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    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    Seriously, if you guys wanted a $150 million movie with all the special effects that tells the story in two hours, go for it.
  2. Also, forgot to mention: Charles Dance = Fucking Epic. It was almost embarrassing how good he was in that one scene. The whole Jaime arrogant bravado destroyed in one perfect line "Go on, say something clever."
  3. Well of course there would. THere were fans who didn't watch LOTR because it didn't follow the books as closely as they'd have liked. But it was a successful adaptation nonetheless. You can't take a book and just put it on screen - it's a different medium. And especially if its a book which was written PRECISELY because the author was tired of the limitations that TV/Movies imposed. It doesn't make sense to force it.
  4. My problem with the series is that the show follows too closely to the novel. What works on the page doesn't necessarily work on the screen. The two best scenes in the series so far were the Cercei/Robert scene and the Tywin/Jaime scene - neither of which was in the book. The Littlefinger scene would have been a third if it wasn't for the over the top lesbain action going on at the same time. If they kind of let themselves be inspired by the book and follow the plot from it rather than following page by page dialogue, it'd be a much better series.