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  1. He does have a strange kind of innocence. Like innocent of the notion of truth and lies, free of fear of being caught out. He has been treated poorly. A crummy seat in the house.
  2. I wonder if he is wishing he hadn't invented some of these characters. Having to start moving them to climax and denoument. My secret fear is that only the characters/plot lines I find boring will be included, for the ones I like, you have to wait for ADOS. They will be on hold while we get ten Arianne chapters or something similar.
  3. I wonder if he invented penicillin. Surely he must have.
  4. After decades of learning to cook other things, my core skills are about tthe same as yours (minus the sandwich), which I had developed by about 21. Honestly if you just rotated them and added some salad and fruit you'd be OK! If you have the principles of stir fry you can easily choose recipes off the web. Try a chicken of fish stir fry. Likewise if you can make a tomato pasta sauce you can make cannelloni and lasagne, which can be based on beef or spinach. Things that can be added to a basic tomato sauce: mushrooms, salami, olives, artichokes, capers, carrots(!), whatever... There are nice ways of just tossing tasty things on the pasta without a tomato sauce, I am trying to remember what, I haven't done this in a while, I think capers and or artichokes and tuna, with feta cheese or sour cream or you could just use olive oil. The main skill I added is how to fry fish. Baking it is also easy. Also its pretty simple to just have it with salad or steamed or boiled vegetables. Unfortunately where I am fish is really expensive and just unavailable now. I also cooked a lot of basic curries over the years but I seem to have gone off that too. Frozen spinach is very useful, by the way, and I like this recipe: https://foodlets.com/2015/01/30/simple-sides-frozen-spinach-garlic-powder-olive-oil/ I add it as a side if I have made some kind of meaty dish with rice.
  5. I could only think of John Stonehouse, the UK MP, but that was a bit different. He was a liar, forger and fraud who thought he could get away with leaving his clothes on a beach in Miami and starting a new life in Australia. (He used the identities of two of his dead constituents in doing so.) It has the same crazy out there flavour as George Santos but he wasn't a complete fabulist. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-01-16/truth-john-stonehouse-british-mp-fake-death-drama-series/101840138 Its a pity Santos has been removed from committees, the press would be waiting with bated breath to see what he said on them.
  6. Someone recommended the books to me in 2012 or 2013. I raced through them, outstripping my friend. She had neglected to tell me it was an unfinished series - because she didn't know. Its the first time I have ever been caught up in a mass addiction/fandom. Someone put a post on the forum about then, saying he had read the first one when it came out, and had waited for every one since then. He had done a calculation of the rate of increase in elapsed time between books, and decided it would be 27 years (or something like that) before the series was completed, and that he would not live to read it. Maybe 27 years was optimistic. I am old now too, I have the more conservative aim of reading TWOW. I figure I'll know whats happened to some of my fave characters, and whether my plot predictions are correct, even if I don't know the whole story. A seance is a good idea. There will be many restless souls to appease.
  7. I don't know I presume it may tie in with Dunk and with Brienne's ancestry (I'm assuming Dunk was her grandfather). I found the whole plot twist that she had attracted a Lannister peculiar. I suppose the fact that he was initially a younger son meant he was more free to marry someone with such a minor landholding. With the deaths of her many husbands and then the deaths of those who stood in the way of Gerold inheriting the Lordship of Casterly Rock, I suppose the idea might be that she engineered all this and then was found out and killed or had to make her escape. Or all the rumours may have meant she had a deadly enemy. I think its impossible to unravel - its being saved up for another novella.
  8. I think A Storm of Swords stands out and it's not surprising it was nominated for a Hugo. It seems to move right along, we get some new POVs, it holds interest.
  9. I tend to just ignore the really brutal stuff. Marillion singing from the dungeons would certainly be unsettling. Raynald Westerling trying to free Grey WInd and almost escaping - a sad little note to a brutal massacre. The idea of Gregor Clegane murdering defenceless villagers in Saltpans. The Brave Companions murdering the Septons. Oh, Jaime losing his hand. So sudden. Ramsay's girl hunts. Leaves me frantically working out how you could escape.
  10. Pentos appealed to me on first read. Seems fairly orderly and prosperous. Could work as a servant. Maybe as a cheese maker! Or do they just deal in cheese, can't remember. Braavos also seems fairly safe in a harem scarem way. Need to find some kind of niche like Arya has. Volantis next out of the Free Cities. White Harbor or Gull Harbor or Lannisport all good choices. Might be nice living on the Arbor, whether or not there is a town there.
  11. Strangling Shae and deciding to 'have another go' at the terrified red haired prostitute are revolting. His relationship with Penny is interesting because he veers between pitying her and hating her for playing the dwarf role and 'not making big people angry', and becomes enraged when he thinks she is starting to treat him as a potential boyfriend. He gets paranoid. We shall see what happens. I can see him ending up Lord of the Rock and a cold, efficient frightening person like Tywin.
  12. I think Cersei's plan was quite good. If he didn't get himself killed, there was nothing to investigate, and she could try again. If he did, he just drank too much and paid the consequences. No poison to find. Lancel was a weak link, I admit, who would probably blab if questioned. But that made him easy for her to manipulate as well. And she could always say, Robert had demanded that he wanted strongwine served to him, he was sick of the weaker stuff. Basically if it looks like an accident and there are still parties shoring up her rule, then no-one is going to raise the issue. She came up with something to deal with an immediate threat. I don't think its convoluted.
  13. He saves them for Cersei's sake, I think. Also both Cersei and he would be killed and their whole house in terrible touble. He may have buried feelings for the children, but Cersei did not even let him hold them when born, saying (correctly) she didn't want him to be seen mooning over them as it would be dangerous. His comment about Joffrey although coarse is honest, he is admitting he can't feel anything for him. Neither can anyone else except Cersei. He wonders if he is a monster for his lack of feeling. He does feel for Tommen and its true he (and author too I think) show a lack of interest in Mycella because she is a girl. She is painted as pretty, smart, nice and well behaved and its as if these things define and reduce her.
  14. Favs: Jaime, Catelyn, Brienne (& Tyrion) Least Favs: Arianne (GRRM has made her so dumb) and I have to say Jon and Dany. Although their first chapters are great, as they become mired in politics and as they have so many chapters, I was left with a felling of tedium. I was trying to rate them as reading experience, but I suppose liking the character comes into it. I like Jon and Dany as characters, but got bored with the imperial politics 101 of the Mereen chapters etc.
  15. If anyone ever challenged the Nights Watch to single combat, they could Biter out.
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