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  1. Castellan

    A Compendium of Theories v.2

    Inkpots is Gerion Lannister Derived from his verbal interplay with Tyrion when Tyrion joins the second sons and from his name Tybero Istarion. I am pretty sure it's already in this thread, but I can't find it with search. I know there were some topics on it in the general forum or in re-read and I can't find them either. Probably lack search skills.
  2. Castellan

    Cats: Threading their way into our lives.

    ick I am in Australia so they are different species but still...
  3. Castellan

    Cats: Threading their way into our lives.

    Did this eagle thing really happen? Or was it grainy film of eagles with something or rather? I am moving to a bit of land that has a pair or eagles and a pair of hawks that patrol it. I searched the web and only found the grainy film. Eagles are rumoured to take baby lambs but my friends with a hobby farm say they don't. I have gone from worrying about the cats hunting birds to vice versa. We can build an enclosure but one of them in particular would not be happy.
  4. A good match. and he wanted to marry the hussy off before she caused a scandal. A remote island must have seemed just the thing, but she created a scandal anyway.
  5. So who is going to host the next game?
  6. Castellan

    OK why are tombs empty? Missing girl case....

    I would assume that this popular obsession with one missing girl case (what is the mystery? odds on rape and murder) has led, as such things do, to bizarre claims about where the body might be and where more exciting than in a princesses' crypt in the Vatican?? I also do not think its a mystery that an old tomb doesn't contain remains. Records are not necessarily kept, someone makes a decision to move things for some logistic reason (eg building repairs), or perhaps that was only a temporary tomb. I don't know anything about burial practices except that sometimes the skeleton is later removed and put on display in a crypt the family can visit, or the bones bundled up in an ossiary.
  7. i doubt they had coathangers. not flexible wire ones anyway.
  8. Castellan

    Tyrek Lannister theories?

    Alas although my first impression of Jaime was he was like Achilles - would at some point break out of his sulk and be the warrior he was supposed to be - now I am expecting that it is too late for him.
  9. Castellan

    Tyrek Lannister theories?

    hmmm so being held and encouraged not just to be a figurehead Lannister leader as part of an invasion, but an assassin, able to turn up and be received by Cersei? All of the ideas in this thread are interesting, but none are convincing, due to lack of more information.
  10. Castellan

    Tyrek Lannister theories?

    oh no, that's Jaime!
  11. Castellan

    why jaime didnt tell people about the wildfire

    I lot of you won't buy this but I think that Jaime was also keeping the vow to keep the King's secrets. Might sound strange when he has broken the most central vow by killing him. I have previously thought that was one reason he did not tell about Aerys's plot to blow up the city (rather than in the context of the particular issue of why didn't he deal with the wildfire more thoroughly). Reasons are a. not revealing King's secrets b. too proud to be disbelieved which I think he would have been - what wants to be seen as making a cowardy self serving lie after breaking the greatest taboo? c. Like other Westerosi on a deep level he takes the vows as absolute, even when faced with a situation when it would be evil to obey, so he also feels that the crime is in this sense undeniable and unjustifiable to others d. When coming out by accident on the winning side of a rebellion, its not sensible and also not a winning argument to say 'I wasn't actually joining your rebellion and helping my father's forces - I had a higher motive than you rebels", making yourself suspect as well as probably disbelieved. As far as he knew only a small elite of the pyromancers knew about the plot and so no back up from that quarter,.