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  1. Castellan

    Acrophobia 33 New experiences! Round 3

    @Raisin' Bran umm yes will see what I can do in next 24 hours
  2. Castellan

    Acrophobia 34A: Autobiographies - R2 (can still join)

    #1 3. Pricks... #2 1. Outlasting.... #3 6. I Garden...
  3. Castellan

    Acrophobia 34A: Autobiographies - R2 (can still join)

    #1. 7 #2 6 #3 1 That was incredibly hard to choose. I just had to stop wavering and put a vote up. Honorary mentions to everyone as they are all good but take such diverse approaches!
  4. Castellan

    Acrophobia 34A: Autobiographies - R2 (can still join)

    I'm back. Sort of. First time I have looked at the site since dropping out. I believe something in the ether told me Gabe was hosting a game. I can't apologise enough for abandoning last game. Thanks for your concern but I don't have a good reason (eg hospitalisation; eviction; flood), life and its deadlines just overcame me. Some votes: 8. "Cersei" - Devastatingly Fearless 5. Life as Shame Dame 7. Cersei's Dynasty Founded
  5. where oh where has my darling Castellan gone...

  6. Castellan

    Acrophobia 33 New experiences! Round 3

    In time, in time...
  7. Castellan

    Acrophobia 33 New experiences! Round 3

    Round 3 Results Howland's laid back entry came tops closely followed by Rocksniffer's employee of the year (not) entry. Very concentrated votes this round. 1. Enjoyable vacation. Yeomen jocularly offered wines, yellow grapes. 1+1+3+3+2+2+2+1=15 Howlin’ Howland 2. Note: pranking men of Paxter's was overhasty - yoked! 1+1+1=3 Dolorous Gabe 3. Exhausted vintner's yellow "juice", obliterating winery's yearly grosses. 1+1+3+3+2+2+1=13 Rocksniffer 4. Nuisance pests make our persistent work, overall, yieldless. 1+1+3+2+1=8 SWMBO 5. Nitwits press most opulent piss water, overrated yellows. 1+1+3+2+1=8 Raisin’ Bran 6. Enjoyed vino, yes! Just, overindulged. Wasted. Yup. Greeeeeeeeeeen!! 1+1+3+1+1=7 Fragile Bird Round 4 Highgarden entries. You have been kicking your heels in Highgarden for a while as your host had her own travails (which have not ended). Please vote for 3. 1. Guy entertains. Questioned Paxter's quotient nastily, obtains clapping. 2. Got ensuing queen pregnant, quickly nipped out casually! 3. Greatly enjoyed quaint picnics quietly nomming Olenna's cheese. 4. Devoted unknown underlings kick ass harvesting orbs, diligently. 5. Greenery eerily quiet. Poisoned quarrels nearby often concealed. 6. 'Garden elites questioned - Peach?!? Quagmired negotiations obstructed collaborations. Round 5: A very special employer. Holy Hell! I bet you thought you’d end up in King’s Landing again, making it a nice round trip. But no. As a group you accepted a ride to Lannisport, but your driver arrives at a keep in the Westerlands and tells you he is not going any further and there is always a need for servants here, at Clegane Hall. What do you do? Choose one of these to tell your tale: bmggopoe ksoparms Oh dear, I seem to have lost a letter from the last acronym, so I will make one up. I will throw in the letter a. So its ksoparmsa I really thought I'd made every mistake that could be made.
  8. Castellan

    New Elimination Game, #2: Best TV Show with a Female Lead

    Heal TMTMS Hurt Gilmore Girls I am not on a mobile but I have my reasons... ineptitude
  9. Castellan

    Acrophobia 33 New experiences! Round 3

    No, its fine, I read it as the writer is regretting pranking Paxter's men as it got him in trouble. ie 'that was dumb of me'. Its not Paxter's men doing the pranking, they were the one who were pranked, so 'was' is correct. Similar to 'Note: teasing policemen was overhasty - handcuffed!'
  10. Castellan

    Acrophobia 33 New experiences! Round 3

    I am surprised no-one has complained about the two u's together in the other one. It must be the lesser of two evils. I just experimented with creating acronyms for them - geez, it was HARD!!!
  11. Castellan

    Small things you hate

    People who do that in any traffic. People who think the safe way to go down a precipitous pass from mountains to coast with hair pin bends is to fasten themselves to the car in front of them (me). People who overtake you in steady traffic then sit in front so they can arrive at the destination 3 secs earlier.
  12. Castellan

    Small things you hate

    I hate to tell you this, but also a sign of general ageing and having no new stories. I am quite happy to repeat my stories to friends as long as I know they also have lost their wits and won't remember I told them before.
  13. Castellan

    Acrophobia 33 New experiences! Round 3

    It seems if there are 8 letters, people can always make something out of them, so I am not worried.
  14. Castellan

    Acrophobia 33 New experiences! Round 3

    sounds like a reeducation camp. you will come out moralised! a better citizen!
  15. Castellan

    Stuck in my ways and fine with it!

    I am the person who wishes they had the sense to buy five of anything that they really like and use a lot, but am just too mean. I did a few years ago buy two of the same blouse (in the same colour) and was so grateful I did. It was what I like and in colours I could see wouldn't come around again. Shoes would be a good thing to get multiple pairs of but as they are expensive (its hard to get ones I can tolerate and they cost megabucks) I can never bring myself to. Plus with shoes I can never know if they'll be comfortable till I've been wearing them for about a month. I am very suspicious of shoes.