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  1. Thank you Howlin', and Ser for the joke, I think...
  2. I do! I am OK. Well sort of. I just gave up. When I started this game Gabe said "good luck reviving the game" and I realise now why he was sceptical. Five is too few players unless they are all incredibly motivated and organised (two things I have never combined in my own life) all at the same time. The only way I can see acrophilia continuing is if it was played on a one round basis. ie someone organises a round, then its up to someone else. That limits the amount of commitment players have to make. I also gave up because of a death in my family and other issues. Now I am learning about how to be an executor. The main thing is not to be one. I am OK but stressed.
  3. I found it a very interesting moment, but had not paid attention on first read.
  4. So it seems most people are struggling to get this guessing done. Please do try over the next few days to at least get me some prelims. Two of the clues are very hard. One you will only get through playing around with putting combinations of words from the clue into a search of ice and fire unless you have an extraordinary memory.
  5. Kennelmaster I think. Hopefully I'd be a really good one like Cesar Millan and make my lord very happy with his hounds. If you were having crabs boiled in fiery eastern sauces would you have it with Dornish Red or Arbor Gold?
  6. Does anyone know if state laws which would prosecute you for doing something in another state have been enforced or upheld by higher courts?
  7. "creatives" as an umbrella term for people in any kind of art or design activity.
  8. edit: This post was about finding the use of 'lighted' instead of 'lit' eg 'the torch lighted up the trees' which I noticed a while ago in a book I was reading, then searched and found it in others. But I have calmed down now because I checked again and found its not that common - I got the impression it had somehow become standard without my noticing.
  9. Round 2 Character clues for guessing 1. Daughter. Faithful bastard. Lives obscurely. 2. Egregiously fired. Hurting, junked cape. 3. Dear friend. *Brother* lying. Obviously! 4. Entirely black contemplation in swans. 5. Destroyed foster boy's letter obligingly. Deadline: 11 March In this round, you may choose to give me the prelim characters and the prelim theme separately. ie if you find many of your characters are wrong you may not wish to submit the theme until you have had a rethink, or vice verse.
  10. I think Euron references Loki the trickster God in Norse myth. When Loki's ship made of the fingernails and toenails of the dead breaks its moorings and sets sail as the world floods, its part of the early stages leading to Ragnorak. Loki like Euro think he can defeat the Gods and become the one supreme God. I also think Euron is basically a nutcase with an interest in the occult but whether he has gained any knowledge in his journey and whether his shiny 'Valyrian' suit or armour is real is another question. I think when the Ironborn entered the story it was the beginning of the weaving of the myth of Ragnorak into the story as we move to cataclysms and a final battle after which many of the leading characters will be dead. Strange wonders will happen but whether Euron has any active role in causing them is up in the air. I have to say I found the Ironborn incredibly tedious and wondered why I had to read about another culture at this stage - wasn't there enough going on alread??. Now I see it like a big narrative stage creaking into action like a ship setting sail.
  11. I hope you are having fun making your round 2 clues. Round 1 Results C=character guesses T=theme guess V=favourite clue votes Julia H. C8+T4+V1=13 [vote from shadow] A Free Shadow C6+T4+V2=12 [votes from HH & FB] Howlin’ Howland C4=4 Lilac & Gooseberries C2+V1=3 [vote from Julia H.] Fragile Bird C2+V1=3 [vote from L&G] Julia H., a fearsomely with-it player, got all clues and theme correct at prelims, and then earned a favourite clue vote, giving her the highest score this round. A free shadow was close behind, with three correct guesses, the theme and two favourite clue votes. Spare a thought for Howlin' who got back to me quickly with three correct clues and a reasonable but incorrect theme guess, and then worsened his position, as does happen in this cruel game, at final. Lilac & Gooseberries frightened the host with her several plausible but incorrect answers and Fragile Bird said she found she has forgotten all about the books, never having read them properly! If she finds her mojo other players will need to beware. My fear in hosting was that I'd pitch things too hard leaving everyone bewildered or too easy leading to a set of perfect scores. This didn't happen but I did find out I can't detect ambiguous clues. I did not realise how many people were pathetically manipulated in their love life in this book. Shadow found one who fit both the clue and the theme! I don't think I can promise to do better, but I will try.
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