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  1. hmm don't emigrate to Australia. Not that I'm suggesting you'd want to. I once got through a 45 degree day while living in Adelaide in an unairconditioned concrete block flat in a sea of concrete. Every hotel room in the city was booked out, as was the nearest place at the coast, and unfortunately it happened on Sunday which at that time in Adelaide meant most things were closed, eg pubs and films and department stores.
  2. I was getting rather depressed about the new assignment, until I realised I'd misread it as Tyrion writing to one of the three. Now I have to regear my head.
  3. Can you give a link? Haven't heard this.
  4. on the beach 36 24 36 is certainly more attractive than 8 9 43 unless one has quite particular tastes.
  5. oh. a letter system. we must pursue this line as far as we can....
  6. Patchface is the Night's King. I think poor Patchface is more like the Night's King's fool. The High Septon is going to join the Kingsguard. jolly good, he might get killed.
  7. Bound to get jammed. Have to get too close. Probably would cut your own stomach open. I would have a fear an axe would stick in someone and people would kill me when I was trying to pull it out. It seems like an all or nothing weapon, whereas a sword could at least set someone back or wound them while you swing it around ready to use it again. Generally speaking I would prefer running shoes and two weeks notice of upcoming battles.
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