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  1. Castellan

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: Round 4 voting

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  2. I have a lot of the content for pale eyes. I can adapt your list by adding referenced quotes in spoilers under each name. I looked at red mouths and lips ages ago and don't have a list, so if you want to do it, please do! Its worth checking the Dunk and Egg tales for it too. I looked at bites once because Brienne;s bite seems so cruel - and horrifying to read, I have not really gotten over it - and as one writer points out on another forum its almost like the author fetishises the abuse and insults Brienne receives and the bite is certainly their horrible culmination. Anyway, one thing I found was some sinister mouth and teeth imagery in Brienne's chapters preceding that chapter. Its good to delve into the detail of imagery.
  3. Its a great list. I haven't looked at them all yet. I searched just on 'pale eyes' (which misses some of course) and still think that they do not always mean the same thing. Ilyn, the Boltons, Mandon Moore, and the would be assassin of Bran to me have the most symbolic meaning - death, otherworldliness, enigmatic (The assassins description is actually a washed out version of Ilyn Payne). Sam and Emmon Frey - both the instances I found were when they were feeling powerless afraid and probably exhausted - Emmon when brought out of the dungeon before the Starks and Sam when stuck into armour and sent for arms training on his first day in the NW. They are both ineffectual people (Sam changes) and afraid so it still fits my general idea that while eyes can project liveliness, emotion, personality, thoughts, these two are overwhelmed and have feeble sort of eyes in these scenes at least. Jon and Tywin as seem by Tyrion - cold deliberately emotionless surveying of Tyrion. It occurs in the scene where Jon Con interviews Tyrion and also when he tells him he has to lay off the alcohol. Must have a look at the new ones.
  4. Ilyn Payne is the most obvious pale eyed character. He represents death, the Stranger (cadaverous appearance). I think the pale eyed people (possibly excepting Emmon Frey) are seen as cold observers. Eyes can project warmth, liveliness, emotion, engagement, but theirs don't. The Boltons eyes are the coldest - like chips of ice. This has led some readers to propose that the Boltons have an Other ancestor. It could also just help convey that they are family with a strong streak of psychopathy. Mandon Moore is described as emotionless, beating Sansa with no emotion at all, he is almost like an animated corpse. Tyrion thinks of Jon Con's eyes as pale when comparing him mentally to Tywin and resenting his cold judgemental attitude. But this is Jon Con old and doing his duty but having lost everything he held dear. Both he and Tywin probably actually had attractive eyes when young, or when not viewed by Tyrion. I might go check out some of the others on your list. Pale eyes on middle aged neurotic women (Selyse and Lysa) could indicate their self obsession and lack of warmth and their reserve - analogous to the Boltons but from different causes. Viserys - could it just be the otherworldliness that seems to hang around the Targs - a faery property, or a freakish property, the wrong side of the Targ coin. Although with his lack of understanding of other people and his own obsessiveness and anger he is like Selyse and Lysa.
  5. When I did some rereading after the OP went up, I divided red smiles into two groups - (1) foreshadowing death of the person - the red on teeth of sour leaf - Masha Heddle the iconic case. The red is as if they are being murdered and their own blood is in their mouths. But I think in the Dunk story some boy recruits to the little war over the water source are seen with red smiles, but they do not all die, it could be seen as Dunk fearing their deaths, as its his POV. He is trying to avoid violence. I would put Yoren in the foreshadowing of death class, not as someone who planned a revenge murder. Blood on lips or mouth - murderous thoughts/nature/foreshadowing committing murder - Cersei and Melisandre - its like they are an animal with the blood of their prey on the lips - like licking the lips of blood of the victim. Its less common than the red sour leaf teeth. Might be worth going through your list and seeing of this works or not.
  6. Castellan

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: Round 4 voting

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  7. Castellan

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: Round 4 voting

    It was quite an unexpected take but made sense, always good to see a 'I never would have thought of that!' when reading the entries.
  8. Castellan

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: Round 4 voting

    1. 1 2. 3 3. 5 I'm not sure if #5 means Chett is starting a reactionary 'men's rights' movement or has become a recruiter for the NW, but its sounds Chett-like either way.
  9. Castellan

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: Round 4 voting

    No 7th Chett entry expected?
  10. Castellan

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: Round 4 voting

    I am not keen on author's adding explanation at all. If explanation is necessary might be better to change the way the instructions are given each round and remind people of them at the top of the list of entries for voting. e.g. could set a scenario each round and make it compulsory to use it. Could be broad instructions or narrow. e.g. Its 20 years from the end of ASOIF and Samwell is running a campaign. Write a sign for it, So we have to imagine something Sam might campaign for (or against). But if we dont have instructions like that, e.g. its just 'write a sign for Cersei' then we should be able to deduce a scenario from the acro - i.e. is it a current or future Cersei writing the sign - that's part of the challenge of writing. Just can't make up your own highly particular scenario and expect people to understand it.
  11. Castellan

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: Round 4 voting

    Not much so far. You could probably send in a round 2 entry for Chett. Imagine a sign he might make e.g. shop sign, business sign, political sign, whatever. You can imagine he never went to the wall but had a different life, if you like. I think that summarises it our host will correct me if I am wrong.
  12. Castellan

    Would you rather?

    Highgarden all the way. Winterfell or Casterly Rock?
  13. Castellan

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: Round 4 voting

    I have imagined a more functional Chett, as in your hints.
  14. Castellan

    Acrophobia 32 - Signs: Round 4 voting

    1. 3 2. 4 3. 7
  15. Castellan

    Wed, Bed, Kill

    This is difficult. I think I'd kill fAegon to leave way clear for Dany (of course bad luck if fAegon is a Targ or Blackfyre with some kind of needed skills like dragon riding) bed Theon and marry Harry the Heir .... although Petyr would probably kill me so Sansa could marry Harry... can't really win Hmm Oberyn Arianne Tyene