVID exists in conjunction with whether people believe in alien abduction, reptilians, Qanon ideas, God decides who dies from diseases, gun control, and whether they are anti-vaccination.
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