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  1. So, for a show that is (in)famous for subverting expectations, people do not seem super happy about the twist Daeny took in S8E5. So, my question is, when the series is over, S8E6 all said and done--who will be the heroes and who will be the villains, both alive and dead?
  2. Great finales (in no particular order): * Breaking Bad - one of the greatest ever. I can't believe it hasn't been mentioned yet! * Star Trek: TNG - It was so good you almost wish the story ended there for these characters and not with that awful last film. * Six Feet Under - One of the best time jump forwards for a finale or any episode ever; damn emotional * The Wire - someone else mentioned the ending montage, and it's great. * The Shield - also mentioned prior; poetic justice * Mad Men - an ending that was emotional and made you think a bit * The Leftovers - mostly just two characters talking yet so much feels * Veep - this last season got overshadowed by GoT, but it was fantastic and so was the finale--it had all the sardonic humor but also a touch of emotion there * Last Airbender & Legend of Korra: Thanks to @Underfoot for reminding me about these! Korra had a shaky last season, but the finale was excellent. Good Finales (flawed, but more good than bad): Friends, The Office, Justified, Game of Thrones (it was good, not great, not horrible--good.) How I met Your Mother (I don't get the hate for it here--it's always been a show about Robin & Ted--that's how it should've ended. Dead mom. Step-mom/Aunt Robin. Ha!) Dare Devil (It wasn't meant to be a series finale yet works as one--all except for that last scene teasing Bullseye) LOST (Missed great by that much.), Sopranos (ugh, that ambiguous cut to black was a complete cop-out), Battle Star Gallactica (I had to watch it a few times for it to grow on me but it did. Still not crazy about how Starbuck went out.) West Wing (It was a great show, one of the first I ever binged--back on DVD before binging was a thing we had a name for, and the final season was good but not as great as previous--would've liked to see how Sorkin would've ended it) News Room (I dug it. Sorkin had something to say about the state of the media and he said it. Probably could've been done in two seasons, but I dug the characters, so I didn't mind the filler) Bad Finales: Dexter (maybe the worst ending for a great show ever done) Seinfeld (love the show, hated the finale) Alias (such a disappointing wrap up to the whole Rambaldi plot) Luke Cage (What happens when you get canceled on a cliffhanger that leaves your protagonist at a point completely 180 degrees from where he started? A terrible finale.)
  3. PetyrPunkinhead

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    He killed the woman he loved. Betrayed his word. He's shook. And is he going to get to live with the Wildings? That was kind of ambiguous. He was wearing the black, riding a horse. Maybe he was just escorting them and had to return to Castle Black?
  4. PetyrPunkinhead

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    Damn. That is a bittersweet ending for ol' Jon. More bitter than sweet, I'd say though. And, yeah, totes bitter for Daeny, but we all knew that was coming.
  5. He saw Drogon flying over KL beofre it happened. He also implied he knew Tyrion was gonna call for him to be king. Unless that was a joke, and he doesn't seem like the joking type.
  6. PetyrPunkinhead

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    Harsh. But hilarious.
  7. Well, my predictions were almost totally off--all except for Daeny. Glad to see her get a chance to go full on mini-Nazi there before Jon stabbed her and somehow convinced Drogon it was the throne that killed her. Wow. Bran is a total fuckboi. He set this shit up from the get go. (I'm only half joking here, but seriously, it all kinda worked out too perfectly for him and Sansa there.)
  8. PetyrPunkinhead

    Ghost & Tormund - A Spin-Off/Successor

    Let's keep it real, we don't want this show--we need this show. I'm seeing S1 of Tormund & Ghost following our two titular characters getting over the heartbreak of Brienne & Jon choosing others by finding friendship in each other. And then it evolves. Maybe like The Wire it could tackle a different aspect of the true north each season.
  9. PetyrPunkinhead

    Title of the last episode

    Too late. Rian Johnson already did that. :/
  10. Nah, she's gone to the dark side. I feel like it's all gonna get messy-deathy for Daeny in the finale.
  11. PetyrPunkinhead

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Yeah, fam, it was a death penalty under the OLD ways--the very ways she claimed to want to destroy. Tyrion got on Team Targaryen believing Daeny's line about her not being your typical Targaryen. "I'm not my father," was said by her more than once. Hell, I ignored the signs, too. I always thought "The Mad Queen" was a red herring theory. But looking back, bae was burning people left and right. since Season 1. Signs were always there she had the blood lust in her. I just wrote it off as justifiable (the witch in S1, Pyat Pree, the slave master, the khals, etc.) since the people she burned often did her dirty. She saw the people of KL as doing her dirty for believing and "loving" Cersei--in addition to the other stressors going on in her life--bestie being beheaded being the straw that broke the dragon's back.
  12. So, I did not see any of the S6 trailers with Coulson going in to the show. So I was surprised when it was him that jumped outta that truck--I thought for sure it'd be Fitz. Speaking of which, the alternate reality/good-guy-is-now-a-bad-guy trope has been worn pretty thin on this show. We need to let Coulson go and move on. Speaking of moving on... Anyone else want to see a Natasha Romanov: Director of SHIELD show set in the "five gap years" between snaps with this cast?
  13. PetyrPunkinhead

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    Ditto. I just watched it again tonight before S8E5, and I liked it more on the second viewing when I didn't have expectations. I also was able to adjust the setting on my TV to see a bit more clearly this time. I give it an 8/10, since it was indeed suspenseful and epic in execution yet it was not as emotionally impactful as some other great battles in the show (Blackwater Bay, Hardhome, & Battle of the Bastards)
  14. PetyrPunkinhead

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Varys seemed to think he'd be pretty good at ruling. He can inspire men and is noble to a fault. Probably Sansa would be his hand and not Tyrion. KL is burned, so he could move the seat of power to Storm's End or somewhere else. Eh. I'm Team Jon. So we'll just have to agree to disagree on bittersweet being Jon taking rule.
  15. PetyrPunkinhead

    Imagine Cersei winning

    Agreed. She woke the dragon. Big time.
  16. PetyrPunkinhead


    Technically Tyrion told Jamie to take her to that spot where they died. Cersei was crying. Jamie's hand was on her face and neck. I mean...maybe Maggie just is kinda shit at reading the tea leaves?
  17. PetyrPunkinhead

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Yes, again. It'd be bitter for Jon, and Daeny. Agreed. But it would be sweet for the people of Westeros because they'd have a monarch guaranteed to not blow shit up or burn it down. Sweet for the future of the country and its children. In Jon Targaryen they would get a monarch who'd change the structure of the government with the help of Tyrion to make it a more just and fair society. So, totes sweet for the Westerosi.
  18. PetyrPunkinhead

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Not ironic in relation to Tyrion being "pure," as you put it. However, it is ironic in relation to your original argument that Daeny had good reason "every time" she went all medieval on somebody's ass and "nothing" in the show set up this behavior of hers in burning KL in S8E5. Tyrion's reaction to her burning of the Tarly's was a major hint that Daeny was/is capable of what she did to KL. You helped me make my point by aggrandizing Tyrion's morality in the way that you did--thus contradicting yourself. Hence the "irony alert." Just sayin'.
  19. PetyrPunkinhead

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    I've always thought Emilia's performance of Daeny is one of the reasons I've liked the character so much. I never thought she was a bad actress. I mean that look on her face when she decides to burn KL, so much is there on her face--the pain, hurt, rage. Riveting. As for "is she truly mad" question--it really depends on your definition of crazy. She crossed a substantial line. She became everything she hated in a ruler--she became Cersei. I don't Daeny as going back or gaining any redemption in a way like Theon managed to do.
  20. PetyrPunkinhead

    Arya and the Horse

    You may be on to something there. What, I don't know, but it could be something. Music is a big part of this show. And they're drawing symmetry between past episodes left and right. Could this be a clue that Arya is the "Stallion who will mount the world"? Anything is possible at this point.
  21. PetyrPunkinhead

    What will Jon do?

    I never knew I wanted this to happen until I read it. Now I feel like it must happen.
  22. PetyrPunkinhead

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Irony alert! You support Daeny for her decision with the Tarly's then in the next breath call Tyrion one of the "purest" characters on the chow. Tyrion was the one begging Daeny to not burn them both! Then Tyrion chastised her afterwards and she felt zero remorse. (This is where Varys also began to have doubts about her as the best ruler for Westeros.)
  23. PetyrPunkinhead

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Worst thing about Daeny becoming the Mad Queen is that it means Cersei fucking won. She turned The Breaker of Chains into Cersei "Evil-Petty-Ass" Lannister. The green bursts of wildfyre throughout the city evoked how Cersei did the same exact thing to her enemies in S6 when she destroyed her enemies at the cost of innocent lives and the destruction of a part of King's Landing. It also reminded me of how Daeny's father's wishes for the Lannister sack of KL during Robert's Rebellion were being now being enacted by his daughter.
  24. PetyrPunkinhead

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Like when she burned the Tarly's alive for show? :/
  25. PetyrPunkinhead

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    If John ends up on the throne then, yes, it will be bittersweet. When you have Ned Stark raise a Targaryen--you get the wheel shattering monarch Daeny wanted to, but never could be.